The Knox is a protection system that contains a safety mechanism to ensure the proper functioning of mobile devices from attacks who want to try to change and influence the operating system or data contained therein. It is integrated into Samsung portable devices, tablets and smartphones with an easy-to-use mode and a secure platform that provide the freedom to work and play with the guarantee of defense against malicious agents and threats.

Knox benefits

This system was specially designed for the professional field, in order to provide tools that eliminate the risks of industrial espionage and the leakage of confidential data. In the same way, it can help to control the security of the device and as a guarantee it facilitates a software change in case it has been used.

It provides security in all the information contained in the mobile, which is why it is a secure platform with multiple levels of software, hardware and various applications that are fully protected against any threat.

It is comprised of a platform, services, products, and built-in security that includes a fully secure system and suite of applications. This platform ensures that devices can have a defense mechanism that protects against viruses, intrusion, malware, and other malicious threats.

Among the general protections that it offers to any situation of mobile phones, the following can be mentioned:

Unique device that can be used in personal and professional life

This device offers the possibility of separating personal information from professionals on the same computer by means of secure folders that can only be accessed through security measures that only the user will have.

Public networks and mobile threats

Thanks to the wireless network or public wi-fi, the use of mobiles has increased significantly, since it is possible to have greater access to emails and connect with social networks from anywhere such as cafes, airports, restaurants, hotels and some other establishments. Despite this benefit, connecting to public portals could make mobile computers more vulnerable and subject them to potential risks.

Business solutions

Today most businesses have adopted mobile technology to decrease sales, banking, health and educational assistance and various services, which has increased safety and efficiency for users.

Personal protection of digital payments

Currently, digital payments are very basic, since financial transactions can be made at the moment without running any type of risk. This system maintains a constant and secure monitoring of banking information and generates a defense against powerful invaders.

How to use the Knox

This application has a security system with the aim of separating daily or personal life from work, creating the privacy necessary to not connect the privacy of work and thus the data is totally confidential. Therefore, various applications and data can be counted on separately. Some of them are:

Installing My Knox

It should be noted that this application can only be installed on Samsung mobiles, many of its models already have it installed, if not, it can be obtained for free through Google Play.

Accept terms

To begin the screen gives a welcome with a brief explanation about the benefits of this application. It is remembered that it is totally safe for the user’s personal purpose.

Security Settings

After the welcome, some data must be entered to configure security. It begins with a user account that is related to email and then a security code, PIN or pattern will be established.

Add the apps

To continue with the steps, the applications that are available in this security system are added. This includes a basic package that contains an agenda, calculator, gallery and additional WhatsApp can be applied if you want to select from the list like many others. All of them can be added and removed when appropriate.

Open Knox mode

To do this, the configuration must be completed and you can start using it. Probably when you want to use it, it will request the identity of the PIN or the pattern and it will open folders showing all the applications available within the security space.

Create shortcuts

To avoid all the previous process, you can create a direct access to the available ones, which can be added to a personal access that only the user could unlock in order to access those accounts.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Knox

Like any operating system, it can have various advantages and disadvantages, such as those that we will mention below:


  • It allows maximum security to business devices protecting personal information.
  • For IT managers, this application helps to control devices with security, various profiles can be created for each member of an organization with selective policy uses in a massive and secure way, without complicating personal use.
  • You can incorporate hardware and software that can prevent the extraction of information such as emails, contacts, shared files, search engines, calendars and even applications that compromise the company.
  • It is very versatile and can be used in all types of business.
  • The interface is easy to use.


  • The cost of this service has not been confirmed as of yet.
  • This application only works on Samsung Galaxy S4, Mini S4, Note 3, Note 10.1, Galaxy Pro and Galaxy S5 devices.
  • Currently, it has not been possible to verify the full performance of these devices.
  • It should be noted that this application is not an antivirus, it is only software that helps protect the data within the computer and the functions of the applications on it.
  • There have been cases that some computers that have been stolen with business data have not had the necessary protection to access the information.

Knox usage conclusion

It can be concluded by saying that this system is a security platform that helps to keep the data found on the computer completely safe and guarantees the integrity of all kinds of information from the mobile operating system. It contains a protection core with additional security measures that prevent malicious intervention and infiltration of application access and user privacy.

We hope that the information has been of great use to you. Thank you for choosing us!

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