The egg shell has an important content of calcium, almost ninety percent of this mineral, which is very important for our bones, the cardiovascular system and the teeth. It also has other essential minerals in minor amounts that benefit the functioning of our body.

Egg shells can be used to:

  1. Detoxify the body. The nutrients in egg shells help stimulate the elimination of toxins from our body. To obtain this benefit, what you must do is wash and crush the shells of five eggs well until you obtain a powder and then mix it with three liters of water in a jug. This mixture should be stored for seven days and then consume two glasses a day to finish the three liters.
  2. Stimulate the thyroid gland. By mixing egg shells with other foods such as lemon and pure honey, you can obtain a natural syrup that helps fight coughs and other symptoms of the flu and cold. For this you must wash and crush eight eggshells well until they are flour. Squeeze the juice of five lemons and add it to a bowl with the previously made flour. This should be left in the refrigerator to soften and finally add a liter of water and a kilogram of honey. After letting it sit for seven days, take a tablespoon three times a day, daily, after each main meal.
  3. Homemade scrub. The application of this natural exfoliant facilitates the elimination of dead cells to leave the skin smooth, renewed and free of impurities. To do this, you must crush the shell of two eggs well and mix it with an egg white. Then spread this product on your face with a brush and let it act until it dries. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water and repeat the treatment once a week.
  4. Nail strengthener. This benefit is provided by the calcium it contains. For this, crush the shell of an egg and add it to a transparent nail polish. You should apply this to your nails three times a week.
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