Prezi is an alternative application to Microsoft PowerPoint, which allows the user to create presentations that increase the level of presentations. This is used directly on the Internet, where the creation of content is done through a canvas, which displays all the information through a scheme that favors the placement of text, images, shapes, videos, and even PDF documents.

Therefore, it is possible to affirm that this program is a really useful application for organizations, companies, universities and / or ordinary individuals, since they can create presentations of any content in a unique way.

What is Prezi for?

Prezi is a program whose technology has been quite recent, this is because it has been in the market much less time than other programs. In addition, it should be noted that its system offers several benefits with respect to its use, among which it is necessary to mention the following:

Useful and relevant functions that facilitate the user’s work

The functions of this application guarantee an excellent visual focus. In addition, its accessibility and easy handling will allow the individual to control each of the options with a single movement; in the same way, it allows the user to display the information with total freedom.

This program accentuates the quality of its different template designs, this in order to allow a touch of professionalism to each of the elements that will be worked on and captured on the canvases.

It is compatible with various operating systems and programs

Another of the most important points that should be mentioned regarding the benefits of using Prezi is that this program has a high level of compatibility, in relation to operating systems, since among those that can make use of Prezi is Windows and Mac. In addition, it should be clarified that it has an adaptation for Ipad and smartphones, as well as allowing interaction with applications such as Facebook.

Advances are backed by the cloud

This program is online, which is why each one of the designs and presentations made is kept in the cloud, but for this it is necessary to be under an Internet connection. However, it can also work offline.

Other users can watch the presentations

When designing a presentation in the Prezi program, users of this platform have the option of making it public, so that other designers can observe the work and share it; thus increasing the popularity of the original creator.

It has different versions that can be adapted to the respective users

Planning, creating, organizing, executing and analyzing a presentation in Prezi will now be easier, this is because this program has different versions, such as Prezi Free, Prezo online, classic, pro, desktop and nex.  Which have allowed designers to grow little by little and add more people to this world.

Important things to know about Prezi

To handle this program correctly, it is recommended to know some aspects about it, as this way the user interaction with Prezi will be much more efficient. In addition, there are also certain data and information of interest that are related to this platform.

Among the important facts and aspects to know about Prezi, it is possible to mention:

History of Prezi

This application was created by Ádám Somlai-Fischer, an architect and designer of Hungarian origin, who established the project in 2007 together with Péter Halácsy. However, it was not until 2009 that this program was officially known, this because it was in that year that they received the venture capital fund from Sunstone Capital.

How to start being part of Prezi?

To use Prezi it is necessary to bear in mind that it is a relatively simple process, to begin you must follow the following steps:

  1. First, the user must create an account in Prezi, this can be with an email or Facebook user.
  2. Then, you must choose the payment plan that best suits your needs.
  3. Subsequently, the program will present a screen that will be made up of the latest version of Prezi, called next , where you can choose a language, create folders, search for help, and create presentations.

What are the tools that Prezi offers?

Being a design program, Prezi has a large number of tools and functions, which allow you to make all kinds of presentations, among the most relevant set of Prezi tools, the following should be highlighted:

  • Insert image: this option will allow the user to add any type of image, originating from the computer or the Internet.
  • Insert symbols and shapes:  these can be adapted to 2D or 3D.
  • Insert videos: they can be from YouTube or from the computer.
  • Add musical background: it  is another of the most useful functions in making presentations.
  • Others:  allows you to add other presentations, insert sentences, diagrams, graphics, among others.

How much does the Prezi program cost?

As mentioned, this program can be obtained under two modalities, the first is free (it has limited functions) and the second is paid (it has a greater number of options and templates). Therefore, to know how much the Prezi program costs, it is necessary to know that its value is generally affected by the plan that is chosen.

Price plans

Prezi plans can be adapted to the needs and capabilities of users, this is because the cost for the service is regular, that is, it does not fall into the category of expensive, nor in that of economic. The plans offered by this company are:

  • Standard: It is for personal use, so it is recommended for those who are starting in the world of design and want to exploit its capabilities. The cost of this plan is 5 USD per month, more, it should be considered that Prezi offers the first month totally free.
  • Plus: Known as the most popular plan of the company, since it offers the functions of the first plan, plus other advanced functions and allows access without an Internet connection. This service is recommended for expert users and is priced at $ 15 per month.
  • Premium: It has more functions than the previous plans, the Premium version is for those who need the program for their work; it has better features, allows analysis and graphing, all for just $ 59 per month.

It is worth mentioning that having a plan it is possible to buy certain functions, which can increase the base price of said plan.

Advantages of using Prezi

The use of this editing and design program can be extremely useful, this is because it has a large number of functions and options that will be adapted to the needs of the user, which will allow you to obtain an adequate medium in which to develop their presentations. However, the use of Prezi has more advantages and among them the following should be highlighted:

  • It has a free version.
  • Your system accepts various operating systems.
  • It has adaptations that allow it to be compatible with multiple devices.
  • Your plans can be tailored to the capabilities and needs of your users.
  • Its functions and tools are much more advanced than those of other editors.
  • It is known as the program with enough potential to dethrone Microsoft’s PowerPoint.
  • Make all issues public.

Disadvantages of using Prezi

Just like any other type of application, program or system, the use of Prezi can involve certain disadvantages, therefore, it is extremely necessary to know what they are, as this would allow potential new users to decide whether they are going to bet on Prezi or not. Among the disadvantages involved in the use of this application are:

  • A connection is required to be able to use Prezi.
  • The free version has a limited time of use.
  • For some users it has been difficult to understand how the system works.

Conclusion, is it recommended to use Prezi before other programs?

The use of Prezi is recommended because it is a highly innovative editing program, which has positioned it within the category of the best, however, there are many other programs that have more functions and are free. Therefore, this program is too useful for those who would give it personal use, however, it is really useful for organizations and companies.

In addition, it is recommended that before resorting to Prezi, different editors and similar programs are tried, as this will allow you to know if Prezi is really what you want to obtain.

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