Today the vast majority of people use or are learning to use different computer tools. This is because they are necessary for different tasks and are included in a large number of jobs, which makes their handling and mastery a condition. Although its use is more common in the youngest or in professionals, the truth is that there are still many people who do not know about them, or handle them or what they are for. That is why it occurred to us to be able to refer to its utilities and definition throughout this post. Specifically, we are going to talk about the most used and popular tools, which are Excel, Word, and Power Point. So we invite you to continue reading because below we will tell you  what excel, word and power point are for.

What is Excel for

When we talk about Excel, the first thing we have to know is that it is a program that imitates being a spreadsheet and as such different operations can be done with it, organizing the numbers in a grid. That is why it is an ideal tool to be able to make simple calculations, from a sum to calculating mortgage loans as an example of more complex calculations.

We must say that Excel belongs to the Microsoft Office package, and therefore it is the calculation sheet for it. This can be an advantage for all those who know other programs in this package, because there are icons and commands in Excel that have the same operation as in other programs, so it may be familiar.

On different occasions we define Excel as a spreadsheet, but for many this may not mean anything. To make it easier, we are going to say that these sheets are a program that allows you to work with numbers easily and intuitively. This is why a grid is used, in which a cell of the same numbers, letters, graphics and more is placed. Let’s go to an example of an operation that can be done in this program, which is the sum. To do this, what we have to do is place the numbers in the cells one below the other, then position ourselves in the cell where the result will go and tell Excel that you want to perform the addition operation by means of a formula.

Excel is an ideal tool not only for doing simple operations like addition, but also for more complex calculations. And probably one of its benefits is that if you make a mistake in a number entered, you only have to identify it and correct only that one, because later Excel will recalculate everything again taking into account the changed data. This is a property of the program, known as automatic recalculation, the good thing about it is also that it allows you to make fictitious calculations considering different numbers, doing it quickly and easily.

What is Word for

In the case of Word, we are talking about a program, which also belongs to the Microsoft Office package -together with Excel, POwerPoint, which in general terms we could describe as a program whose main utility lies in the fact that it allows to assemble, change and print written documents . Specifically, this program would be an example of the programs called Word Processors and they are one of the most common in computer applications.

One of the main advantages of this program is that when you are creating a written document, in case you make a mistake, you can correct the document as many times as necessary before printing it.

So, microsoft word is a software that is used to create written documents on different computing devices. This program has been developed by the United States company called Microsoft Corporation. In any case, we must mention that there are many versions of this program, there are even some that are paid, which compared to the free versions, such as Microsoft Word Viewer and Office Online, the functions and characteristics of those are more extensive and various.

Specifically answering the question of what Word is for, we must say that it serves above all as a word processor, which as such allows us to create different written documents, for example letters, articles, reports.But not only this, because we can also add images, tables, graphics, among other things more than tools and options.
It also has different program options that allow us to make adjustments depending on the document that is being created. In this sense, we can change the margins of the page, choose the font of the letter that we like the most, which includes choosing the size of the font, the letter and the color. At the same time, it has an option in which it identifies words in which there are spelling errors, gives us a synonym and also has the option of adding a page header, footnotes, etc.

What is PowerPoint for?

Along with Excel and Word, PowerPoint is one of the best-known programs in the Microsoft package. We already referred to the first two, now we have to refer to the last.

Powerpoint is a software whose main characteristic and that is what defines it at the same time is that it allows the realization of presentations using slides. In this sense, in the assembly of each one of these it allows to use from texts and images, to videos, music and animations. That is why the key to be able to obtain incredible presentations using this program lies in the creativity of the user, since this program offers us all the possible tools to obtain a captivating and attractive presentation for the receiver.

There are three main features of this program, which in turn mark the main functions of it.
On the one hand, it has to do with the fact that it works as an editor that, in addition to allowing text to be inserted, allows you to choose the desired format, which includes choosing between the color, the font, its size, the alignment, etc. .
The second of these characteristics or functions has to do with the fact that PowerPoint is a system that allows different files to be added to the slides, which can be photos, audios, videos, animation. In general, these types of elements are used as an example or to reinforce the content that has been presented in writing.
and the third of its functions is that it has a system that will then show all the content of each of the assembled slides, regardless of the content that we have added to it, fluently and continuously.

For all this powerrpoint is a tool widely used in different spaces, because it can be a good alternative in the field of teaching for the assembly of classes, but at the same time it is used a lot in the business field, because it works as a royal way for the presentation of projects, reports, etc. This has to do with the fact that in a dynamic, entertaining and attractive way, various information can be shown to the receiver, keeping their attention attentive, which favors the best reception of the data to be shared.

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