Today, the market offers endless brands and different types of syrups to treat coughs or any other problem in the respiratory tract, which makes the choice a much more difficult task, since it is always sought to choose the best and the most effective. One of these syrups is panotos, a natural expectorant that is undoubtedly highly recommended for people, since it is made from extracts of dried leaves of the Hedera helix plant , which contains very beneficial substances for health.

This syrup is an ideal ally to treat respiratory tract conditions, expel secretions and relieve cough, so its intake is highly recommended, as long as it is administered consciously, respecting the required dose according to the age of the patient. .

Benefits of panotos syrup

Panotos is a very beneficial syrup for people, as it is used to treat certain ailments or conditions related to the respiratory tract, this is because it is made from extracts of a plant called Hedera helix, which has various compounds with expectorant and spasmolytic effects. It is for this reason that this drug is used very often and is even highly recommended as a medical treatment, since it provides the following benefits:

Helps to expel bronchial secretions

Panotos is a syrup that has an expectorant effect, which makes it easier to expel mucus found in the body. It is important to mention that this does not make the cough stop, but it does help to remove phlegm from the body and this in turn favors the elimination of the virus in a faster way.

Treats inflammations in the airways

Thanks to the components of this medicine, panotos serves as a supplement to treat some inflammatory diseases present in the respiratory tract, which tend to prevent air from passing freely into the lungs.

Great for cough relief

As it is a natural expectorant, it helps to calm the ailments that are present in a common cold, which is why it helps to relieve coughs by reducing the pain that viral symptoms can generate in the throat.

Properties: What does the panotos contain?

As mentioned above, panotos is good for treating respiratory tract diseases, due to the extracts of dried leaves of the Hedera helix, commonly known as Ivy; This plant has spasmolytic, expectorant and antitussive effects thanks to the fact that it has saponins in its composition.

This syrup comes in two presentations: in a 100 ml bottle or in a 200 ml bottle, each with its respective graduated glass. It should be noted that each 100 ml of this medicine contains the following:

  • 0.7 g of ivy leaf extract (Hedera helix).
  • 100 ml of vehicle cbp.

How and for how long should panotos syrup be administered?

Once the doctor has prescribed panotos as the treatment to cure or treat a problem in the respiratory tract, it is necessary to follow the recommendations that he has prescribed, but if there is no prescription, the medicine also specifies the indications for administration.

On the other hand, when taking this syrup it is not only necessary to ingest the required dose according to age, but it is also necessary to know that it is not recommended to discontinue the treatment, as it could cause complications.

Recommended dose

This natural expectorant is recommended for adults, adolescents and children over 2 years of age, who must administer it orally according to the dose required for each one.

The recommended doses are as follows:

  • Children 2 to 6 years of age: ½ tablespoon (2.5ml) 3 times a day.
  • Children 6 to 12 years of age: 1 tablespoon (5ml) 3 times a day.
  • Children over 12 years old and adults: 1 tablespoon and a half (7.5ml) 3 times a day.

It should be noted that it is important to keep the bottle well covered and in a dry place. In addition, before administering the panotos, it is recommended to shake the bottle well and even check the expiration date, since like any other medicine, it should not be ingested if it is expired.

Treatment duration

Regarding the duration of the treatment, it will depend on the type of condition and its severity; However, the normal thing is that it does not extend to more than a week, this in case of presenting some minor problem in the respiratory tract.

In addition, it is extremely necessary that once the symptoms have subsided, the treatment with generic syrup is maintained for at least 2 or 3 more days, so that in this way the effectiveness and duration of said treatment is ensured.

Panotos contraindications

Panotos is a very safe syrup, however, as with any other drug, there are restrictions on its use. That is why before administering any dose of it, you should consult your doctor and be aware of its contraindications.

Breastfeeding women

Panotos is contraindicated in cases of lactating women due to the lack of information about the safety of this medicine in such cases, since it is not known exactly whether its components are excreted in breast milk and may be risky for newborns. Therefore, it is recommended that as a prevention mechanism this expectorant is not used during this process.

Pregnant women

The syrup panotos in pregnancy is not recommended, since there is not enough information to approve its use in this case, so it is necessary that women do not ingest this medicine during their gestation process, this in order to avoid possible complications both in the mother and in the fetus.

Patients with liver and kidney failure

Due to the lack of information, the administration of this medicine is not recommended in people with liver or kidney failure.

Babies under 2 years

Due to its components, the panotos for babies under 2 years is not recommended, that is why parents should avoid providing this medicine to children.

Children 2 to 4 years with a persistent cough

It is recommended that parents of children between 2 to 4 years of age who have a constant and persistent cough, go to the doctor before administering this medicine, so that they can assign them the studies and treatments according to the diagnosis of the case.

People allergic to any component

Those people who are allergic to the components of the medicine or to plants that belong to the araliaceae family , should not ingest panotos, since they could present some symptoms or adverse effects.

In combination with other antitussives

The administration of this medicine should be only alone, that is, it should not be ingested together with other antitussives or expectorants.

Fructose intolerant people

Intolerant or fructose or diabetic patients should not consume this medicine, since it has 38.5% of some sugars in its composition.

Does panotos syrup cause any side effects?

The expectorant panotos is extremely safe because it does not cause adverse effects; However, in some rare cases it can have a laxative effect, since within its composition there is a component known as sorbitol. It can also cause itching, an itch that occurs in some parts of the body, but it is necessary to clarify that these are rare cases.

Although practically no side effects have been known, it is necessary to be aware of the same way, so if any discomfort such as respiratory failure, fever, purulent expectoration or vomiting occurs, it is necessary to immediately suspend its use and go to the doctor as quickly as possible to be treated.

Conclusion: Is the panotos good?

Panotos is undoubtedly a very good syrup, since in addition to treating respiratory tract conditions, its use is safe, since it rarely produces side effects. However, like any medicine, it cannot be ingested in an exaggerated way and by any individual, since it has certain components that are not tolerable in excess. Therefore, it is necessary that before performing a treatment with this, a medical specialist is consulted, so that he or she approves the use of panotes, in this way its administration will be safe.

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