The Diosmin is an active ingredient, present in many medicines and characterized by its vasoconstrictor properties . It is little known that fruits such as lemons and oranges, despite being better known for their vitamin C, also contain diosmin, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

This compound is widely known in the world of medicine for being a phlebotonic that contributes to the health of the circulatory system and in a more specific way to the veins. Its popularity spread in the 60s, there are many combinations among which Diosmin hesperidin is known.

What is Diosmin hesperidin for?

This is a known form of flavonoids, commonly used in the treatment of diseases related to vascular disorders and hemorrhoids. It is characterized by having the ability to increase venous capacitance and slow blood flow through the veins. It also works on microcirculation and capillary resistance by protecting them from processes that can be aggressive.

Although with efficient treatment vascular diseases may not be problematic, it is necessary to pay attention to them, since they can affect mobility or even cause heart attacks or blood clots that could be very dangerous if they break.

Diosmin in the treatment of chronic venous diseases

This term is used to define vein-related diseases such as venous insufficiency that can affect the legs, can be very painful, and occurs when the veins are unable to return blood from the legs to the heart.

Some studies have shown its effectiveness in reducing the accumulated fluid in the legs by people who have followed a treatment with this drug, compared to those who during these studies were treated with placebos.

Diosmin hesperidin to treat hemorrhoids

An inflammation of the venous varicosities located in the rectum area. There are many factors that doctors assure can trigger hemorrhoids, an injury during evacuation is the most frequent.

The main thing in the treatment of hemorrhoids is a change in eating habits and a proper diet. Medications to treat hemorrhoids are generally flavonoids that have venotonic and protective effects on capillaries, of which the most widely used is diosmin.

Effectiveness of treatment with diosmin on hemorrhoids

In the treatment of acute hemorrhoids, different studies have concluded that the treatment is very effective and manages to greatly reduce the episodes of hemorrhoids in those affected.

Symptoms such as pain and bleeding decrease quickly when starting treatment with these compounds, so these studies have shown that the product is very effective in these cases.

Recommended doses of diosmin

The appropriate doses of this medicine must be given by the doctor, it is important that you do not self-medicate, or exceed the recommended doses, which may vary depending on the disease to be treated, this medicine is used in different diseases such as diabetes or in treatments of hemorrhoids so each case will be different in terms of dosage.

In most cases, the dosage recommendations are 1 tablet twice a day or what is the same every 12 hours, it is recommended that they be taken with food. It is recommended not to exceed the treatment for more than 90 days, ideally 60 days.

Presentations of diosmin

The most popular presentation of this product is in tablets, although this component can be mixed in other ways for topical cream presentations, especially in the case of the treatment of hemorrhoids.

As is the case with many other medications, it is necessary to ask the doctor which is the best presentation to treat the condition that it presents and to treat it effectively.

Diosmin cream

The cream form of this medication is often prescribed for the treatment of hemorrhoids, the other forms are indicated for the treatment of other vascular diseases. The doctor will be in charge of choosing the appropriate form according to the condition to be treated.

Diosmin side effects

Diosmin to be taken with caution, watch carefully for any unfavorable reaction and see a doctor immediately if any of the side effects become dangerous or put your health at risk.

One of the side effects that diosmin could cause is stomach pain, this may not be very serious, however, it is a point that you must take into consideration even though it does not really put your health at risk.

Stomach pain could also bring pain in the abdominal area and could also present diarrhea, you should be aware of any symptoms of these side effects and if it is necessary to discontinue use and consult a doctor.

Some studies tried to find out if there was a relationship between this drug and erectile dysfunction, finding that only 2 people had reported this as a side effect, so in this sense its use is safe.

Diosmin contraindications

As a first measure and as we mentioned before, it is important not to exceed the intake of this medication for more than three months. Its short-term use is generally safe, unless you are allergic to diosmin.

There are no studies that correspond to the risk of its use during pregnancy, however, it is better to avoid its use during pregnancy or if you are breastfeeding. Similarly, it is worth noting that the use of diosmin is not recommended in children or adolescents.

Precautions when taking diosmin

There are necessary precautions when taking any medication, keeping it in a safe place and at the correct temperature is essential, but it is also necessary that you take into account the following:

Diomine and the use of other medicines

Ideally, if you consume other medications or are undergoing any special treatment, first consult your doctor before consuming diosmin. There are no studies that record the way in which this drug interacts with others or with food, although it is still important to consult it before consuming it.

It is known that it can interact negatively with warfarin, if you are consuming any supplement, regardless of whether or not it is over-the-counter, you need to take precautions in this regard.

Diomina and alcohol

Although there are not enough studies regarding how this drug could interact with alcoholic beverages, it is known that liquor has effects on the vascular system, so it is better not to mix the consumption of alcoholic beverages with diosmin.

Questions about diosmin and vascular disease

In the use of any drug, genetics, eating habits and other particular aspects of each person can affect each person differently, so below we present some concerns that may arise regarding the use of the drug and treatment. of these diseases.

How do I know if I have a vascular disease?

Some blow or trauma could seriously affect the vascular system, often during or after pregnancy women can begin to suffer from these types of problems, although there may also be a genetic predisposition or the type of work they do, obesity or smoking.

Does Diosmin help pain caused by varicose veins?

By assisting in the circulation and strengthening of the vessels, this drug will have a positive impact in helping to improve circulation throughout the body, thereby greatly diminishing inflammation and pain.

In which fruits is diosmin naturally present?

It is a component that is found in lemons and oranges, it is known that the flavonoids of which diosmin is part, can also be found in its leaves. It is also present in the Hyssop, a native plant of Europe.

What other uses does diosmin have?

Being ideal for improving circulation, this medicine is also used to relieve migraines and headaches, as well as in the treatment of stomach pain. All kinds of pain and problems related to poor circulation can be treated with this medicine.

Can I get diosmin without a prescription?

This is a drug that cannot be obtained without a prescription, the effects on circulation could be dangerous if taken without being necessary or prescribed by a doctor. Ask the pharmacist about the sale of the same if you have any questions about it.

In any case, it is important to keep in mind that there are not enough studies that prove its side effects or all its applications, for this reason it is important not to take it without a doctor’s prescription.

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