The oil fish or fish oil is a super food of animal origin which has large properties and uses for humans. Today it is one of the most consumed products worldwide due to its large components.

It is beneficial for all people, from the most inactive to high performance athletes, as it helps maintain health in constant balance and a life full of energy. This oil is used to treat certain health problems such as high blood pressure, heart and brain diseases.

Fish oil benefits

This oil is highly recommended thanks to the amount of benefits it provides, helping to maintain a good balance of health in general. Among the most prominent are:

High blood pressure

It helps reduce high blood pressure, thanks to all the good fatty acids it contains, fulfilling the function of cleaning blood vessels and improving circulation.

Heart diseases

Its regular consumption promotes and helps maintain good heart health, and people can also use it as a supplement in the daily diet.

Better skin appearance

It serves to maintain a radiant skin, avoiding the consequences of sun exposure and all the enzymes released by the sun’s rays. To see results it is necessary to apply it directly to the skin or to the affected area if there are problems such as rosacea or skin rashes.

Control of allergies

One of the great benefits is being able to protect the immune system from certain pathogens that cause chronic allergies and inflammation of the sinuses.

Eye problems

People who have eye problems such as dry eye irritation or cataracts can get improvements thanks to the fatty acids it contains. The most ideal is to consume this food on a regular basis.

Improvements with rheumatoid arthritis

Its consumption helps reduce inflammation of the joints that are affected by rheumatoid arthritis, in turn improving symptoms such as stiffness and acute morning pain.

Anxiety and depression control

This oil serves to maintain good brain health, the levels of depression, stress, anxiety and nervousness decrease considerably.

Strengthens the skeleton

It helps prevent osteoporosis, which is a condition characterized by weakening of the bones due to the lack of calcium in the body.

Menstrual pain

It is used to counteract menstrual symptoms, relieving pain and reducing inflammation in the abdominal area.

Brain health

It is a great ally against neurodegenerative diseases, so its regular consumption helps prevent certain brain problems while balancing the function of the substance serotonin and dopamine.


This oil, together with a good exercise routine, helps to lose a large amount of body fat in addition to reducing the level of sugar in the blood, offering a better quality of life.

Fish oil properties

It contains properties that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body, to maintain balanced health and an active life full of energy.

Omega 3 or fatty acids

Omega 3 is a polyunsaturated fat not produced by the body, for that reason it must be consumed regularly, it plays an important role in the process of organisms. It fulfills anti-inflammatory and autoimmune functions, and in turn helps to control or avoid certain diseases.

  • DHA: It is an acid that is within the omega 3 group. It serves to maintain good brain function and adequate structure.
  • EPA: It is an acid necessary for the circulatory system and brain system to function properly.

How to consume fish oil?

It is a highly recommended substance due to its great function in the human body and its various properties and benefits. The consumption of this product can become a bit annoying due to its strong smell, so it is advisable to ingest it before eating so that the smell is not so annoying.

There is also another alternative that is to take it when it is frozen, and that it dissolves in the stomach, so that its consumption is not disgusting.

There are pills that are the most common and most used form of consumption, since they are easily obtained in any pharmacy or health food store.

As for the foods that contain this oil in greater purity and quality, there are:

  • Salmon.
  • Tuna.
  • Sardina.
  • Trout.
  • Mackerel.

Proper dosage of fish oil

Como todo producto, este se debe consumir de forma controlada y no exceder la dosis recomendada.

  • Para los hombres lo más recomendable son 1.6 gramos al día,
  • Para las mujeres son 1.1 gramos al día.
  • Las personas que ingieren más de 2 gramos al día son aquellas que están bajo tratamiento para ciertas enfermedades cardiacas.
  • La dosis superior a 4 gramos se utiliza para tratar enfermedades más delicadas, como problemas cerebrales degenerativos.

Efectos secundarios del fish oil

Como todo producto, así sea natural, tiene sus efectos secundarios, ya que esto depende del organismo de cada persona.

  • Sabor desagradable en la boca.
  • Gases o eructos después de la ingesta.
  • Diarrea.
  • Dolor de cabeza.
  • Puede causar alergias como inflamación de las vías respiratorias o erupciones cutáneas.

Contraindicaciones del fish oil

Everyone should be cautious before starting the intake of any product, since they do not know if their body will react in a good way to it.

  • People who have problems with blood clotting cannot consume this product as it may cause bleeding or excessive bleeding.
  • People who are under treatment with non-asteroid anti-inflammatory drugs should not consume it, as it makes the blood more fluid.
  • Its intake is not recommended in pregnant or lactating women, since it contains metals that can be harmful to the health of the baby, and there is a risk of possible uterine bleeding.
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