All functional computers and smartphones come with a built-in RAM, so you must have heard of it before. If not, you need to know that RAM is the memory that ensures that the device or computer performs pre-programmed functions. In addition, it also serves to store data and codes for a specified period of time.

As you will see, RAM memory is not exclusive to large equipment such as a PC. Even tablets, iPhones and other Smartphones have one. It is important to know about the functions that this memory performs because this can facilitate the task when choosing a cell phone or a computer.

In this article you will find all the information you need about RAM, what it is for, its characteristics, functions and some recommendations to increase the memory of your mobile phone.

What is RAM and ROM?

RAM is a memory that is built into basically all computers on the market. Its name responds to the acronym in English of Random Access Memory which translated means ” Random Access Memory “.

Although many do not know it, the proper functioning of a computer responds largely to the work of the processor and RAM. Therefore, if the latter stops working properly, the device or computer will be in serious trouble. This is because RAM is responsible for storing the operating instructions for each program or service. Therefore, when opening an application, the processor accesses RAM to know how to execute the file.

RAM is very different from ROM and therefore should not be confused. The ROM memory is the one that has the function of reading the data that is entered into the equipment but not of writing it. It also has the ability to keep this reading of information effectively protected.

This means that modifying what is inside a ROM is a really complicated task. Initially, this memory should not be touched, because that is where manufacturers or large computer companies usually install data from operating systems (for example, Windows).

Unlike RAM, ROM does not store temporary codes: the information it has is usually essential for the system and should not be replaced by another, because otherwise the PC or mobile phone could stop working properly.

RAM memory features

One of the characteristics of RAM is that it can be replaceable with another with more capacity, in the event that the equipment requires it. It is essential to know how to choose a RAM since it is as important for a computer as its processor.

We must pay close attention to the capacity of our computer’s RAM, since it is what allows certain programs to be read. If it does not have the required Megabytes or Gigabytes, then these programs will run very slowly or simply will not open. Of course, you must choose the RAM memory that best suits your needs or the type of activity you want to run on your PC.

RAM memories are usually presented with capacities of 4 Gb, 8 Gb, 16 Gb and 32 Gb. Designers or professional gamers usually use those that are between 8 and 16. While those that operate with 32 Gb are used in machines with processors and incredibly powerful hard drives, destined for other jobs.

On the other hand, speed is a feature to take into account when buying a RAM memory. The faster it is, the more tasks you can run and the more programs you can open on your computer without freezing or taking too long to respond. Usually, the speed of the RAM is expressed in MHz (Megahertz) and is indicated on the packaging of the same.

How does RAM work?

The RAM memory works as long as the equipment, whether phone or PC, is turned on. It works together with the processor loading the programs automatically and randomly. Now when the device is turned off, either intentionally or accidentally, the RAM stops working.

This memory is a large container of temporary information, which allows the central processing unit of the computer or smartphone to access the data more quickly than if it were to access the data directly from the hard disk, in which case the task would be extremely cumbersome and it would take a longer time.

What is the RAM memory of my pc for?

In a computer, the RAM memory is used to work with the tools of the operating system, to run games and programs, and even to open an image. RAM memory performs various functions within a PC.

In the first place, it is in charge of enforcing and running the programs that are on the hard disk. We must not forget that the programs that are installed or downloaded to a computer become part of the hard disk, the task of the RAM is none other than to start those that are necessary for the good performance of the PC and those that we we order to open. That is why the larger the RAM memory of the PC, the more programs can be developed without the machine overloading or freezing.

Has it happened to you that you open several windows at the same time and the computer suddenly freezes or becomes extremely slow? It is probably due to the fact that your RAM memory does not hold as much information reading and it is difficult for it to send it to the central processor. This happens more often in laptops or notebooks, because the RAM capacity they bring is sometimes less than that of desktop computers.

Increase RAM memory on PC

We already know that in the case of PCs, RAM is an essential element. Computers will generally carry memory that is considered adequate for the type of equipment. However, many people require a larger memory.

In these cases, there are two possible solutions. You can try to free up some space: this is achieved by closing services and programs that you are not using and that are running in the background. However, be careful with this process, as you can shut down some important service for the operation of the PC. If you do not know how to do it, consult a technician.

The other option is to buy a new RAM with more space. In some computers you can install two memories, being able to leave the one you already had previously. But, it is important to check the compatibility between both cards and the equipment.

What is RAM memory for in a cell phone?

In a cell phone or a smartphone, the RAM memory is what allows the device to efficiently and quickly execute the applications and programs that are installed in it.

As with computers, the capacity of the RAM in mobile phones will decide how slow or fast they work. For example, if you have a cell phone with little RAM and you want to open WhatsApp or Instagram at the same time, it will probably stop abruptly or it will take a while to fulfill the order.

This happens constantly in Android operating systems that do not include a RAM with more than 1 Gb, because most of the programs that can be opened in it require a lot of capacity.

Tips to increase cellular RAM memory

Finally, we leave you some tips to free up your cell phone’s RAM memory a bit, in the event that you experience problems with the execution of more than one application at the same time:

  • Close unused applications: If you stop using an application and are not going to do it again, then close it. Too many open applications slow down the ram.
  • Uninstall the factory installed applications: these are those that were already integrated when you bought the phone. If you don’t make use of them, delete them because some can work with RAM without you noticing.
  • Use applications to save some files on the network: like Google Drive or Dropbox, where you can upload documents that you don’t use but that you don’t want to delete from your cell phone.

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