CrossFit is a relatively new discipline that is quickly becoming very popular in the world of fitness, since its constant practice serves to have a healthy and perfectly defined body. The versatility and power required to perform these exercises make CrossFit provide another series of benefits to those who practice it regularly.

As you might expect, this training system often sparks lively discussions among fitness experts, doctors, and athletes. Opinion regarding the usefulness of this sport is quite divided. There are those who affirm that CrossFit serves for the good physical condition and health of athletes, however, others think the opposite.

What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is defined as a sports training system based on the philosophy of multilateral physical development. In other words, it is a training method that serves to develop all the physical qualities of the athlete, such as endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, etc. In fact, due to its fitness characteristics, in some countries CrossFit is part of programs to train special armed forces.

The sessions of this training are characterized by the constant change between quite intense exercises that usually include the following elements:

  • Weightlifting and Athletics
  • Body-building
  • Weightlifting
  • Fitness
  • Classical gymnastics
  • Climb the rope
  • Roll huge tires

What is Crossfit for?

Those who practice it, affirm that CrossFit serves, in the first place, for integral physical development. It is clear that the program is suitable only for absolutely healthy people with a certain level of physical training. In any case, prior consultation with your doctor or CrossFit expert is mandatory.

In addition to physical development, this popular sports activity serves to improve various conditions of people who exercise regularly.

Crossfit serves to develop strength and endurance

Leaving classes halfway through without finishing training is against CrossFit rules. Once the exercise wheel has started, it is necessary to complete it and, if possible, also break records every day. The ability to overcome and do the impossible is a mandatory quality for a real athlete who wants to develop his strength and endurance.

Crossfit is used to lose weight and lose weight

The high intensity of the workouts allows people to burn calories quickly and lose weight more easily. In each training approximately 1000 calories are burned and if the athlete also eats correctly, the results will be noticed soon.

Crossfit is used to increase muscle mass

The power with which you work to complete the exercises during a Crossfit workout, accelerates the development of the muscles.

Crossfit serves to increase buttocks

One of the motivations for exercising daily is the desire to obtain a lean and toned body. In this sense, Crossfit offers many variants of exercises that can help increase the buttocks and tone them.

Crossfit works for cellulite

The lack of exercises and the passage of time cause the skin to lose strength and elasticity, and the undesirable cellulite accumulates. Crossfit exercises, and the pace at which they are practiced, help combat fat accumulation and other damage to adipose tissues.

Crossfit works for ectomorphs

Many ectomorphic or thin people have managed to gain muscle mass by practicing CrossFit. However, it should be noted that these people need to undergo a special diet, which helps them gain volume in the muscles, in combination with exercises.

Crossfit is for older adults

There is no age limit, many people can do CrossFit perfectly after 50 years. Athletes of this age are free to exercise, as long as their physical condition and health allow it.

How is Crossfit training?

People with some CrossFit experience can train up to 12 times a week. Morning programs usually include strength training, while in the evening, functional exercises such as running, swimming, or cycling are recommended.

The CrossFit system is available in many variants, but the classic method is practiced only in the network of certified gyms. The company trains instructors and licenses sports halls that want to be part of the CrossFit Inc. affiliates worldwide network. However, many gyms often develop their own training methods and set their prices.

Classes consist of a general warm-up, a basic exercise routine, and 10-15 minutes of high intensity training. Network fitness halls, where CrossFit is practiced, usually offer workouts to target a specific zone or to develop multiple zones. To increase the motivation of the participants, the elements of the competitions, the type of score and the achievement of the different levels are applied.

The basic rules for CrossFit training are as follows:

  • Reach maximum intensity in each workout
  • The more you train the better
  • Rest between exercises should be minimal or better if you are completely absent
  • Change the direction of loads in each lesson

True followers of this fitness move, in addition to training in the gym, often practice CrossFit at home.

Crossfit exercises at home

Before starting to perform the more complex and demanding exercises in the gym, it is advisable to start practicing with the simplest exercises at home. Some of these time-consuming exercises can be grouped together for a basic but effective workout.

For example, the following routine includes five exercises that can be performed in shifts of 3 to 4 sets and with 12 to 15 repetitions. But, they can also be executed in a linear way, without the obligation to comply with a training wheel.

  • Squats with 5 to 10 kg weights in your hands
  • Perform push-ups from the level of your feet on the floor. If there are difficulties performing push-ups from the feet, then they can be performed from the knees
  • Strike forward with your fists, stepping back without dumbbells
  • Raise dumbbells weighing 5 to 7 kg, in an inclined position
  • Torsion of the thorax

As a way to start the warm-up or as an additional resistance exercise, a jump rope can be used. In general, the number of jumps or the time that the exercise will last must be taken into consideration. When these exercises start to seem too simple, then it’s time to hit the gym.

A good CrossFit workout at home will prepare your muscles and cardiovascular system for heavier and more intense workouts.

CrossFit benefits

Crossfit Improves fitness and cardio

One of the benefits of Cross Fit is that, despite high intensity training, it is an effective method of developing and improving fitness in a short period of time.

Crossfit corrects postures

Crossfit involves the natural movements used in everyday life, such as lifting objects, sitting and getting up from a chair, jumping, squatting or running, among others. These movements cause us to adopt bad postures, to throw ourselves on the sofa instead of sitting down, or to bend down to pick something up on the floor. Crossfit therefore corrects the movements of everyday life and postures.

Crossfit improves daily life

Cross Fit improves health and develops physical condition in a short time to have a better quality of life: reduces fat mass, increases muscle mass, improves maximum oxygen consumption.

Crossfit avoids boredom

This sport allows you to be in constant movement without undergoing a routine, since the exercises are varied. Something that is not seen regularly in a classic gym.

Disadvantages of CrossFit

There are no restrictions on loads, both for coaches and athletes. Some athletes and professionals in sports-related areas consider this to be a disadvantage in the practice of this discipline.

In particular, it is quite common to hear the opinion that CrossFit is harmful to the heart and that those who practice it are at a higher risk of injury. Although, as in all sports, it is not recommended that people without any preparation participate in the most intense exercises. Therefore, to consider this point a disadvantage of Crossfit, is an ambiguous decision.

In conclusion, CrossFit is one of the best physical workouts

As in any sports training, those who practice CrossFit, pursue the task of building an efficient and defined body. However, unlike the other disciplines, the goal of CrossFit is to create ideal athletes, the most physically prepared people on the planet. That is why it is actively used in combat sports and in those activities that require the best conditions of strength and endurance.

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