Drivers are programs that function as intermediaries between Windows and the various devices that belong to the PC’s hardware . Their use is essential for the proper functioning of printers, graphics cards, motherboards, networks, scanners and sound, among others, therefore, they are of great importance for the programs to be understood with them.

These drivers are special to allow the operating system to communicate effectively with the parts of the computer that carry messages to their destination. Without these messages, Windows could not function.

For example, the printer places what is on the screen on the paper, but Windows does not know how much ink to use, this is where this driver reads the command and tells the printer what to do.

What is the function of the drivers?

Drivers allow the operating system to communicate directly with the hardware or devices that make up a computer. Without these drivers, the hardware that is installed in the computer could not function properly.

Because of this, it often happens that when the operating system is reinstalled or formatted from scratch, many of your devices, because they do not have the drivers installed, do not give you access to the internet or lose the sound, in addition to other problems that may arise. present.

The drivers are necessary for the correct functioning of the devices

Its function is totally necessary, in case of acquiring new devices for your equipment, such as webcams, video or network cards or a new printer, for these to work, the corresponding drivers must be installed, which are generally included in each device purchased.

Drivers are unique for each device

It is important to know that each driver is unique for a specific device, that is, if you buy a video card, only the driver that is incorporated will work for you and it cannot be installed on another type of card, even if it is of the same brand, since They have different references and in case of being another model it could be possible that they do not have compatibility.

The drivers guarantee the proper functioning of the computer and hardware

They are of great help for the computer and hardware to function properly, for example, computers have main controllers for audio, network and video. If this were not the case, surely when connecting the network cable it would not be able to recognize anything and in the case of not having audio drivers, it would not be possible to listen to music either, since there is no driver for this operation.

Types of Drivers

Among the main ones can be named the following types of controllers:

Audio drivers

They are suitable for audio components that are built into separate sound cards, on the motherboard, or in modems.

Drivers USB

These components provide the guarantee of a good operation in the USB ports of the computer that are present in the modern motherboard.

Drivers de video

There are drivers listed for the video cards that are built into the motherboard. Among the most used are the NVIDIA or ATI.

Drivers del chipset

It is a set of integrated circuits, which are indicated to work in a specific way depending on the CPU model. They are very important for the motherboard and in the good performance of other components or devices of the computer.

Drivers Wireless

These are those that apply to devices that are essential to join wireless networks such as Wi – Fi or BlueTooth.

Drivers for printers, mouse or scanner

They are the drivers that can respond to specific needs of certain devices that can be connected with Windows, but with which they do not have original information to give instructions, manipulate or configure the operating system.

Drivers de LAN o Ethernet

These can control all the devices that are directly related to the wired network.

BIOS drivers

It contains essential and detailed information for the computer.

Programs to automatically update drivers

Among the most named are:

  • Free Drivers Scan: It is a program that can be obtained for free, it has the ability to analyze the computer and automatically show if it contains updates for the drivers that are already installed.
  • Device Doctor: This program allows you to download and analyze outdated drivers.
  • Driver Easy: It is a free program, which can analyze the computer and can automatically indicate if there are updates for the drivers already installed.
  • Booster: It is the most up-to-date version and is ranked as the best equipment driver update program. It is highly sought after, as it is straightforward and easy to understand.
  • Pack Solution: It is another alternative with free purchase, which guarantees security and speed when updating the drivers in their latest version.
  • Snappy Driver Installer: It is a platform with great advantages, since it does not need to be installed to be used, due to its portable version and the gigantic database it has.

How can I get the drivers?

The tools to find the drivers are an option to solve compatibility problems or the lack of a driver, this is a complex situation, since some of the computer peripherals could be left without activity before Windows for not knowing how interact with him.

Most of the time when buying a computer, the drivers come on CD’s along with the computer. In case they are not included, it can be consulted on the websites of the manufacturer of the purchased equipment, since many times it allows the option of downloading them easily, in order to do this it is important to know the reference and the exact model of the CPU.

Another way is to google or use one of the tools to use drivers found on the net. Many of the free or open drivers exist due to the lack of interest of the manufacturers for the Linux system. Luckily, this has already changed today, as manufacturers have created drivers that can be obtained on their own.

Who are the creators and who updates the drivers?

When manufacturers succeed in bringing a new device product to market, they make sure to create and distribute drivers that are the best models for operating systems. Failure to do so will risk the devices not working properly, allowing negative publicity to lower their sales.

Because of this, while a product is given support and life, the manufacturer will have the job of offering updated versions of their drivers, this means that when a product is discontinued, they will officially stop being sold.

What problems can drivers cause?

Due to the delicate work they do, errors can easily occur, especially if they have been programmed quickly and without a verified revision.

  • The work they have is performed at a basic level, which could generate some minor errors that can destabilize the functioning of the computer.
  • Not only can they cause problems if they are poorly prepared, they also exist or are not compatible.
  • Without the existence of a driver, the operating system cannot see or accept the device inside the computer.
  • Due to the lack of an official driver that is compatible, they could be replaced by other drivers that have open source codes or they could also resort to various search tools such as DriversMax or Ma – Config.
  • Drivers that are outdated do not take full advantage of the device, therefore it is advisable to keep them up to date.
  • Similarly, care must be taken with newer drivers, as they can also cause some problems, especially if they are large drivers that can work on a wide variety of devices.
  • When it comes to graphics cards, you have to be very careful when updating and reading the change prompts to see if the update affects the device model it contains. As this is not the case, it is recommended to ignore the new version and continue using the one that had been used so far.

Driver usage conclusion

To conclude, it can be said that these important and effective device drivers created for computers that have a Windows operating system, are programs that have the purpose of relating operating systems to hardware devices such as graphics cards, modems, sound cards. , mp3 reader, wi-fi or television cards.

Also with the peripheral devices of printers, cameras, scanners or video cameras found in CPU equipment. Therefore, we will end by saying that the drivers work so that the operating system recognizes and allows them to work with various devices.

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