Verbena is a purple plant, whose leaves and branches have a magical effect that provides a number of benefits to the body. This plant is found in southern Europe and is also recognized for its versatility and its beautiful color for decoration and gardening.

The properties of verbena serve to solve many physical health problems. They also act as a relaxant, which helps reduce symptoms of depression and stress.

Verbena benefits

Verbena provides a variety of benefits for both internal and external therapeutic purposes that pose no risk. Here we mention the most common uses of this miraculous plant.

Treat cough

It is a very useful plant for treating the flu or common cold. Relieves attacks of dry cough, but also serves as an expectorant and to clear nasal secretions.

Lower the fever

Thanks to its diaphoretic action, it works to lower the levels of fever caused by numerous diseases or infections, mainly flu and colds.

Reduces stress and depression

This plant helps considerably to reduce the levels of stress, depression or any hobby related to mood, which interferes with daily activities.

 Diuretic treatment

This plant has the ability to eliminate excess fluid levels within the body, thus helping to have a better functioning of organs such as the liver, kidneys and the entire urinary tract.

Verbena supports oral health

Verbena also considerably eliminates the bacteria lodged within the oral cavity, thus reducing the appearance of cavities and calculus. It is also effective for the treatment of gengivitis, relieving bleeding and inflammation of the gums. Its use in gargles, helps to eliminate the bacteria that produce bad breath.


Because it contains methanol and caffeic acid, it works as a great protective agent against microorganisms. Therefore, the benefits of the application in the treatment of fungi or boils are proven, since it contributes to their improvement and elimination.

Relieve aches

Used in compresses, verbena works to relieve pain from bumps or scrapes. In this same way, it also helps relieve cramp pain and headaches or migraines.

Hair growth

In addition to all the benefits that are added to this numerous list, verbena helps considerably with hair growth. In this case, just apply 3 or 4 drops of verbena oil and massage for a few hours before washing your hair.

Verbena oil is good for the skin

Verbena oil contains Citral an invigorating characteristic. This helps to moisturize and brighten the skin, making it soft and smooth. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, verbena oil keeps out the external agents and bacteria that are the cause of many skin infections and unwanted acne.

Types of Verbena

Verbena is a plant that has many more than 250 different species and each one differs in its characteristics and therapeutic properties. Here we will name only the most commonly used ones.

Verbena Officinails

This plant was of great value to the Romans and widely used in rituals because it carried the symbolism of driving away bad omens and acting against the fight against evil and for good harvests. Along with lemon verbena, they are the only ones that have curative and medicinal purposes.

Lemon or lemon verbena

This variety of verbena is also known as “lemon verbena” is an aromatic plant with an exquisite lemon fragrance that can be used in the kitchen to prepare delicious desserts. It is also useful in preparing teas or infusions to treat colds and flu, as well as inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Verbena Hybrida

This species of verbena is an opportunity to have a very decorative flower in the garden with little need for care and watering, as it is resistant to dry seasons. It is mostly used for outdoor landscaping and does not contain any natural medical value.

Verbena Urticifolia

The extension of this verbena grows better rooted in the soil, it is a very demanding plant in terms of its growth, since it needs direct contact with the sun. Like Hybrida verbena, it is only an extension of gardening and does not have medicinal purposes.

Verbena Californica

It is a plant mainly obtained in the county of Tuolumne, in California. Like the rest of the verbena family, it is located in spaces where its growth has not been affected, away from grazing, livestock, or organic food crops.

Magical properties of verbena

Verbena is known as a “magic plant” thanks to the great virtue of its properties. These are the known ones so far.

  • Diuretic power
  • Antibiotic
  • Sedative
  • Antirheumatic
  • Astringent
  • Digestive action
  • Analgesic
  • Relaxing
  • Antispasmodic
  • Expectorante
  • Antitumoral

How is the verbena prepared?

Verbena is generally prepared in tea or infusion, either to be taken as a medicinal use or to relax. The preparation only consists of putting a small amount of leaves in a container of hot water without boiling, and cover until the plant releases all its properties.

Contraindications of verbena

Certainly, verbena contains great healing properties, however, its use also carries some important contraindications, such as:

The use of verbena with some drugs

Doctors suggest not ingesting verbena while using other drug remedies, as it can cause allergic reactions. The pharmacological properties can clash with the natural properties of verbena thus creating unexpected reactions.

Use of verbena in pregnancy

The use of verbena in pregnancy can cause allergies, and in more serious situations, it could even cause abortion. Therefore, the consumption of verbena should be avoided in these conditions.

Use of verbena in children and adolescents

Children are constantly changing due to their growth and development, therefore, the use of verbena is not recommended in any treatment, since adverse reactions can be more pronounced at this age.

Use of verbena in allergy sufferers

Allergy sufferers should refrain from using verbena as it can make the situation worse. It is important, first, to consult an allergist about the use and use of this medicinal plant.

Use of verbena during menstruation

Although verbena can reduce pre-menstrual pain, it can also cause imbalances in the volume of bleeding, generating flow production above normal.

Use of verbena in hypertensive people

Studies suggest that the use and use of verbena can bring contraindications in people who use medications to regulate blood pressure.

Conclusion of the use of verbena

Verbena has proven to be an excellent medicinal alternative to combat some health conditions and to boost mood. Its good use, like all plants, guarantees the effectiveness of its properties. So it is important to take into account the contraindications attributed to this plant and not exceed its use for more than 3 weeks, to avoid some adverse effects.

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