What is it?

It is a systematic exercise, which bears the last name of its author Joseph Hubertus Pilates , it was created between 1929 and 1945 , and was first called “contrology”.

Primarily Pilates , he performed exercises due to his physical condition, as he was a weak and puny young man. He was an idealist who created exercise machines. And it was based on various techniques, such as yoga and mediation, along with basic and systematic exercises that allow adequate exercise by adapting to each individual. 

Currently, it has been updated incorporating new techniques and new devices, as well as an exceptional diffusion due to the economic and easy method. 

What is it for? 

It is an exercise system that due to its basic circumstances allows the muscles to stretch, warm them up and maintain an acceptable physical condition. This method can regulate the heart rate and allows for physical and mental relaxation.

It can be done with machines, which were specifically designed for this, or it can be done through basic exercises on the floor or on mats.

It widely influences the breathing of those who practice it, those who may have bad habits in this sense, it also improves posture and treats injuries that are generally resented by athletes and long-term workers.

The acceptance and plasticity of this exercise has allowed it to be done anywhere, and its principles and rules are easy to learn and execute. And even doctors have collaborated in its growth by modifying it to perform different therapies and rehabilitation exercises for patients.

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