The ointment Dr. Bell (Bell ointment) cleans, softens and protects the skin. Helps reduce the effects of melasma and other skin conditions. If you have skin that needs to be smoothed and protected, Dr. Bell’s ointment is for you.

Bell Ointment – What is it for?

This ointment will do wonders for your complexion or wherever you need a great working ointment, fast and effective. Say goodbye to dry skin with this unique pomade that will leave you looking great and great value. Dr. Bell’s is tasked with fighting and trying to reduce the effects of melasma and many other skin conditions. This ointment gets rid of dry skin and has a time-proven, technologically superior ability to do so.

The Bell Pomade will leave your skin looking and feeling hydrated and beautiful. Apply two to three times a day for preferred results and you will see what this wonderful ointment can do. It is practically a miracle. Doctor Bell will make you feel like you’re ready for anything. Cleanses, softens and protects the skin, and eliminates dry skin. Dr. Bell’s Ointment makes you positively glow with radiance when treating your skin problems or dry skin. Dr. Bell is a great product made in Mexico that will leave you delighted every time you use it.

Bell Ointment – Benefits

Pomade de la Campana helps protect, moisturize, cleanse and soften your skin. Eliminate dry skin, treat minor skin irritations, insect bites, eliminate itchy skin, and reduce the effect of melasma and other skin conditions. If your skin needs to hydrate, protect and soften, Pomade de la Campana is all you need. Made in Mexico with the best quality ingredients, its formula is enriched with vitamins A and E that give you that beautiful skin you always dreamed of. La Campana Pomade will leave your skin hydrated, feeling and looking great at a great price. Apply to your skin two to three times a day to see the amazing things this ointment can do to your skin. You will shine with radiance and you will never want to use regular body lotion again.

Bell Ointment – Utilities

I researched various internet forums discussing melasma treatments. There was a particular product. I was hoping to get more information: Bell Ointment. I had connected with Faith, a woman online who mentioned that she had tried almost everything in the last 3 months and nothing had worked. However, she started using Bell Pomade and her melasma is the lightest in years (since 1992).

My search began that night to find out more about this product. A chain on the topic of Pomada de la Campana had more than 136 entries on this topic because women were struggling to get this very cheap product. Alondra, a woman who originally posted the entry, shared her sister’s miraculous recovery from melasma just by using this product.

I went looking for the product according to the instructions and found the latest one on the shelf! When I paid for the product ($ 2.50), the young woman and I had a conversation about the moisturizer. She tells me that her mother used to have blemishes on her face, like mine, but the blemishes have disappeared with the use of this product. She told me it takes time, but it eventually goes away. Evidently your mother swears by this product and uses it religiously morning and evening. I asked her if her mother applied it just to the stains or everywhere, but to give her a good massage on the stained areas. And then… I felt this product and the lady behind the counter was destined to cross my path that night.

Pomade de la Campana – Origin and composition

The ointment / moisturizer made in Mexico has the ingredients of Vaseline, Zinc Oxide, Paraffin, Fragrance, Allantoin. I went over the ingredients with a dear friend, Lane, who has been like a second parent to me for over 7 years and I suspected the purpose of the ingredients was as follows:

Petrolatum : moisturizing cream

Zinc Oxide: Sunblock

Paraffin : wax to seal the moisturizer

Fragrance : Strong-smelling fragrance

Allantoin – A botanical extract from the comfrey plant and is used for its healing, softening, and anti-rotation properties. Allantoin helps heal wounds and skin irritations and stimulates the growth of healthy tissue.

Bell Ointment – Experiences

I started my use of this product that night. Can I say the smell gave me a slight headache? It smells like oil. The consistency was Vasoline’s but thicker. I did not care about the consistency but the smell. Oh well… I covered it over my face before going to bed. Can I say that when I woke up the next morning… my face was soft and the melasma area, which was previously burned for two weeks from using the Solage product, was pink in color and a little swollen? I was worried but it didn’t hurt or burn. I suspected the moisturizer was healing the broken skin.

The next couple of days the pink area subsided without swelling and my skin was absorbing the ointment. Yes, it is a bit greasy, but I don’t mind as I feel like my skin needs the moisture. I try to avoid getting too close to the base of my nose because that’s the area where I’m oily so I didn’t want my pores to get clogged. I apply this product about 3 times a day, in the morning, after work, and before going to bed. Last night, Friday February 23rd, I noticed that the skin from the Solage product burn started to flake when I applied the ointment. I was so excited. My skin was healing from the wound !!!

The best thing about discovering this product is that I actually contacted Alondra, whose sister miraculously recovered from melasma with Bell Ointment. She told me that she also tried Obaji and did nothing for her. Alondra, who also suffers from melasma, has personally been on the product for 3 months and it has alleviated her dark melasma for browning. She is very excited and suspects that it will be a year on this product before the melasma is completely gone.

This is such an amazing product that it made my skin really nice when I had uneven redness and pimples, it made my face brighter, whiter, and removed pimples, I have a pimple here and there and I wash my face with a clean cloth rinse the product when I am showering and rub it on my face at night and wash it in the morning with a clean transparent cloth, it makes the pimple disappear in no time, best of all it does not make the skin dry, oily, and does not clog pores, I have been using this product for almost 3 years and I am not about to give it up, I love it and if you try it, you will also love it, I am 15 years old.

I have been using this cream for 24 days. The reason for my count is that if I am going to use a product for my very sensitive, dry and acne prone skin, I need to see results after 30 days. I have used various skin cleansers supposedly for sensitive skin and they always made my skin worse (so bad!). I was so frustrated. I also had this perioral dermatitis which was so red and itchy (on the sides of my nose and cheeks) and this cream always made me feel 10 times better (I have also used aveeno calamine $ 2.00 in PD which has been a lifesaver) .

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