The Damiana is a shrub tiny pleasant aroma, currently used as an aphrodisiac to increase sexual potency, it also provides great energy to the body, avoiding the weakness, anxiety, stress and the different phases of depression and works effectively in cases of disease in the urinary and respiratory system.

It has long been recognized for its leaves and attributes, especially in much of North and Central America, under the name of Tumera diffusa or Tumera aphodisiaca, also called oreganillo or Mexican tea.

Damiana benefits

This plant is attributed therapeutic properties, activating antioxidants, since its low content of flavonoids with part of arbutin, make it fully creditor of this property in it.

Damiana for the respiratory system

This plant fulfills the function of keeping you free of colds, flu, coughs or bronchitis, deflating the bronchial tubes and helping to expectorate it quickly.

Damiana for men

Damiana acts with aphrodisiac properties in relationships where there are cases of impotence, inflammation of the testicles and premature ejaculation. Some analyzes showed that caffeine, arbutin and flavonoids are the main active compounds in the extract and it was determined that this plant was an alternative as a treatment in sexual diffusion.

Damiana for weight loss

It helps to get rid of extra kilos, it can be consumed as a herbal tea that favors weight control, also as a mild laxative and its effect even more powerful if it is infused with different plants. These combinations between plants achieve a thermogenic effect, suppressing the appetite and noticing a significant weight loss.

To get pregnant you from Damiana

As curiously, this plant and its work very well for both men and women, since it naturally strengthens the eggs and sperm, that is why this infusion has been used a lot to increase the chances of conceiving and being parents. But it is important to know that it can take months to take effect and that it does not work for everyone, it will depend on the body and health of each one.

Damiana recommended for women

It collaborates with the disorders that arise related to the menstrual period and its unstable hormonal problems that usually appear in the menopause stage.

Damiana as a sexual stimulator

In the 19th century, the native Mayans were among the first to try damiana as a sexual stimulant, improving the libido in the consumer who historically suffered a problem and a degree of skepticism due to the sexual encounters of the time.

Many of these herbs and nutrients in meals, such as oats and oysters, have been renowned for their ability over the years to respond positively to helping couples in their sexual performance, but their effectiveness is scientifically disproved.

Damiana to activate the mind

Damiana tea has been shown to have a calming effect on the nervous system, containing apigenin and damianin, with absolutely anxiolytic properties, as a herbal remedy for stress and nervous system disorders that in many parts of Europe occurred at the time, as in Germany.

It helps fight lethargy, fatigue, giving a boost of energy and resistance, only in moderate doses it would help those who want to control their anxiety and everything related to the nervous system.

Damiana is excellent to prevent stomach ailments

It has also been used in gastric problems, where it includes, for example, peptic ulcers, it is likely that its arbutin concentrate in the plant has shown the facility to scientifically treat two different types of ulcers, since it has an anti-ulcer activity by its antioxidant effects and its concentration mentioned above.

For urinary tract infections  Damiana

In South America, this plant has traditionally been used in problems of the urinary system, it maintains the proper functioning of the organs, making kidney problems such as irritation and bladder infection mild, the appearance of stones in the kidneys and even a simple cystitis.

The consumption of water will always be a great ally in those problems of pain during urination in the bladder, in addition to this plant that will do its part of the work, if it is also used as a herbal remedy.

Damiana as digestive

It also helps to achieve better digestion, since it facilitates the breakdown of fats and sugars in the digestive system and improves the absorption of food at the same time. This ensures proper functioning and manages to keep your digestive tract free of toxins, staying healthy, also acting as a health tonic as an astringent in general and as a mild laxative, it can even act as a purgative in cases of constipation if taken higher doses.

Damiana properties

The properties of this plant that favor the body are:

  • Expectorante
  • Antibacterial
  • Mild laxative
  • Mucolytics
  • Tonic
  • Aphrodisiacs
  • Stimulants
  • Diuretics

How is Damiana prepared?

It can be prepared with the tincture of the same and made infusions with the dried leaves of the plant. It can be obtained in natural stores or herbalists. It is prepared by placing one or two tablespoons of its dry leaf in a cup of boiling water, let it rest for 20 minutes, strain the mixture and take the rest of the liquid obtained, sweetened with your favorite sweetener, you can take it three times a day.

Another option is in a tablet, as a concentrated supplement, the medical leaflet and indications should be read well, if there is doubt about how to administer it, you should go to a specialist doctor, its effects on the body are very fast, only in half an hour after consuming it. The preparation of the leaves of the plant to consume it in tobacco is not recommended.

Contraindications in the use of  Damiana

It is contraindicated against the following people and in cases as mentioned below:

  • Do not mix with other preparations such as coffee, ginseng or any that overstimulates the nervous system.
  • People with irritable bowel syndrome, heart rhythm disturbances or failure, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, nervousness or sleep disorder.
  • Pregnant and lactating women, since the effect on the fetus by crossing the placenta or if it can be transmitted through breast milk is not known.
  • People who have taken high doses of up to 200mg, as they can suffer from hallucinations.
  • People with pre-existing conditions in the liver.
  • Diabetic patients , this because their sugar levels can be affected.
  • People who suffer from hypoglycemia or those who are controlling their glycemia, since it has certain hypoglycemic effects.
  • People with a surgery already planned, should consume this plant with recommendation and take it about two weeks before or planned by the same specialist.


Very clear historical evidence has been shown in all their research on this plant and its leaves, which is a potential aphrodisiac, with a great influence as a slimming agent and with many other properties that end up being very safe and highly tolerant for consumption. .

All the development of this plant and the properties that have been explained in this post, have only been shared as information, but it is always sought to recommend direct consultation with the specialist or doctor treating each case, so that it can provide the dose, based on the diagnosis and do not perform a self-medication that could further affect the body .

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