The psychologists used to understand and treat different kinds of psychological problems (depression, anxiety, anger, etc.) people. Its function is to listen, ask and inquire into the conversations they have with each patient, in order to deepen and analyze the different disorders that they may present, helping us to modify our behavior.

They are professional people and possess the clinical skills needed to help patients cope with their various life and mental health problems. They are not professionals who give advice to solve a problem, they are people who help the patient to discover and face the problems that cause mental damage.

We invite you to continue reading to understand a little more about this important profession that is practiced all over the world and that today is in great demand.

Visiting the psychologist for many is synonymous with visiting the “loquero” as well as accepting that one has a disease. But in reality, it is having the maturity to recognize that a difficulty is occurring and seek to attack the problem before the situation worsens mental health.

Having a visit once a year, without the need to have any problems, can help to better deal with daily problems and relieve stress. Learn about other important reasons:

Unique space for you: Sometimes there are problems with couples, family or work, and usually the needs are put aside. When this happens there are emotional problems, such as loneliness. Having a visit with this doctor is guaranteed to have time to yourself. It is a space where you are important.

Helps to understand ourselves better: Emotional problems make you lose control easily, lead to making wrong decisions. It confuses us and we lose the horizon. With a visit you can get back on track, it helps us better understand our strengths and weaknesses, accepting ourselves as we are.

They listen, they don’t judge: One of the advantages of visiting a psychologist is that we can talk about everything we like, what we don’t, about our problems and our achievements. No matter what, he will always listen to you and will not judge your actions or your way of being. This helps us to understand and see the consequences of our actions.

It helps to have a more objective point of view: Your professional point of view, so that we can understand what is happening around us. It helps to find the solution to the different problems that arise, providing a broader vision of the world and the different factors that usually get in the way and seek to hinder progress.

Helps to better understand other people: It not only helps us understand ourselves better, but also helps us better understand other people and their problems. When we deepen our feelings, we also do so in empathy. This helps us understand why we support or reject the actions of other people.

It helps us to control emotions: It helps to better manage emotions, making it easier to understand the benefits and consequences of their actions. For example, we can get something good out of unpleasant situations.

Improves problem solving: In life there are a lot of obstacles, which usually affect us in a negative way. Psychology offers us tools that allow us to solve problems more consciously and intelligently. They may not all be resolved, but it allows it to be better coped with, making it not harmful.

Not only does it solve problems, it also prevents them:  When we understand ourselves better and when we manage our emotions, we have the tools to dig deeper and make the right decision.

It is important that we bear in mind that the psychologist is not a magician who will solve our lives, but rather will make us cope with problems better, having a healthier and more fruitful life.

Bad points

Much is said about the benefits, but little is heard about how contradictory a visit to the psychologist can be. Many patients visit to better manage their emotions in order to generate a change in behavior, however, sometimes these changes can affect their environment.

It is not changing a bad thing to a good thing. It is generating a change so that it has a positive effect on others. This can also produce the effect of resisting change, creating or hindering the health problem.

Constant visits can also create a counterproductive effect. It can generate in the patient the need to always visit him, as if he were his life partner, the one who never left him. It is like consuming pharmaceuticals; from so much it is consumed, our body and mind create the need to depend on it.

These can be found in private consultancies, as well as available from healthcare providers. It should be normal, and even the norm, to find one in schools, universities, public and private companies, hospitals, prisons, clinics, veterans medical centers, nursing homes, and other health care facilities.


The study of this science involves long years of university studies, it is constantly evolving, that is why it is important to understand the different behaviors and the reason for them.

Visiting the psychologist brings us many benefits in terms of mental health. A visit once a year will help us better understand our problems.

When we better understand the reasons for what is happening to us, we have the ability to better manage feelings. Many of the health problems are caused by poor mental health, which are generated by everyday life. In addition, knowing ourselves and understanding our fellow human beings better helps us to be better citizens and in turn to lead a better life.

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