The iTunes is an excellent totally free application that has the ability to play and organize all types of digital music and a variety of videos to the computer. It contains a multimedia store developed by Apple in order to synchronize with iPads, iPods and iPhones through MP3 applications. It is also compatible with computers that have various operating systems such as Windows7, Windows8, Windows10 and Mac OS9.

ITunes benefits

This application stands out for its speed and ease that it offers to create music playback files, series and other downloads ordered by lists that can be done through the internet from the PC, iPhone, iPod and other platforms.

Its efficient operation can provide great benefits such as those that we will mention below:

  • It is one of the most up-to-date music players from Apple, where you can find all kinds of downloads such as electronic books, movies, song store, all with many applications and mainly with an important tool that can be applied to iOS devices.
  • Its main function is to keep the downloaded music well organized and can be found through various windows.
  • In case it contains a long list of collected songs, this program can easily get them through its integrated search engine and history of songs that have been previously listened to.
  • You can connect from anywhere via Wi-Fi or USB cable to the iOS device.
  • It contains many functions that copy and burn music directly from DVD and CD to add to the playlist.
  • The best thing about this program is that all the functions it offers can be found easily and immediately just by opening it.

How to use iTunes

Over time, this program has become one of the best music players, as well as being one of the main means that allows you to manage the best quality of music, videos and CD recordings. It is necessary to know its capabilities and basic characteristics to know how to handle it and get the most out of it as a good media and playback manager.

Next, we present you step by step how you can use this app:

Main menu crawl

  • It is a complete program that can be confusing at first.
  • The main menu contains a window at the top with all the content of the program.
  • On the left side are all the types of audios and videos that this program can process.
  • In the center is the content of the category that has been selected.
  • The bar on the left is very important as it shows the titles that are in the library.
  • By having a large list of files, you can have a wide variety of music.

You can request music from the hard drive

  • You have the ability to import music in a variety of ways, through the music store, through your computer’s hard drive, or from an audio CD.
  • The music store uses a direct connection to the internet.
  • Music can be requested free of charge.
  • If you have music on your computer, you can easily switch to this program. Only the file menu is selected and added to the library folder.
  • After that the file can be managed by the computer and by the administrator of this program.

Rip music from an audio CD

  • The audio CD is inserted into the computer and the songs can be viewed in the program window.
  • All the tracks that you do not want to import must be marked on one side, then you click on the button at the bottom right to import CDs and wait for the songs to be recorded.
  • At the top you can see the time each song is being imported and allows the possibility of canceling the transition. By giving X on the progress bar.
  • If the CD is not recognized by the program, the song names can be added manually.

Request through the program’s music store

  • To download music, you look for the bar to the left of the program so that it goes online to download.
  • When you search, the program will indicate if you are in the music store.
  • This can be done for free.

Adjust images

  • It has many ways to display the song titles, in list form and in alphabetical order, in some cases it shows the photo of the album art.

Manage music

  • By ordering the music directly from the program or importing it from a CD, you will immediately have all the information about the content of the CD. In the case of internet downloads, the information may be incomplete, but it can be done manually.

Make Playlist

  • If the musical content is very broad, playlists can be made.
  • Just select a new playlist from the file menu, write the name of the playlist to it, and add all the music you want to that playlist.

Listen to music

  • It has a very simple system to listen to music, you click on the left button in the upper corner to select and also to stop the music that is being listened to.

Advantages and disadvantages of iTunes

This popular Apple MP3 player has applications and programs with great features that provide everything you need to entertain through music, images, movies, playlists and much more. Like any product, despite its efficiency, it contains advantages and disadvantages such as those that we will mention below:


  • Contains 90% compatibility with all Apple devices.
  • You have the ability to refresh your content from multiple devices from just one when updating music.
  • It offers the possibility of making recordings on DVD, CD and can also be integrated with Traktor DJ Studio.
  • Its interface is quite practical and very easy to use.
  • Your layout can download, search and organize various content automatically.
  • It can be carried everywhere, because its information can be played on the iPhone or iPod.
  • Through Wi-Fi you can download music from anywhere and when you return home you can connect your iPod or iPhone to your computer and automatically what has been played will be synchronized and recorded on the computer.
  • This wonderful program, apart from making music downloads, also has the ability to download applications, institutional conferences, games, university debates and audiobooks.
  • With this playback system, you no longer need to wait on the radio for your favorite song or search through old CDs, just by turning on the PC and opening this application, you can choose all the songs you want to listen to.


  • Your application is slower than on Mac.
  • Its version for Windows is unfortunately limited, this is due to the strategies that Apple Marketing has to impose itself over Microsoft, promoting an excellent and efficient platform when in fact they have an operating system with limited functions.
  • A device that is synchronized to any computer can be exposed to losing information from its music library, so each time a song is renamed or deleted, each device that is synchronized will undergo the change at the same time.

Conclusion of using iTunes

We can conclude by saying that this application is a software that acts as a multimedia player, designed to be installed on mobile devices and Windows computers. It is a system that can organize all types of multimedia files and offers the virtual store function to distribute a wide variety of music, e-books and movies, among other things.

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