The tea pericón comes from the plant lucid Tagetes,  also known as Santa Maria  or Yerbanis , which is from Guatemala and Mexico. It has small green leaves and yellow flowers, is known to have aromatic properties and is generally found in plains and fields.

Since ancient times, pericón has been given many medicinal uses, since this plant has properties that relieve stomach pain. On the other hand, it is also used for cooking, as a substitute for tarragon.

Currently, pericon tea is used to relieve stomach pains, calm vomiting, control diarrhea, prevent bad breath, lose weight, fight the cold, treat wounds, treat infections and is also recommended to prevent flu and cough. 

Benefits of pericon tea

The benefits of pericon tea are very wide, so it has been given many medicinal uses for centuries and today that has not changed much, since it is still useful to treat many diseases. Among the benefits that stand out most of pericon tea, are the following:

Relieve stomach aches

Pericon tea is an infusion used to relieve stomach pains, as well as other problems in the digestive system, including: stomach cramps, heartburn, diarrhea, vomiting, among others.

Has antibiotic properties

Various studies have attributed to pericon tea a variety of antibiotic properties against Salmonella pyogenes and Candida albicans, making it a useful infusion in infectious processes caused by any of these bacteria.

Gynecological disorders

This tea is good for those women who are presenting some type of gynecological disorder, such as menstrual cramps, amenorrhea and / or dysmenorrhea, as well as any other case where menstruation is painful or abnormal.


Among the properties of pericon tea, there are analgesic properties, so it is advisable to ingest it to treat pain such as abdomen, back, teeth, kidneys, bones, or body pain in general.

Combat fluid retention

Thanks to its properties, pericon tea is efficient in combating fluid retention, which makes it efficient and useful for those who want to lose weight.

Wound treatment

Pericón tea is used together with the leaves of the same, to alleviate and treat some type of wound or skin lesion. It should be noted that this does not mean that wounds are not healed with normal medical procedures, only that the use of this infusion can facilitate the process of wound relief.

It is used to treat eczema

The use of pericon tea and its leaves has been shown to be beneficial in treating eczema, as well as infections or skin conditions.

Favorable for colds and fever

In cases where a person has a fever or a cold, the consumption of the pericon infusion will allow the symptoms to be minimized and will provide the individual with relief.

Helps reduce asthma symptoms

Various studies have shown that pericon tea favors the reduction of some of the symptoms of people who suffer from asthma, so drinking pericon tea constantly and practicing massages with pericon oil will greatly benefit people who suffer from this.

It has properties that favor the reduction of anxiety

The consumption of pericon tea favors those who are very nervous or who find themselves with a problem of stress, panic or some other emotional condition. For this reason, it is recommended to drink pericon tea frequently to reduce these symptoms.

Reduces spasms

Among the properties of pericon tea, there are antispasmodics, in addition to the fact that ingesting this infusion serves as a natural relaxant, so if you suffer from cramps, this tea is ideal to calm and even avoid them.

Pericon tea is good for weight loss

Pericon tea is very useful since it has properties that promote and activate the metabolic process, as well as it favors the reduction of fluid retention, which in turn indirectly favors in cases in which the person seeks to lose weight. Although it is worth mentioning that it must be accompanied with a diet for its effects to be of any use.

Prevent bad breath

For cases in which people suffer from bad breath, drinking pericon tea can be flattering and help reduce this condition. In addition to drinking this infusion, it is recommended that you swish with this tea after brushing, so that its action is more effective and lasting.

Fight the cold

For cases in which it is very cold and even the person begins to feel pain caused by it, it is recommended to drink an infusion of hot pericón to reduce the effects that are occurring.

How to prepare pericon tea?

The pericón tea can be prepared according to the presentation in which it is found, either the branches or in bags to prepare the infusion, in any case the process is the same, the following must be done:


  • Water.
  • Branches or bag of pericón.
  • Sugar or honey to taste


The first step is to bring the water to a boil. When approximately five minutes have passed, proceed to insert the branches or the bag, as the case may be, and let it boil until it is observed that the water acquires the color, taste and smell of the infusion (approximately five more minutes). Once this is done, if you wish, you can add a little sugar or, on the contrary, honey to taste.

It is best to drink a cup of pericón tea between two and three times a day, after each meal.

What are the contraindications of pericon tea?

Pericon tea is contraindicated especially for pregnant women, as it has abortifacient properties. In addition, if you are taking some medicines, it is necessary to consult a doctor before ingesting this tea, since its properties can negatively influence the absorption and effectiveness of some medicines.

On the other hand, being very strong, it can cause allergic reactions, therefore, if it is the first time it is consumed, it should be done in small amounts and in case of noticing allergies, it should be stopped taking immediately.

Conclusions on pericon tea:

Pericon tea has been widely used since ancient times, so its consumption is highly recommended. It is widely used especially by those who suffer from stomach pain or problems, as well as by women who have menstrual problems such as colic, in addition, for people who want to lose weight, pericon tea greatly favors the retention process. liquids and also activates the metabolic function, which is highly favorable.

In general, you should only be careful not to ingest this tea, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, if you take medications or if you begin to notice changes after consumption.

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