The potato is a herbaceous plant in the form of a thick, ovoid stem found in the subsoil. This plant was domesticated for 8,000 years by those who inhabited the vicinity of Lake Titicaca. Although it is a food of American origin, its current name comes from the colonial period, since its origin comes from the island of Hispaniola, and its use dates back to 1606 in America, as a synonym for sweet potato. It is conjectured that by the year 1560 there were already potato crops in Europe, in Gran Canaria, the site from which the expansion of its commercialization and consumption on this continent began.

This stem is rich in carbohydrates, and when it is fresh it has 80% water and 20% pulp, being that 80% of the mass of this food is starch. It is rich in vitamins C and B, and very low in fat. Because the potato shell contains substances that can be harmful to the body, this food cannot be consumed raw, as it has toxic effects that affect humans and produce symptoms that must be treated by doctors quickly.

This plant is the fourth most important item in world food consumption, surpassed only by wheat, rice and corn. Due to its versatility, it is used in various dishes of world cuisine.

Potato benefits to the body

The potato provides many benefits to the body, as it provides the necessary energy to develop any type of daily activity. Among the benefits provided by this food, they can be listed: it reduces the presence of sulfur amino acids, which are considered the cause of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; It provides vitamin C, providing the benefits that this substance has on the body, among them, the strengthening of teeth and bones, the improvement of the digestive process and the formation of blood cells.

It also supplies iron, magnesium and potassium, elements that help improve the functioning of the nervous, digestive and cardiovascular systems; provides vitamin D, and natural pigments that strengthen eyesight, the immune system and help restore skin tissues.

Benefits of potatoes for the skin

The potato is used as a cosmetic, and its richness in starch, vitamin C and carbohydrates, give it qualities that allow it to be used in skin care. This tuber can be used for the following purposes: when dark circles appear due to fatigue or staying up late, placing crushed raw potatoes and wrapped in a handkerchief in this area for 20 minutes, it is possible to clarify the dark circles, reduce inflation, and hydrate the skin.

It is also beneficial when spots appear on the skin, mainly on the face. You just have to apply a mask based on potato and grated cucumber, mixed with apple cider vinegar, applying it to the face or blemished skin as a mask, and leaving it to act for 20 minutes, to later wash the area with plenty of cold water . In addition, it works as a treatment for acne, applying it at night the slices of curd potatoes in a facial massage.

What is potato in the eyes for?

In addition to the already known results that potatoes have in the treatment of dark circles, it is also possible to use them as a treatment for conjunctivitis, applying the following recipe: grab a large potato and make a hole in its center of approximately two centimeters in diameter and 3 cm deep; a tablespoon of sugar is placed on it and covered, leaving it to rest in a container until the next day; After this time, the liquid formed is extracted into a container, which is applied with a dropper when getting up and when going to bed.

However, a condition of this nature must be reviewed and treated by a specialist doctor, for which it is recommended to go to the nearest medical center beforehand.

Benefits of raw potato fasting

The raw potato in the form of juice on an empty stomach can help alleviate various disorders in different organs of the body. To extract its juice, the potato is grated very finely, and then passed through a clean and disinfected handkerchief, to extract the sumo in a container. This sumo can be drunk on an empty stomach, mixing a tablespoon of its juice in ½ glass of water, and thus take advantage of its healing properties for the following conditions: gastritis and ulcers; respiratory disorders; diabetes; liver and kidney disturbances; constipation; fatigue and impurities on the skin.

What is cooked potato for?

In addition to being able to prepare a number of delicious dishes, the cooked potato can be used for medicinal purposes, since its vitamin B content helps prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases and reduce blood pressure.

However, when choosing the method to cook potatoes, you should avoid selecting fried foods, since the high temperatures to which they are subjected, destroys a good part of their nutrients and incorporates levels of fat that are harmful to health. It is advisable to steam them, since it is the method that allows them to conserve their nutrients and be able to make the most of the benefits that they give to the body.

What is grated potato for?

Grated potato can be used as a poultice to relieve external conditions, such as muscle aches, inflammation and wounds. It is advisable to grate 2 or 3 raw potatoes, mix it with half a cup of milk, wrapping it in a bandage, handkerchief or clean and sterilized cloth; and then place it on the affected area for 20 minutes.

What is potato used for in hair?

The potato can be used as a hair treatment and hair care in general. Its application in various preparations provides this area of ​​the body with multiple benefits, such as: nourishing the capillaries and improving both hair growth; and eliminate gray hair, brittle ends and dull hair.

The suggested recipe to achieve these benefits is very simple. You should only extract the most of the grated raw potato with a clean and sterilized cloth, and apply this substance to the scalp with a gentle massage that allows the liquid to soak into the base of the hair. A plastic cap is placed and left for 20 minutes, then removed with plenty of fresh water. This treatment can be repeated once a week.

Disadvantages of the potato

Although the potato is one of the most consumed foods in the world, its intake should be done taking into account that in its shell there is a substance that is easily convertible into a disadvantage when it comes to giving it any use. That substance is called solanine, a poisonous natural stimulant that has narcotic effects, found in the green coating immediately after the top layer of the potato.

The specialists who have done studies to determine the presence, toxicity and use of this substance in the plant, have determined that it is a natural pesticide, generated by the plant to avoid insects, predators and parasites.

Regarding its harmful effects on humans, studies have shown that solanine disturbs the body’s gastrointestinal and neurological system, causing stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, headache, vertigo, and eruptive and other allergic reactions. love them.

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