In the United States of America there is one of the most important tourist attractions in the world: the colossal monument whose name is the Statue of Liberty .There is an interesting story behind this emblematic figure, and it is worth knowing it when it is already customary to associate it with the North American city of New York.

What is the statue of liberty?

Placed in New York City, in the United States of America, the Statue of Liberty is an important monument that symbolizes freedom as a woman, with characteristics explained below.

Although its appearance gives the idea that it is made of a solid material, the Statue of Liberty is actually hollow. Its measurements are: 44 meters high and 225 tons of weight.

Its design consists of a statue of a woman dressed in a toga , holding in her left hand a tablet that contains a key date for the United States: July 4, 1776 , the Independence Day of this country. The right hand holds a torch that brings the symbolism of his name : “Freedom illuminating the world.” He wears a crown on his head.

In addition, it is a tourist site as it has a platform that functions as a viewpoint on the crown. Thousands of people visit this site every year to take unforgettable photos.

What is the Statue of Liberty for?

This monument has many values. On the one hand, it represents the friendship between the countries France and the United States . On the other hand, it is an expression of the joy of the United States to achieve independence .

Seen from a commercial perspective, the Statue of Liberty brings millions of dollars to the country thanks to visitors from around the world, who decide to see the fascinating landscape that can be seen in the upper part, a viewpoint adapted in the crown of the statue .

The Statue of Liberty serves to:

  • Receive tourists in his crown, to take pictures
  • Raise with tourism funds for its maintenance
  • As a symbol of friendship between the United States and France
  • As a souvenir of July 4, 1776, the day of the signing of the independence of the United States.

Where does the Statue of Liberty come from?

It is relevant to know where it comes from and how the intention to create it originated. Despite the belief that it has always been found on its current site, it is essential to clarify that at first it was not.

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the country of France, during the 19th century, in 1886. It was made of copper , so its initial color was reddish gold . It was contact with atmospheric oxygen that turned its color a bluish green . This coloration corresponds to the copper oxide formed.

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