What is Coenzyme Q10 for?

The coenzyme Q10 , is a nutrient that is naturally found in the body and which is acquired through the food processing and other coenzymes. It is an organic molecule that together with a protein allows chemical reactions in the body to act more quickly and work properly. Being an antioxidant, it has the ability to provide energy, vitality and helps to improve various diseases, the proper functioning of the heart and favors the muscles.

Coenzyme Q10 benefits

This natural nutrient is found throughout the body, especially the liver, kidneys, heart, and pancreas. It occurs naturally, but is gradually reduced causing oxidation due to food deficiency and aging, radiation, lack of exercise, pollution, various infections, poisonings or alcohol, among others.

Its antioxidant action helps to protect the body from free radicals and produces the necessary cellular energy that protects it from oxidation and prevents various diseases and the aging process from occurring.

It is currently recommended as a nutritional supplement to treat neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, gingivitis and diabetes. It is also favorable to improve the immune system and is part of cellular respiration to achieve adequate oxygenation of the organs.

Acts as an antioxidant

  • Its great fat-soluble antioxidant potential acts on the immune system and the cardiovascular system and strengthens all cells found in the body.

It is necessary to live

  • In case of a deficiency of this powerful and necessary nutrient, the body could start to suffer from unfavorable disorders, diseases related to stress or the heart, cause extreme weakness in the immune system and even the possibility of cancer.

May fight cancer

  • It is currently administered in cancer treatments, as it contains many benefits with excellent results. It helps to improve the quality of life during this process, reduce pain and avoid abrupt weight loss.

Found in vital organs

  • This nutrient is found throughout the body, especially in vital organs such as the pancreas, liver, kidneys and heart, due to this, if there is a deficiency of it, it can directly attack these organs of great importance.

Eliminate free radicals

  • Due to its great antioxidant potential, it has the ability to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals.

Oxygenates cells

  • It produces the proper respiration of the cells, therefore, it helps the organs to achieve adequate oxygenation.

Acts as an anticoagulant

  • It is an excellent blood thinner and prevents adverse effects of various medications.

Fight diabetes

  • Improves the synthesis and production of insulin, which helps fight diabetes.

Acts as an anti-inflammatory

  • Due to its high anti-inflammatory potential, it provides good benefits to alleviate arthritis disease.

It is a great source of energy

  • By producing energy to the body, it manages to improve chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

It is antibacterial

  • It has properties that help fight oral bacteria, reduce inflammation in the gums and reduce gingivitis.

It is an ally of athletes

  • This is due to its high antioxidant power, since it manages to reduce oxidative stress from workouts and exercises.

Foods that contain coenzyme Q10

This nutrient can be found in a wide variety of foods such as the following:

  • Meat, offal of animals and fish.
  • Whole grains and wheat germ.
  • Vegetable, sesame and soybean oils.
  • Some shellfish.
  • Cauliflower, carrot and broccoli.
  • Peanuts, walnuts, seeds and some other nuts.
  • The eggs.

Coenzyme Q10 dosage

The recommended doses for this natural medicine are:

  • To lower blood pressure: between 120 and 200 milligrams should be taken in 2 doses per day.
  • For muscular dystrophy or kidney failure: the dose is 100 milligrams a day.
  • For pre-eclampsia and other pregnancy-related problems: 200 milligrams daily is suggested.
  • For mitochondrial diseases: 150-160 milligrams a day is recommended.
  • To replenish the deficiency of this supplement: it is necessary to take 150 milligrams per day.
  • For Parkinson’s and neural disease: 200 to 300 milligrams should be given daily.
  • For headaches, migraines or vision auras: the dose of 300 milligrams is recommended, 3 times a day.
  • For male infertility: in this case doses of 200 to 300 milligrams per day are used.

Coenzyme Q10 Precautions

Before taking this coenzyme, some warnings should be taken into account such as the ones named below:

  • This natural medicine can interfere with blood sugar levels, therefore, you should consult your doctor before starting to use it if there are hypoglycemic or diabetes conditions.
  • It should be regulated if you have high blood pressure, since the use of this supplement lowers blood pressure.
  • It is necessary that the doctor is informed in cases of pregnancy, lactation periods or if it will be used by children, to indicate the appropriate prescription.
  • Because this nutrient is found in the body naturally, no side effects should arise from taking this supplement, however, be careful while using this treatment and inform your doctor if you notice any unusual changes. .

Side effects of coenzyme Q10

This natural nutrient could cause some adverse effects such as those mentioned below, especially if it is used in high doses, if any of these symptoms appear, you should consult your doctor immediately:

  • Skin rashes on different parts of the body.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Frequent stomach aches.
  • Sickness.
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty conceiving sleep.
  • Swelling of the face, mouth, tongue, and throat.
  • Urticaria.
  • Decrease in blood sugar levels.
  • Lack of appetite.

Conclusion of the use of coenzyme Q10

To conclude, it can be said that this natural nutrient is essential to keep the body healthy. It is an excellent oxygenator for the heart and brain, it is used to improve breathing processes and energy production in all cells of the body, which is of great benefit for good blood clotting, stabilizing metabolism, stimulating the secretion and synthesis of insulin, reduce inflammation of the joints, avoid high blood pressure, candidiasis, bacteria in the mouth and helps to improve the conditions caused by breast cancer.

For us it is a great pleasure that you have been interested in reading this topic. Thank you for choosing us!

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