Iaso Tea is a tea composed of natural herbs that has beneficial properties for the body. It’s like enjoying a selection of nice and healthy drinks packed in a little tea bag.

Generally, Iaso Tea serves to detoxify the body and cleanse the intestines, improving the health of the colon. However, the list of conditions and diseases for which its consumption is recommended is much longer and extensive.

What is Iaso Tea

Iaso Tea is a tea developed based on a special mixture of 9 different types of herbs that coincide in the fact that they all have medicinal properties. It is a tea that inherits and peculiarly amalgamates the flavor and properties of the herbs that compose it.

Being a product made with 100% natural ingredients, which are not subjected to chemical or pasteurization processes, it preserves all the beneficial qualities of the elements that compose it. Due to the multiple benefits it provides to the body, many people refer to Iaso Tea as a “miracle tea”.

Benefits of Iaso Tea

Although it is often promoted as a tea to lose weight in a few days, it really is a healthy tea with multiple benefits. Iaso Tea is used to correct various health problems in the body, as shown in the following list:

Iaso Tea to eliminate toxins from the body

The food in the human diet is not always prepared in safe conditions. This means that the probability of bacteria and toxins being found in food is quite high. Due to the sedentary lifestyle, these bacteria tend to accumulate in the body, thus becoming the cause of many diseases. Taking Iaso Tea twice a day provides enough elements to eliminate toxins from the body.

Iaso Tea to relieve pain

Taking Iaso Tea can reduce pain throughout the body. It doesn’t matter if it’s from arthritis, headaches, back pain, or muscle pain. Since Iaso Tea cleanses the digestive system, those undergoing detoxification will soon experience the benefits of this tea. Although pain relief is usually gradual, great improvements are evident from the fifth day.

Iaso Tea for constipation

The consumption of Iaso Tea diluted in two liters of water ensures the elimination of recurrent episodes of constipation. The advantage of this product is that it softens the stool for a long period of time, unlike other laxatives.

Iaso Tea for adelgazar

Weight gain is becoming one of the biggest health problems in the world. The obesity problem is a consequence of the consumption of junk foods and a life with minimal activity. Iaso Tea helps you lose weight by burning excess fat and reducing hunger pangs.

Iaso Tea for acid reflux

When the intestines delay the exit of digested waste, it accumulates in the stomach causing acid reflux. Luckily, taking Iaso Tea is a good alternative for the coordinated elimination of fecal products from the body. Also, incomplete digestion of food can lead to heartburn, but Iaso Tea has enzymes that aid in successful digestion.

Iaso Tea for cancer

Cancer is caused by cellular oxidation that leads to the uncontrolled proliferation of cancer cells. Iaso Tea reduces its spread by supplying an enzyme that reduces hydrogen peroxide. Low levels of hydrogen peroxide inhibit cancer cells by starving them of oxygen.

Ingredients of Iaso Tea

These are the 9 ingredients that give Iaso Tea its multiple beneficial properties for the body:

1. Holy Thistle

The holy thistle plant is classified within the Asteraceae family, common in the Mediterranean. This herbal product has a long history in Europe for its healing properties. It is used to treat wounds, cure indigestion, lose weight and decrease appetite. In addition, it helps in the production of milk in lactating mothers, cough, bacterial infection and fever.

2. Persimmon leaves

This herb is used to treat high blood pressure, hiccups, constipation, and fever. It was popular in traditional Japanese medicine, but it was losing fame until it was included in Iaso Tea to take advantage of its health benefits.

3. Papaya

Papaya is a fruit whose flavor and nutritional properties were first appreciated by the natives of America. The fruit contains antioxidants, carotene, flavonoids, vitamins B and C, fibers and minerals. These ingredients promote cardiovascular health and protect the body against colon cancer.

4. Malvavisco

The marshmallow plant is a natural source of beta-carotene, B vitamins, and minerals like sodium, calcium, zinc, and iron. It is also rich in mucilage, suitable for relieving coughs and sore throats. In addition, it also treats heartburn, indigestion, stomach ulcers, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease.

5. Mallow leaves

The Malva plant belongs to the Malvaceae family. It is used medicinally to relieve pain and inflammation from bronchitis, asthma, laryngitis, sore throat, and dry cough. In addition, it helps to cough up mucus and fluids trapped in the respiratory system.

6. Ginger

Ginger is commonly found in Fiji, Jamaica, and Australia. It is available as a rhizome that has properties that help with indigestion, nausea, pain, and reduction of inflammation. Ginger has the additional nutritional value of numerous vitamins and minerals.

7. Manzanilla

Chamomile has been used for many years to relieve anxiety and stomach problems, such as digestive disorders, heartburn, and diarrhea. In addition, it has been used to relieve skin irritations, cancer, and hemorrhoids.

8. Blessed Thistle

Blessed thistle increases milk production in nursing mothers, helps with indigestion, and improves appetite. Taking a capsule of this product reduces anxiety.

9. Myrrh

Myrrh is an essential oil used to hydrate and cleanse dry skin. Two to three drops are applied to the affected skin for effective skin care. In the past, the resin of the plant was consumed orally as an expectorant, digestive and urinary disinfectant.

How to drink Iaso Tea

For maximum benefits, it is recommended to take 8 ounces of Iaso Tea twice a day. However, some people tend to take 16 ounces a day “to further ensure its benefits.”

To prepare tea, tea bags are used, or they can be used to make extracts, in this case the bags will last longer. These are the steps to prepare Iaso Tea:

  • Boil four cups of water and let it cool for a few minutes.
  • Add two bags of Iaso Tea to the water and leave them for eight hours.
  • Pour the tea into a container and complete 4 liters by adding water. Tea bags can be removed or left for the flavor to be stronger overtime.
  • Refrigerate the tea and drink when desired.

For the pill presentation in a container of 30, one should be taken every day.

Contraindications of Iaso Tea

Iaso tea has no side effects, however, some situations are contraindicated in its consumption.

Iaso Tea in pregnant women

The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy, therefore, in this case, the use of Iaso Tea is not recommended.

Iaso Tea and a messy lifestyle

If a person eats a lot of junk food, consumes alcohol regularly, and / or smokes regularly, then they may experience mild diarrhea, weight loss, and gas as their body adjusts to health again. This can also happen in older people, so in this group of people, the consumption of Iaso Tea is not recommended.

Price of Iaso Tea

To enjoy the benefits of Iaso Tea, you must have between $ 40.00 and $ 50.00 for a container of 30 pills or for a box of 60 sachets of tea bags.

Conclusions Iaso Tea serves for integral health

The health benefits of Iaso Tea as we have seen are numerous, and basically all of them start from the detoxification base of the body. These effects are supported by scientific evidence, as the beneficial properties of the individual ingredients have been demonstrated. Therefore, although it is marketed as a colon cleansing and weight loss tea, it should be offered as a holistic health tea.

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