Instagram is a social network that allows users to share images and videos. It is a famous application that allows users to share their day-to-day with other users, be it trips, vacations, hobbies, among many other things.

Also with the use of tags or hashtags (#), it is possible to share and get content of the same interest. These images or videos can be shared temporarily or permanently on the profile. As if that were not enough, Instagram also allows you to share the images on other social networks.

With more than 700 million users, Instagram has become the most widely used mobile application and social network in the world. Its functions and multiple photographic effects make this the number 1 and most influential App in the world.

Advantages of using Instagram

With the birth of this application, new “photographers” also emerged and that is because Instagram has allowed a large number of users to discover their capabilities in photography, and in managing brands.


Instagram allows its users to modify each shared image or video. One of its functions is that it has filters that will allow you to create the photo of your dreams. You can also modify what is the light, saturation, frames, among others. Only the most skilled manage to get the professional photo.

Explode your personal brand and company

It has not only impacted the world of photography, it has also done so with industries and the births of personal brands. According to a study, people have a better response when the information transmitted to them is visual and not in the form of text. Adding to this, there are more than 700 million people who use this social network.

As with the personal brand, it makes companies expand their products around the world, reaching all types of public, in less time and more economically. But for this to be done satisfactorily, companies hire a Community Manager, who is in charge of directing their profile on Instagram.

The strengths of this advantage are:

  • Humanize the brand more: It must be understood that a personal brand is the user, a person; so to get bigger followers, there must be an interaction with the followers, there must be stories to tell.
  • Increase web traffic: For more users to visit the personal brand even more, you must add a URL in the profile biography or some other social network that you want to share.
  • Increase engagement: On Instagram there is a lot of content visibility and a lot of interaction between users, so it is important to choose tags or hashtags (#) with greater impact, as long as they are related to your content.

Instagram Stories

In one of its updates, the app added what is known as a “story” or Instagram Historie. With this update, moments can be shared in real time. If it is a party or a trip, you can show all the followers what is taking place. These publications have a duration of 24 hours or less if desired.

Instagram story

Instagram was launched on October 6, 2010 in San Francisco – USA by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, curiously university classmate of Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook. In 2011 the hashtags (#) emerged.

Its name is due to the union of two words. INSTA, which refers to the word instantaneous, in honor of the old cameras and GRAM, which comes from the word telegram, in honor of the ancient way of sending messages.

The App was first available for the Apple Store and in 2012 it was launched for Android. That same year, Instagram passed into the hands of Facebook for a billion USD. In 2013, after various user lawsuits, users were able to tag people and brands in any of their posts. In turn, Instagram Direct emerged (direct and private messages with photos or videos).

Tips to enhance your profile

  • Optimize profile: Help users find you easily. It is important to add phone, email, address or URL of the web page. If it is a person it is optional, while for users it is important to know these data of a company.
  • The use of hashtags: As a person or company you must relate the hashtags with the content that is published. Keep in mind that hashtags are a link to quickly get to a profile.
  • Types of photos: It goes without saying that since Instagram is an app for images and videos, it is important that your content is of high quality and original. An excellent photo will appeal to more users.
  • The human side: For companies, you have to have content so that users do not doubt the profile, it is important that a human side is shown in some of the publications, be it a photo of the team, a video that shows personal events.
  • Sell ​​the feeling: As a company, it is not only to show what I want users to take, but also why they should take it with them. Coca-Cola, Audi and other companies sell the feeling of wanting to use their products and what it feels like to have them.
  • Interact: This section also shows the human side. If it is shared with users, visits will increase. Create a contest or giveaway, you do not have to be a brand as a requirement, this will help increase followers. It is also a way to retain users with the personal brand or company.
  • Content of value: Last and not least, the content that is shared in each profile must be of value, that has a meaning when uploading it. It must be differentiated between the rest of the users.

How is Instagram used?


Instagram continues to grow every day and in turn there are Apps that can help you complement your profile, either with Boomerang, Repost, Layout, among many others, but before using it you must know how to manage your profile.

Remember that we live in a time where social networks consume us and can be used against us. A correct use of them will allow us to maintain a healthy life, without pressure and will allow us to continue enjoying them. Hopefully the information has been a lot of fun and very useful. Thanks for reading!

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