Today we have asked ourselves what history is for. But in order to answer this question, the first thing we have to know is what we are talking about when we talk about history. Without going around too much and without getting too complicated, we can say that history has to do with being able to tell or narrate events that happened at a certain moment or period of time. And from this line we can say that history helps us to communicate, but not only for this, but that it serves us in many ways. And this is what we want to talk about in what follows, that is why we suggest that you continue reading because we are going to tell you what the story is for.

What is history

Looking for a definition of history, we find that it is a science whose objective is the study and systematization of the most important and significant events of the past of human beings. These events are analyzed based on the antecedents, the causes and consequences that arise from them and the reciprocal action that they may have between them. And all this analysis that falls on them is to be able to understand the present that we have to live today and at the same time to be able to prepare to receive the future.

Therefore, we understand that history is a tool that human beings have created in order to meet their need to save and preserve their experiences.
Although in the early days it focused mainly on being able to protect data, then it went on to focus on being able to have a record of the most significant events, which may have been related to religion, politics, science, etc.

And today, when we talk about history, we talk about a set of events and anecdotes that are ordered chronologically and that have happened in the past and these events or processes can be relative to different areas, fields or topics.

What is history for us

For all that has been said so far, we can say that history helps us to have and create chronologically organized records of events and things that have happened and have marked us in some sense, be it people or the history of humanity itself. This implies from wars, to the creation of certain works or the discovery of spaces, places or monuments.

People who study history, which to a certain extent are all of us, because we are not referring only to historians who are professionally dedicated to that, what they seek is to learn about the past, in order to have a better understanding of a whole series of facts that have been decisive for society to be as it is today.

The appearance of writing for human beings was transcendental for there to be history, because it allowed to begin to have records of events that were significant, for example situations that caused celebrations in them, situations that they feared or any other events that It marked them and generated changes in their way of life.
Unlike what many may think, that with the passage of time making history was an easier task, in truth this was not the case, because everything became more complex, because civilizations were increasing, and this did That there are many points of view and voices, which makes each one tell the experiences from how they lived them and only to be able to understand how the events really happened it is necessary to listen to all the voices and pool the testimonies.

Without having the testimony of history, understanding the present can be very difficult. This is because history is a very important tool, because it leads us to understand why things are the way they are today and if there was an error of which today we experience the consequences, only with its study and analysis of history, it is It is possible to identify it so that it can not do it again in the present and relive its consequences in the future.
In this way, it is through paintings, books, photos, texts and other sources that we can study history and thus understand why things are the way they are today, our origins and thus be able to better understand our behavior of how we are. today. In this sense, knowing the history by which we are determined allows us to choose how we want to behave as a society, what behaviors we want to carry out, what are our ideals, understand why our ancestors acted in a certain way, value the rights that we have today, etc. .

More information about History

Historians are called all those specialists who are dedicated to the study of this science, and therefore their work is the search and preservation of important events, which will be valued in later times.

Something to keep in mind about history is that it generates certain debate, especially since a popular saying indicates that history is what the winners write. This is why many times there are political and personal interests that seek to alter the data of the true history.

In this way we must say that today, people are witnessing the constitution of a history, of which we will be protagonists in two or three decades, so that events that are happening today are going to become tomorrow in history.

But the word history not only refers to the chain of important events at the level of humanity, but we can also find meanings of them, referring to smaller things. In this sense, we can talk about personal history, which has to do with the important events that happened to a person that determine the way they have to be today, the way they think and act. Many people write their diaries or their own biography -that is, the story of their life- and this also continues to be a series of data from which they want to record and protect those important events for the life of that person.

To conclude, we must say that history is responsible for recording very important events for the history of humanity, such as wars, defeats and victories, inventions and creations, catastrophes and accidents, etc.
For all that has been said so far, we will always find history in the lives of people, in the life of a people, a nation, a society, because it is part of the constitution and progress of peoples and nations. .

I hope that all this information that we have been sharing with you throughout this post, about what history is for us, why it is important for the life of societies and humanity itself has been useful to you. And the most important thing is that you have realized that you are part of history and that we are always making history.

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