We live in a time where practically everything we do has to do with some technological device, and every day more daily tasks are added to that era of technology. This is why computing plays a really important role in our day to day; since without it our modern lifestyle would not be as it is.

Computer science is the science that helps us to know and understand the operation of computers, in addition to all the technological gadgets that we know. Below we show you in depth what computing is for and everything you need to know about it.

What is computing and what is it for?

Informatics is a science also known as computing, and its main function is to study all the necessary methods for the transmission of digital data to be possible. That is, computing is responsible for the study of the processing, transmission and storage of data in digital format.

We must understand how data processing, transmission and storage are all the tasks that can be performed by a computer. From being able to read a document in Word, to creating a web page or a mobile application. For example, browsing the internet is possible by sending and receiving data between the user and the website they are visiting. For this the computer must process, transmit and store data. This is precisely what computing studies.

Since the second half of the 20th century, technology has advanced widely. We now have resources that seemed impossible 70 years ago, like the internet or smartphones. This is why a branch of technology was created dedicated to the study of the operation of these technologies; so that access to this knowledge is available to all.

What is the function of informatics?

Computing has many functions within all the business and everyday areas that we know about. For example, within companies, the IT department is in charge of everything related to its virtual presence, such as the creation of invoices, digital processes, etc.

In the health area, information technology is present in all technological equipment in addition to computers that can be found in a medical center. And in this field, your role will be to understand how these work to provide better patient care.

In education, computer knowledge is essential, and that is why in many cases it begins to be explained to children from an early age.

In general, we can conclude that the function of computing is to provide technological knowledge to be used later in the development of new systems and technologies. This also creates new possibilities for work, education and improvements in all areas of life.

What is computing for us in everyday life?

When we talk about computing in our days we can encompass practically all the tasks that we carry out. Every time we use a computer or any technological equipment we are making use of computing, even if we do not realize it. This science has become so much a part of humanity that we rarely stop to think about how useful it really is.

Information technology helps us to communicate, to work, to study, to entertain ourselves and much more. Our smartphones, tablets, computers and other equipment are the best example of the use of computing in everyday life.

However, even in this digital age there are many people who do not have access to technology or computers, so it is important to continue promoting technology education. For people in poor communities or countries, technology is not as everyday as it is for us. It is our duty to fight so that all the people of the world have access to computing.

What is computing used for?

As we just mentioned, computing is used in many aspects of life. For example:

  • In education, computers are used to make all the information that can be found on the internet available to the student. Digital resources can also be used to store information, make student-teacher interaction easier, do homework, etc.
  • In economics it is used to analyze, process and organize information on income and money outflows. As well as stock market rates and prices. All of this is carried out using computer science.
  • In the workplace, the use of computers is required to process, store and use business data. In addition, using technology saves time and money, which is vital for any company.
  • To enhance the culture of a country, computers are used as a facilitator of information about the origins, customs and traditions of that country.
  • Communication is one of the most important uses of computing, since thanks to it we can contact anyone no matter where in the world they are thanks to the internet.

What is the importance of computing?

We are currently living the so-called digital age, that is, practically everything we do is or may be directly or indirectly related to technology; here is the importance of computing. With a computer we can do simple and complex tasks in seconds, such as communicating with people from anywhere in the world in real time through the internet.

But in the same way, you can also create solutions to large-scale problems, such as creating teams to treat diseases. So computing is important to all aspects of modern life. It not only encompasses communication, jobs and entertainment, but it means evolution in every way.

But it is necessary to know how to differentiate the importance of technology from the importance of computing; which is not the same in many respects. It is no doubt that technology is extremely important to the same areas in which computing is important, but they work in different ways.

If we know that computing is the science that allows us to know how technology works, we could not know technology without having computing. For example, if a company has 50 computers but none of its employees know how to use them, the full benefits of the technology could not be realized. This is the true importance of computing.

Information technology is of great importance in the development of nations, because investing in technology and knowledge of it is ideal to make a country grow. Also in cultural training, since information about culture is more accessible thanks to the internet. The communication that technology allows us together with computing is essential for personal development. Thus we can find an importance of computing in every aspect of life.

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