Pumpkins are quite popular legumes in many parts of the world, they can even be considered one of the most popular worldwide; However, something that not all people know is that pumpkin seeds are also popular in some countries, this is mainly due to the large number of benefits they give to human beings, since these seeds serve to strengthen the immune system, improve heart health, maintain prostate health, fight diabetes, among other things.

Something that should be highlighted about pumpkin seeds is the ease they have to be obtained anywhere in the world, in addition, their taste is pleasant, not to mention that they can be consumed in many ways, it simply takes some creativity and weather.

Pumpkin seeds benefits

Pumpkin seeds have been used for many years, due to the enormous amount of medicinal properties they possess, which make these seeds useful in the following cases:

Pumpkin seeds for prostate

The prostate is a gland found in men (and in general, in any male mammal). This gland plays an important role in the production of hormones, the transfer of sperm and in urination. This gland is usually prone to suffering from a large number of diseases and even cancer, therefore, maintaining a good diet is necessary to avoid problems in the prostate; which are usually very common in men over 40 years of age.

Pumpkin seeds allow maintaining the health of the prostate, therefore, its consumption is highly recommended in men. The reason why pumpkin seeds maintain good prostate health is due to the enormous amount of zinc they have, in addition, they also have a wide variety of oils, which help prevent an enlarged prostate.

Helps prevent and fight diabetes

Due to the properties that these seeds possess, they can be useful when regulating (and producing) the insulin that the human body needs, to control sugar; In addition, it helps reduce oxidative stress, which can cause complications in people suffering from diabetes.

Pumpkin seeds for parasites

Due to the composition of the pumpkin seeds, they have vermifuge properties, which help to paralyze the intestinal parasites completely, this causes them to detach from the intestinal wall and later, simply take a laxative so that they are driven out.

Among the parasites that can be eliminated with pumpkin seeds, the following can be mentioned: tapeworm and roundworm. Against other parasites, its true effectiveness is unknown.

Helps maintain good heart health

Pumpkin seeds have a large amount of magnesium (practically, half a rate of pumpkin seeds, has half the magnesium that is recommended to consume daily). Magnesium has proven to be of vital importance for maintaining good heart health, as it helps produce the energy that the heart needs to function properly.

In addition, magnesium also helps to keep bones strong, on the other hand, it also helps teeth to appear more easily and is ideal when treating fractures of any kind. In general, magnesium helps in many other aspects of the overall health of people.

Ideal for keeping the immune system active

The immune system is responsible for keeping the body free of any kind of virus (such as the flu). Due to the importance of the immune system, it is essential that it remains active and functioning properly; For this, you need many minerals and vitamins, zinc being one of the minerals that allow the immune system to function properly.

At this point, it should be noted that pumpkin seeds possess a large amount of zinc, as mentioned above.

Ideal for a deep and more restful sleep

Sleep is essential for human beings, since it is during this activity that the body can rest and replenish the energies that have been expended during the day; However, due to the day to day that people tend to carry today, it is increasingly difficult to have a truly restful sleep and it is at this point, where the pumpkin seeds stand out, because in its composition there is an amino acid called tryptophan, which, upon entering the body, can be transformed into melatonin, which is a hormone that helps a lot in sleep and helps it to be much more effective and stable for humans.

Pumpkin seeds have anti-inflammatory properties

So much is the effectiveness of pumpkin seeds when treating inflammation, that recent studies have shown that it has the same capacity as the anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin, which can generate many side effects that pumpkin seeds do not.

These properties of pumpkin seeds can be used in many ways, however, it is used to treat arthritis and many diseases that cause inflammation in the joints, muscles and other parts of the body.

Side effects of pumpkin seeds

It is important to understand that improper consumption of these seeds can trigger a series of unwanted side effects, this is mainly due to its composition, which can negatively affect people, if it is consumed improperly (especially if it is done in excess). Taking into account the aforementioned, it is important to mention that pumpkin seeds can generate the following side effects:

  • They can cause digestive, stomach and intestinal problems : these seeds have properties that benefit the digestive system, however, when consumed in huge quantities, it can be negative, because the seed remains hard, although it may feel soft at the time of being chewed, this causes them to be swallowed many times without being chewed correctly, which can generate stomach and intestinal problems, which are normally not serious, but can become very annoying.
  • They can cause diarrhea : the fiber found in pumpkin seeds is necessary to maintain good health in the intestines, however, when consumed in excess, it can cause diarrhea.
  • It can cause allergies : many fruits, seeds and natural things can cause allergies in certain people, this due to their composition. Pumpkin seeds can cause allergies, although these are not aggressive; However, in case of noticing skin rashes, headaches or stomach problems, it is best to cancel its consumption and see a doctor, in case the effects persist.

Are pumpkin seeds fattening?

Although it has great digestive properties, the reality is that pumpkin seeds also have many calories, almost 126 calories, for every 26 grams. Due to this enormous amount of calories, it is possible that they can gain weight, if they are consumed in excess, therefore, their consumption should always be regulated.

Contraindications of pumpkin seeds: In which cases should it not be consumed?

Pumpkin seeds are very good for all people, however, in some cases, it is better to avoid their consumption or consult a specialist first, to avoid complications. People who should be careful when consuming pumpkin seeds include the following:

  • People with digestive diseases or intestinal problems : anyone who has digestive diseases or intestinal problems should consult a specialist beforehand, because these seeds have many properties that affect both the digestive system and the intestines; Normally, to improve its functioning, however, in the event of a disease, it can worsen the situation.
  • People with gastric ulcers : Due to the composition and structure of pumpkin seeds, they can cause burning, heartburn and other things in people with gastric ulcers.
  • If aspirin or anticoagulant drugs are ingested frequently : this because pumpkin seeds have Omega 3, which can affect the functioning of these drugs.

Conclusion: Is it recommended to consume pumpkin seeds?

Pumpkins provide a large number of benefits, therefore, it can be said that their consumption is highly recommended, as long as excesses are avoided, because the side effects that it can produce are due to excessive consumption, which can generate a series of considerable and annoying problems.

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