E-mails have been used for many years and although they are not as widely used today as they were two decades ago, these tools are still essential for communication between two or more people. It can be said that an email is a network service that allows the exchange of messages between two or more people; It is worth mentioning that these messages can currently contain files of all kinds.

Emails have many uses, since they serve to: maintain communication, send files, share documents, create agendas, make invitations, sell products, create accounts on other platforms and even serve to store information safely.

Benefits of using email

People who have emails have access to a wide variety of benefits, although these may vary depending on the platform on which they have their email, however, the benefits that are usually obtained are the following:

Ease of sending messages to other people

Currently there are many people who have email, this is because it is something that is required for many things, therefore, it can be said that you can always maintain communication with a person via email, also, unlike other platforms such as WhatsApp or Messenger, it does not matter which provider you have, since you can always maintain communication. That is to say; It does not affect if someone has a Gmail email and wants to communicate with a person who has a Hotmail, as they can do so normally, since there is compatibility between messages, regardless of the email provider.

In addition, these platforms are simple, where the only thing that is required to send a message is to have the email address of the person who should receive it, later, the message is placed, along with the address, the title of the message and that’s it, without need. to do more nothing.

It’s totally free most of the time

All the major email providers, such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, are almost entirely free platforms. That is to say; You can have an email on this platform without the need to pay anything, but if you want more storage space or other advantages within the email platform, then you must acquire some type of membership, however, this is not something that necessary, since you can manage the mail and obtain many benefits without the need to pay anything.

In conclusion, the service is completely free, although you can get more benefits, if you pay for a membership.

Ideal for communicating with a large number of people

One of the reasons why many companies use emails to sell their products is that they allow you to communicate with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people in a matter of minutes. This happens, since it is very easy to send an email to other addresses, and there are even platforms that allow you to send the same email to hundreds of addresses, almost without any type of limit.

Therefore, if you want to keep in touch with a group of people, it is best to use emails, since you can send a statement to everyone, without much effort.

Allows you to register on other platforms and / or web pages

When wanting to register on any platform and / or website, it is essential to have an email address, as this allows the user to have greater security in the account created, because to change the password or any other information, you would need to access the email with which the account was created, which is almost impossible if you are not the owner of it, because email providers have many security systems to prevent hacking or theft of information .

That is, to have a user on any web platform, you need an email that allows you to do so, since no web platform allows you to register a user without email, since it is done for the security of the same.

Email types

The world of emails is quite broad, since providers have known how to identify needs and take advantage of them, therefore, different types of emails have been created, among which the following can be mentioned:

Private emails

These are the most common and are basically the emails that are created especially for normal users, that is; people who are going to send and receive a considerably low amount of emails per month. In addition, the extra tools that these types of emails have are quite limited, however, they are almost always free, which is a plus.

Business emails

They are used by companies and normally the security is much greater, that is to say; it is almost impossible that information can be stolen from these emails. These are made in order to protect business information, on the other hand, they also have advanced tools that allow automatic and efficient communication with the members of the company where it is being used.

This type of post usually works by means of a monthly payment, that is to say; You must pay to use them, however, many providers offer free services, but with very little storage capacity and autonomy.

Marketing emails

In a certain way, they are related to business emails, however, they are different, since their security is the same as that of private emails, but it has a wide variety of tools that allow efficient communication with customers. On the other hand, they are ideal for sending huge amounts of emails per day, week or month.

It is worth mentioning that many companies use this type of email to promote their products. Due to the utility that these have, providers almost always request a monthly payment to obtain the benefits mentioned above, although there is the possibility of obtaining a free but limited trial or service.

Things to keep in mind about emails

If you are new to the world of emails or simply want to learn more about them, then the following information should be considered:

How to create an email?

This may vary depending on the provider, since each of them has a different registration form, in order to have a better control in the administration of emails. However, normally the steps to follow are the following:

  • Enter the provider’s registration area. That is, enter that place where it says ” register “.
  • Once inside, the fields shown there must be filled out. The fields that these forms usually have are the following: names, surnames, email address to use (must be available), password, password confirmation and security questions.
  • When the requested fields have already been filled in, you just have to click on ” register ” and that’s it, you will have access to the email created. It is worth mentioning that this may vary depending on the provider as mentioned above, since there are some that ask for verification via mobile, to ensure the identity of the creator and prevent bots from registering on the platform.

Email parts

An email platform has no parts, however, an email as such, if it is divided and is as follows:

  • Recipient’s address : it is the most important, since it is where the mail will arrive once it is sent.
  • Subject : it is the title of the email, so to speak.
  • Body / content : it is what is inside the email, that is; the message or information that is written within said email.
  • Multimedia files : it is optional and deals with the files it contains, they can be images, videos, among others.
  • Signature : this is what appears at the end of the email and says who has sent the email or important information about it.

Conclusion: Is the use of email recommended?

Emails are almost a necessity, because they allow you to register on other platforms and / or web pages, not to mention, they allow you to have constant communication with service providers, among other things. In a nutshell; The use of email is fully recommended and is even essential for anyone who constantly surfs the Internet.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that certain precautions should always be taken, because if you are not careful with the use of emails, personal information can be leaked on the network, that is; Private information can become public if you are not careful when using emails.

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