If there is something that you surely did not know, it is the surprising properties and benefits that the banana peel has. These are multiple and can be good for improving health in different aspects, such as promoting digestion, taking care of vision, improving cholesterol problems and treating skin problems, among other things. But what today is we are going to tell you is that the banana peel serves to improve mood and humor, did you know? Find out why.

Did you know that the banana peel serves to improve the mood?

This property is due to the fact that the banana peel is rich in tryptophan.

It is an amino acid that what it does is stimulate the production of what has been commonly called the hormone of happiness, which is specifically serotonin.

In this sense, people’s mood is regulated by this hormone and when its production is low, there is less availability of serotonin and this is what causes a bad, irritable mood and even depression.

To enjoy this benefit, what is recommended is to eat 2 banana peels a day for 3 days in a row and in this way the availability of serotonin will increase by more than 15%.

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