Java is a computing platform that is used for the development of different types of programs and applications for its operation. Created to give various programs optimal performance, for this the versions must be updated for compatibility with the applications.

It is a programming language that more devices use it every day. Thanks to its security, speed and reliability. His presence is everywhere. Learn a little more about this software that interacts on the web.

Java benefits

Its function, as already explained, is to make programs and applications run. Here we explain a little better what it takes place.

  • Developing programs and applications : Many applications, games and programs that we use every day use Java technology to function. It is more used in applications that are web browsing, here comes a service called plugin, which is installed on the computer or other devices for better program development.
  • Web browsing : For some web pages, this must be run together with a plugin, which is a complement that serves for a better functioning of the page, from games to multimedia sites. If this technology were lacking, the pages that require it could not be executed correctly. For this it is also important to be up to date with updates.
  • It improves the performance and stability of the programs : It is necessary to install it if you want to have optimal performance and stability in the applications used on the different devices.
  • Protect our browsing : Without its installation we could put our devices and even the private data that we use in some applications at risk. Its constant use makes it a very big target for cyber attacks, some of them are known as malware. This technology serves as a “vaccine” against viruses.
  • Its download is free : Both the technology and its updates are completely free. Perhaps that is why the old versions are so vulnerable and it is updated every so often.


There is no program that does not have disadvantages, as much as it works for our Apps, it also generates certain failures. Some of them are:

  • With the passing of the updates, the execution speed of the programs has been improved. But there are very slow versions.
  • It is not possible to have the JVM in hand, a device is required.
  • For its activation you need the code, which must be searched on the internet.
  • If the download or installation fails, it may cause system failures.
  • To access other functions that improve your capacity, these have an additional cost.

What is Java?

Java was created in 1995 by the Sun Microsystems company to later be bought by the Oracle company. Since then its use has spread throughout the world, being run on more than 850 million computers, devices and televisions. Without this platform many applications, games and programs could not be executed.

Its compatibility ranges from PC to Mac (16, 32 or 64 Bit) to OS, Linux, Solaris, Unix, Windows and Android operating systems. It is important that, for optimal operation, it is updated when indicated, as different programs and applications will require it.

This is not a standalone technology and cannot be installed separately.

What is javaFX?

It is a technology based on the original. Its function is to easily create and implement the internet applications (RIA) that are developed. These behave in the same way on the different platforms that are used.

Data of interest

Did you know:

  • In the world, 97% of companies run this technology.
  • In the United States, 89% of people (or computers) run it.
  • There are 9 million developers worldwide.
  • It is the first option (and the most popular) of the developers.
  • It is also the first development platform in the world.
  • On mobile phones, there are 3 billion executions.
  • On Blu-ray reproductions, it is 100% executed.
  • There are 5 billion users using Java Cards.
  • On televisions, there are 125 million executions.
  • The major manufacturers (5 out of 5) of original equipment use this technology.

Last version

The latest version contains many improvements and like any update, it fixes many of the bugs of the old version. We are talking about version 7 that contains new features, these are:

  • Better performance, stability and security have been improved.
  • Improvements are found in the Java plugin, this serves for better development and deployment of rich applications over the internet.
  • There is an improvement in the programming language, which helps to facilitate the writing of the developers, as well as in the optimization of the code.
  • There is also an improvement in Java Virtual Machine, which helps to support non-Java code.


Only one platform allows the uninstallation of the program, this is Windows.

In Windows 7 and Vista:

  1. Beginning.
  2. Control Panel.
  3. Programs.
  4. Programs and characteristics.
  5. You must select the program to uninstall. Then press Uninstall.

In Windows XP:

  • Beginning.
  • Control Panel.
  • Select add or remove programs.
  • A list of software will be displayed on the system, including those related to technology.
  • Select the program to uninstall and finish with removing the program.


In the course of reading we have learned what Java is and what is used for, since it is something that we hear daily without having a clear idea of ​​what is being talked about, when without realizing it is present in each of the applications we use , this being the one that allows its operation.

It is important that we know the technologies that accompany us, that protect us and that make our life easier, in order to keep them always updated. We hope the reading has been very useful. Thanks for reading!

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