Papaya is a fruit that comes from the Carica papaya plant , which is native to Central America and is currently cultivated in a large number of countries worldwide. It is a fruit that is characterized by providing many health benefits, since it provides nutrients and vitamins to the body.

This fruit is very popular especially in tropical countries, it has a high content of rapidly absorbed sugars and its content is 90 percent water, which makes it an excellent fruit for constipation problems. In addition, papaya helps prevent some diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, as well as helps control glucose and cholesterol.

Benefits of papaya

Papaya is a fruit that provides multiple health benefits, since its properties and its mineral and vitamin content make it a fruit that should not be lacking in the diet. Among the most prominent benefits that papaya provides to health, are:

Helps reduce constipation problems

Thanks to the diuretic properties of papaya and its high water content, it is one of the most used fruits by those who suffer from constipation problems, since when consumed regularly it helps to reduce these problems.

Useful for skin care

Papaya contains a large amount of vitamin A, which favors the synthesis of melanin; a natural pigment of the skin that helps protect it. On the other hand, papaya also contains vitamin A, vitamin C, which provides antioxidant properties and favors the formation of collagen, which is ideal for the skin.

Works as a gastric protector

Papaya is also used as a natural gastric protector, since it helps reduce the first symptoms of heartburn, being very useful for people who suffer from reflux.

It favors the prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Among the compounds in papaya are flavonoids, which prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, thus helping to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Helps reduce menstrual cramps

Women who consume papaya during their menstrual period have an increase in oxytocin and prostaglandin, which causes slight contractions in the uterus that favor the decrease in menstrual cramps.

Helpful for women who are breastfeeding

Women who are breastfeeding have great benefits when consuming papaya, since it improves the function of the endocrine system, which in turn, increases milk production; thus favoring infants.

Helps lower glucose levels

Papaya helps to speed up the regeneration of beta cells, which in turn favors the reduction of glucose levels in the blood, this fruit being useful for those who suffer from diabetes.

It is used to eliminate intestinal parasites

Papaya seeds contain high levels of proteolytic enzymes and an alkaloid called carpaine, which is very useful to kill intestinal parasites.

Serves as a natural anti-inflammatory

Thanks to the properties of papaya, it is an important natural anti-inflammatory. That is why the consumption of this fruit is recommended for those people who do not want or can take anti-inflammatory pills such as ibuprofen or others, since by ingesting it they can achieve the anti-inflammatory power they want.

Works as a natural antimicrobial

Papaya seeds have properties that favor the elimination of viruses and bacteria in the body, therefore it is recommended to drink a papaya juice including the ground seeds.

Supports eye health

Papaya is a fruit that contains lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoids, which is very favorable for visual health, thus reducing the chances of suffering from diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases.

It is useful for weight control

The consumption of papaya contributes to the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates, thus being a very useful fruit for those who want to lose weight, so they should include it in their diet.

Properties of papaya

Papaya has many properties that favor the body, among which are mentioned:

  • Antioxidant
  • Diuretics.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Antiseptica.
  • Painkiller
  • Detoxifying.

On the other hand, in addition to the aforementioned properties, it provides a content of minerals and proteins that favor health, among which the following stand out:

  • Vitamin A.
  • C vitamin.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin B1.
  • Vitamin B3.
  • Vitamin B6.
  • Iron.
  • Magnesium.
  • Match.
  • Potassium.
  • Papain.
  • Carpain.
  • Folic acid.

The best ways to consume papaya to take advantage of all its properties

Papaya can be consumed in many ways, from its natural state to sweets and salads, the important thing is to make the most of all its benefits.

However, for its consumption it is recommended to follow the following tips:

  • It is recommended that at the time of consumption, the papaya is neither very green nor very ripe, since otherwise it would lose its virtues.
  • It is recommended to make superficial cuts before consumption, in order to remove the milky resin.
  • Papaya tastes better when eaten cold.
  • If it is added to a salad, it is recommended that the other fruits are sweet in the same way.

Regarding the forms of its consumption, it can be consumed naturally, in salads, juices, smoothies and even in sweets.

Contraindications of papaya consumption

Papaya is a fruit that has many properties that are beneficial to health, however, its consumption may be contraindicated for some people, among which are:

People taking blood thinners

Papain, one of the contents of papaya, helps digest proteins. However, various studies have found that this enzyme degenerates the effects of blood thinning, which intervenes with anticoagulant medication, as would be the case with aspirin. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with your doctor if you are undergoing treatments.

People who encounter diarrhea

Papaya is very useful for constipation, since due to its diuretic properties, it facilitates the elimination of toxic waste from the body. However, by loosening the stomach, it is counterproductive for those who are suffering from diarrhea, as it could aggravate the problem.

Side effects of papaya

Despite being an excellent fruit, it can cause some side effects if consumed excessively.

May cause diarrhea

For those who have a delicate stomach, the fact of consuming papaya can cause diarrhea, because this fruit has diuretic properties.

May cause carotenemia

Papaya contains a component called carotene, which can cause skin discoloration, medically known as carotenemia. So it is recommended not to exaggerate in its consumption.

It can become toxic

Papaya is abundant in carpaine, an alkaloid anthelmintic, which is efficient to act against stomach parasites, however, with excessive consumption, it can cause a decrease in heart rate, thus affecting the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Conclusion: Is the consumption of papaya recommended?

Papaya is an excellent fruit that is used to prevent and treat many conditions, as it provides important nutrients to the body, so its consumption is highly recommended.

On the other hand, although it is recommended to add papaya to the diet, it is necessary not to consume it in excess, since it could cause some side effects, so it is ideal to eat it in moderation in order to enjoy its great benefits.

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