Natural remedies are the best alternative to various problems that the human body may present, so little by little new drugs have been developed and improved and one of these cases is Peppermint.

Before ingesting peppermint or other elements that contain this component, it is very important to know what it is for , its side effects, contradictions and all the positive and negative aspects that surround it.

Peppermint benefits

Peppermint is considered a natural remedy that contains great benefits and properties for people, since it is a multifunctional plant that also brings enormous medicinal effects:


In respiratory tract infections this component is highly beneficial, since it allows the expulsion of phlegm or mucosa that blocks the normal circulation of air to the lungs.

Period pains

It effectively calms the pains that occur during menstruation days, which in many women is usually quite a big problem, since it prevents them from performing all daily activities in the most effective way, both at work and in sports.

Accumulation of gases

The accumulation of gases usually generates various pains both in the abdominal area and in the rib cage, preventing the perfect development of people and in some cases taking them to beds for a couple of hours while they manage to expel them. Peppermint allows to eliminate these flatulence by releasing the digestive tract, relieving people very quickly.

Tea for sleeping

There are many people who have great difficulties getting to sleep at night, either due to daily stress, worries or other things, for this the infusions or the Peppermint in Tea , which allow to considerably improve the nights for people, allowing them getting to sleep more quickly and helping them to sleep in a very relaxing way.

Antispasmodic and carminative

It considerably improves the effects caused by meals, such as stomach pain, indigestion and others.

Nervous problems

The stress caused by daily work, debts and problems in general bring with them various negative effects for the organism of beings, therefore this must be treated on time and constantly. Drinking an infusion of tea can calm the nerves and calm the minds of people who suffer from this type of discomfort.

Antiseptic and analgesic

When wounds such as cuts, burns or scrapes are suffered, it is very important to clean the wound, although this generates pain discomfort, so doing it with a little peppermint water can bring positive effects since this plant has characteristics that allow good relief way the pain and clean the wound keeping it away from a possible infection.

Fight bad smells

Peppermint has various elements in its composition that give it a pleasant aroma, among them is menthol, so a brief bath with the concentrate of this herb can improve the mood that the skin gives off.

Fight bad breath

The consumption of peppermint tea considerably improves stomach functions that often cause bad breath in people. Therefore, regular and moderate consumption will give a positive touch to this problem.

How is Peppermint prepared?

The preparation is extremely simple, since you only have to have a moderate amount of mint leaves that are perfectly fresh.

  • Clean a good amount of leaves and then include it in a container with water. Let it rest for a long time so that it releases its properties.
  • Boil an amount of water according to the amount of leaves that you have and then include them with the aforementioned mixture so that the plant gives off its composition perfectly and the final product is like a kind of quite strong tea.
  • Let it sit for a long time to bring it to room temperature and then strain to get rid of the leaves and excess thick material.

Peppermint contradictions

Like any remedy, whether commercial or natural, there are various contradictions and advice to follow so that negative effects do not arise that compromise people’s bodies.

  • It is important that children under 5 years of age do not have a consumption of these infusions or teas.
  • In some cases it can generate contact allergies, so ingesting it would be catastrophic, for this it is important to know in advance if you are allergic to it.
  • It is important that people with ulcers or gastritis do not ingest it, as it can make the situation worse, creating more heartburn.
  • Avoid consumption in pregnant women, since in its composition there is menthol that can be clearly harmful during this period.
  • This element should be consumed in a moderate way and avoid doing it daily so as not to bring unexpected effects on the body.

Side effects

Side effects from the consumption of this plant are relatively few and not very relevant for some people, however, it is important to mention them as they are not isolated cases and can happen to anyone.

  • It can cause anemia in children and pregnant women, a product of counteracting the normal absorption of iron.
  • Excessive consumption can generate collateral effects on the liver (liver damage) and therefore free the way for various diseases.

How to apply peppermint on wounds?

The simplest way to do it is by means of compresses and the help of gauze and instruments such as gloves to avoid direct contact, washing the wound for several sessions and removing any solid residue that may infect the wound.

When it comes to burns, the correct way to do it is by mixing a certain amount of peppermint water according to the amount of skin affected with a third of olive oil to generate a kind of ointment that calms the pain and burning produced. To apply it is very simple, since you can use compresses or gauze by giving light strokes on the skin without settling the hand so as not to generate more pain.


Natural remedies are a great option for the relief of various ailments and the treatment of some problems, such is the case of peppermint that can be used for various purposes, and if done in a moderate way, it can and can be widely beneficial. without bringing severe side effects, hence the importance of following instructions for use and precautions.

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