Those remains that remain in the strainer after filtering it can be very useful. Here we show you four interesting uses that you can give it and surely you did not know.

  1. Natural scrub . You must apply these coffee residues that remain in the filter on the skin, and they will act as an excellent natural exfoliant and astringent, which facilitates the elimination of dead cells, thus promoting their renewal. It is an ideal exfoliant for all skin types, because it does not alter the natural oils of the same nor does it exasperate the problems of excess sebum production. For this natural scrub you must mix a tablespoon of coffee with a teaspoon of olive oil until you get a very thick paste and then spread it over the areas you want to exfoliate by rubbing it with a circular massage. Let it act for a few minutes, between three and five and then rinse well.
  2. Anti-cellulite cream. With this natural remedy, blood circulation is stimulated and improved, thereby reducing cellulite. For this you must mix four tablespoons of coffee remains, with two tablespoons of liquid coconut oil and a handful of crushed sage leaves, and apply this formed paste on the areas of the body affected with cellulite and massage for five minutes.
  3. Darken the hair.  If you have dark hair, coffee, thanks to its dark tint, is a good natural remedy to enhance its color, especially for brown and black hair. For this you must heat two liters of water and add two cups of coffee grounds. Once this boils let it rest until it is ready to apply. Filter the liquid with a cloth and use it in the shower as a rinse at least three times a week for good results.
  4. Freshener natur l . Coffee has a characteristic and intense aroma, delicious, that serves to neutralize bad odors, such as those that occur in the freezer or in closed environments. For this you must place coffee remains in individual containers with five drops of vanilla extract.
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