What is Google Drive for and how does it work

Google Drive is a function of Google, which allows us to store all types of content under all security and privacy standards, and share them with other people. It is a storage in the cloud, in a virtual memory which can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

What is Google drive for?

It is a tool compatible with any device that can be linked to a Google account, thus providing greater ease of access and data recovery. Among its uses:

File Saving

Its main function is to be able to save all types of multimedia files such as photos, videos, and music, as well as writing-type documents, under various sizes.

File access from remote points

Once the data is stored in the Cloud, users will have the possibility to use one of the most important functions of said system, which is to be able to access all files from devices or remote controls only with the associated account where the data was generated. saved.


It is used to make constant backup copies of any of the devices where the account is directly linked, automatically saving files of all kinds.

Application extensions

It is linked to a series of alternative applications that allow you to expand the range of possibilities that it initially offers, among which we can mention HelloFax that allows you to send files stored in the form of a Fax, Lucidcharts to handle graphics in a fluid way and SlideRocket with which it can be used. they manage to generate elaborate presentations.

It should be noted that there is a great diversity of these elements that the user can enjoy according to their taste, curiosity and need.

Shared files

It allows generating public documents with the people you want, in such a way that there can be a fairly efficient exchange of information, having the option of modifying documents in real time in conjunction with the participating group.

This function is very useful in the labor field, since information can be shared in real time, accessed from different computers and modify the data that requires it.

Communication with colleagues

During the execution of a work group where active participation is being carried out, there is the possibility of communication in real time through a special chat, to make the tasks that are being executed more effective and efficient.

Document conversion

It allows working on PDF files, it is necessary to upload the material to the cloud to later transform it into a modifiable file, and be able to start working on it.

Funny drawings

One of the great options that it has is the possibility of making drawings, if you have some free time and want to express your creativity or if you need to make a quick sketch. To access this option you will only have to enter the toolbar, in the section to create drawing and there you will have the possibility to start drawing.

Why use Google drive?

  • One of the factors that makes the difference in terms of using this element and not the others, is the trust generated in its users, since it is associated with the Google brand that is a guarantor of privacy and protection of information, with which You can trust any type of information that covers private life and work.
  • It is very simple to use, since it is enough to have a google account to have access to the function of a personal cloud and start enjoying the aforementioned benefits.
  • It allows to implement search through Google and internet browsers, so that the user can search their files quickly and easily.
  • People who implement this function will be able to view more than 30 different file formats from the browser, regardless of the device on which they are doing it and without the need to have installed another variety of software or custom functions.
  • You can enjoy a good amount of storage space for free, since the cloud has 5GB.
  • There is a Premium variety, if your need is to have a greater amount of storage space for your documents and files in general, you have different alternatives, such as a 25 GB space, a more intermediate capacity with 1 TB, and something much more. powerful up to 16TB, of course the price is directly proportionate to the memory.
  • Google offers a version for small, medium and large size entrepreneurs, with which they will be able to enjoy an administration tool that is to assign or grant a portion of said space to each worker so that each one can deposit important information, protecting it with a specialized security system.

Fun Facts About Google Drive

The Google platform allows users who are programmers, the option of being able to develop their ideas and imagination, creating new useful extensions to be implemented in the future together with this great application, thus having said platform is constantly growing and improving. of the product so that the experience is better and better.

This application has the quality of a correction system, so that the writing will be benefited and improved, in case of finding an error in the fast writing it can be modified automatically or underlined with the intention that the author notices it and you can correct it in time, allowing you to have options such as omitting or adding to a specialized dictionary.

Another curiosity that the public may like a lot is the possibility of adding search links, in such a way that the understanding of the subject, generation of ideas and its extension will be facilitated. To achieve the purpose of the option, it is enough to select the phrase in which you want to generate the link, then go to the insert section and click on the link that has been previously saved.

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