In today’s post we are going to talk about Omeprazole. It is a drug that many people know, because it is widely used by many people. But also, he has become known because it is suspected that he could be negative for health, and that is why it seems important to us to refer to him. That is why we want to invite you to read what follows throughout this post, because we are going to tell you  what omeprazole is, what it is used for, what it is for and what are its effects, both expected and possible and potential negative to health. 

What is Omeprazole?

To start talking about this drug, the first thing we have to know is what we are talking about when we talk about omeprazole, for that we begin to know what omeprazole is. As we said, it is a drug, which is used to treat conditions in the digestive system, specifically it is used to treat conditions that have to do with heartburn. But in this sense it is necessary to make a clarification, because it is very common that this drug is confused with an antacid, these being drugs that are prescribed in the treatment of stomach acidity, but it is used for this acidity when it occurs on an occasional basis and immediate action is sought. On the contrary, omeprazole, although it is also intended to treat acidity in the stomach, is a treatment that does not aim for immediacy,

Like all medicines, it has a mechanism of action, which is necessary to know to better understand what omeprazole is.
To do this, we must first know the natural mechanism of the body for the digestion of food. In this sense, for the correct digestion of food, or rather, to be able to digest the food bolus that is the result of the grinding of the food and the mixture of these with the saliva in the mouth, the hepatic organ, that is to say the stomach will secrete gastric juices, which among other substances that compose it, we mention hydrochloric acid. And this is very important, because the more of it there is, the more acidic the gastric juice will be. In this way, in those cases in which we must digest a large amount of food, the stomach will respond by secreting more of this acid and this is what causes the sensation of acidity, which we usually regulate through the consumption of antacid medications.

In those cases in which the secretion of this acid occurs constantly or abnormally due to some condition, it is necessary to start a longer treatment, because we must end with the excess of this hydrochloric acid, because it does not It will only cause heartburn, but we must also know that this acid is harmful to all tissues of the body.
In these cases, what omeprazole will do is significantly decrease the secretion of this acid, doing so by up to eighty percent. It achieves this because it inhibits the stomach’s proton pump, also known as the electrogenic pump, which is from which the protons that make up this substance are released.

What is Omeprazole for?

But so far we have talked about what omeprazole is and what is its mechanism of action. Now we must know in which cases it is used, that is, for what cases is this medicine used.

Omeprazole is then used in the treatment of stomach ailments, that is, it is administered both as a preventive of this as well as in the treatment of them. But it is also a drug that is prescribed for gastroesophageal reflux disease, for ulcers and conditions caused by the helicobater pylory bacteria, among others.
But in addition, many doctors usually prescribe this drug in those cases in which they are doing an extended treatment with other drugs that could cause some damage to the stomach, especially in the case of anti-inflammatories. In this sense, what is being sought here is to be able to prevent stomach disorders as a result of the action of anti-inflammatories.

We must know that it is a drug that we can buy in pharmacies with or without a prescription, this will depend on the amount needed and the purpose of its administration. In any case, we cannot fail to mention that there are some doctors and even pharmacists who recommend not consuming omeprazole in those cases where the person is suffering from heartburn. In the cases in which it is prescribed by the doctor, it is important that we follow all the indications that he will give us, which is generally a matter of ingesting one capsule per day.

Is it negative for health?

In 2013 a study had been published whose conclusion pointed out that those patients who had ingested omeprazole tended to have, because of this, a vitamin b12 deficiency. Given this, it is believed that this deficiency is caused by this drug trying to reduce the amount of acid in the stomach, this then causes this vitamin could not be digested correctly. So, this led to the long term, it could lead to greater risks that the person could develop anemia and even neurological problems such as memory loss.

In any case, we cannot fail to mention that this article, despite generating a great alarm, was partly subject to revision and different medical and pharmacological professionals reported that the risks of consuming this drug were not really they are such. In this sense, if the indications of the treating physician for whom I prescribe this drug are followed and administered in the appropriate amounts, there should be no major risks. What is more, compared to the previous study that we mentioned a moment ago, more studies and data would be necessary to be able to definitively and assertively conclude that long-term administration of omeprazole necessarily causes a vitamin b12 deficiency. Anyway, should such a deficiency appear, The consequences that arise from these would not occur instantaneously, therefore there is time in which this deficiency can be identified to be able to reverse it without serious consequences. What’s more, this deficiency could be quickly reversed with vitamin b12 supplements.

From all this it follows that if we are doing a treatment with omeprazole after our doctor has prescribed it for us, but we have doubts about the negative effects that it could have on our health, the best we can do is remove all our doubts with him, because he better than anyone will be able to make us a detailed report on how it works, the mechanism of action, the benefits and potential risks.
Finally, as is always recommended in cases of pregnancy, you should always consult your doctor before consuming or continuing a treatment with this drug.

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