What is Microsoft Excel and what is it for

Working in front of a computer and with computer programs is often a bit daunting for beginner users who must find the necessary peculiarities to be able to develop and carry out a certain task, for more advanced users to look for all the necessary tools to be able to carry out their tasks. tasks with higher productivity.

That is why Microsoft Excel makes the business information analysis and calculation program available to you, providing the necessary tools so that users can make the most of the information generated, here you will know what Microsoft Excel is and what it is for.

What is Microsoft Excel?

Excel is a program designed by the Microsoft company, which allows you to work with books and spreadsheets, while doing a series of arithmetic operations. This program allows you to keep an accounting order and organization that will greatly facilitate your work.

The Excel program is widely used in the field of accounting, to be able to keep an order of the finances of a company or private person, as well as the organization of sales, contact lists and billing, although its use is really unlimited.

History of Microsoft Excel

Its history begins when the technology company Microsoft created spreadsheets called Multiplan, which were launched on the market in 1982 and were very popular in the workplace, as it was a very useful tool for large companies.

Its popularity was not enough to defeat another great of the spreadsheets, the so-called Lotus 1-2-3, which had a certain advantage over it, since it worked perfectly on personal computers, and this motivated Microsoft to develop a new spreadsheet program to defeat Lotus 1-2-3.

The first launch of the famous Excel program occurred in 1985 and it was a great version for Macintosh, and the version for Windows was called Microsoft Excel 2.0 which was released in 1987. The Excel program reached such popularity that it banished Lotus 1 -2-3 of the spreadsheet market.

What is Microsoft Excel for?

Excel turns out to be a great program that helps you create, manipulate data, databases, and charts. Thanks to this program you will be able to develop applications that will be a great tool in your daily work. It does some of the hard work such as finances, administration and production of numerical facts and figures.

It not only serves in the field of finance work but also in the administration of a home, thus carrying daily expenses or shopping lists, it is also ideal for teachers, because they can carry the attendance, notes and important data of the student.

How does Microsoft Excel work?

Excel is a program that covers unlimited use both in companies and in people’s daily lives, where any individual can use it since it has an easy-to-use design.

Steps for a good operation

You must open the program, it is usually found in a shortcut on the computer desktop.

Then create a new book. It is very easy you just have to click on file and there it will display a list of options, you must click on new, then on a blank book and finally on create.

If you want, you can save it immediately by clicking on file and then save as, there you will have the option to save it to any location on your computer and put the name you want.

It is very important to know the parts of the program so that it is easier for you to use it. The row is made up of numbers and is positioned on the left side of the screen. the column is identified by letters and is positioned at the top of the spreadsheet and the cell is the square within the spreadsheet.

You will be able to write titles to be able to identify in each cell that is in the upper part of the sheet.

To save your work as you go you must click on the Office logo and then click save.

You can sort your data just by clicking on the sort option found in the “data” tab.

Performing calculations is very easy, you just have to use the autosum function found in the home tab.

With the same autosum method, you can perform subtraction operations only by changing the sign from “+” to “-“.

To create graphics you have to go to the insert section and there you will find “graphics” and you can choose the type you want.

The aforementioned are just a few steps to learn how to use Microsoft Office Excel correctly.

Microsoft Excel functions

These are the most used and popular functions of the great Microsoft Excel program:


This is used by adding in the cell the following combination: = SUM (A1: A5), inside the parentheses you can add numbers or the cells you want to add. Not only can you add with this function, you can perform subtraction, multiplication and division operations, you just have to put the sign that corresponds to each one.


This function answers questions about a value, whether it is true or false.


This function is used when you want to search in a single row or column and thus find a value from the same position in another row or column.


This function searches for an element in a range of cells and then returns to the position of the element in the range.


With this function you can obtain a date with three different values ​​that are month, day and year.


You can get a value from the list of 254 probable values.


This function is used when you want to get or find elements of a table or in a range by rows.


It is used to see the days elapsed between some two different dates.


With this function, a text string can be found within another string, thus obtaining the result of the initial position of the text string.


With this we give a reference or value of a cell from a table or range.

There are other useful functions such as:

  • Cube functions.
  • Financial functions.
  • Text functions.
  • Statistical functions.
  • Mathematical and trigonometric functions.
  • Database function.
  • Logical functions.
  • Web functions.
  • Engineering functions.

If you still do not know this operating system, we recommend you start studying it since the advantages it provides are incalculable.

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