Coconut oil is part of the family of vegetable oils, which are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty substances insoluble in water that are extracted starting from the fruits, seeds or any other part of the oleaginous plants by means of certain technical extraction processes. of oils as fusion, by induced pressure or by means of some solvent.

Vegetable oils are characterized by the fact that their consumption in humans is usually much more beneficial to health than trans and saturated fats. Coconut oil is one of the most recommended for natural consumption, it helps in the beauty and care of your skin, among many other things.

The production of coconut oil has a high cost today, because ecological crops are used and the crops are worked manually, motivated by this, it requires much more human labor, which increases production costs reaching to be much higher its cost than other natural oils.

In the following article we will show you what coconut oil is for, its benefits, its composition, its uses, in this sense we will tell you about the different presentations and ways in which you can use it in order to get the best out of taking care of your body. , stay with us and learn a little more about this interesting topic.

Composition of coconut oil

It is important to note that coconut oil is extracted through the process of pressing the pulp of the fruit, organic coconut oil is composed of 90% saturated fats and mostly contains medium chain fatty acids, close to the 45% of these fatty acids are composed of lauric acid, also known as dodecanoic acid, which is credited with antimicrobial properties.

Other fatty acids that can be found in coconut oil are:

  • Palmitic acid is part of the long fatty chain, present in almost all living beings, it is found in meat, margarine and other dairy products; antioxidant properties are attributed to it and it helps prevent many diseases, including atherosclerosis.
  • Stearic acid is part of animal and vegetable fats that are attributed properties and benefits for the skin; Its formula is also used in the manufacture of bath soaps, helping to keep the skin hydrated and thus avoiding dryness.
  • Myristic acid, also called tetradecanoic acid, is present in most animal and vegetable fats, it is used mainly in the cosmetic branch to synthesize aromas in most of the soaps and beauty products available for skin care.
  • Oleic acid is an acid of the omega 9 series, it is present in olive oil, pork, olives, avocado and many more. Beneficial properties are attributed to them with respect to the blood routes of our body, it prevents cardiovascular and liver diseases, among others.

It has been shown that all the properties of extra virgin coconut oil remain intact and do not show any type of alteration when going from solid to liquid or vice versa and due to its composition its use is frequent in our body care products, as well as it is part of the recommended food chain.

What is coconut oil good for and benefits it provides?

Coconut is considered a superfood, as we mentioned above due to its natural composition, it provides many benefits for the health and well-being of our body, helps to maintain its health and contributes to its aesthetics.

There are numerous studies carried out by renowned scientists which have shown how good it is to consume coconut oil, producing the following benefits:

  • Helps in weight loss and control.
  • It contains medicinal properties so it cleanses the bloodstream and improves circulation, as well as fighting atherosclerosis and liver diseases.
  • It improves brain function , has therapeutic effects in people who suffer from epileptic seizures or suffer from Alzheimer’s and other diseases.
  • It speeds up the metabolism so you can lose or burn fat naturally and more effectively.
  • It provides a satiety effect on the stomach so appetite is controlled through its consumption.
  • Due to its high role of lauric acid it can attack and destroy bacteria, fungi and other viruses that attack humans.
  • Many of the fatty acids in coconut are transformed or metabolized into ketone bodies, which greatly reduce focal seizures.
  • It helps with skin and hair care , has antioxidant properties, hydrates and helps prevent dryness.

Frequent uses of coconut oil

For hair care

If you apply coconut oil to your hair you will be nourishing it naturally, in just a few applications you will be able to strengthen its cortex, give it more shine and help it with its growth. In general, it is preferable to apply it after washing your hair, it is even recommended to use it as a natural conditioner that will give it a layer of protection against the sun’s rays and other harmful effects contained in the environment.

For skin and face care

After a bath it is advisable to massage the skin with coconut oil, you will help to hydrate it and keep it moisturized, thus avoiding dryness. Its antioxidant effect prevents the appearance of wrinkles and the famous crow’s feet, it also prevents aging of the skin, helps to remove stains and you can also treat dermatitis and other diseases.

Coconut oil taken

It controls cholesterol levels and produces a rapid metabolism effect, allowing involuntary weight loss due to the rapid burning of fat, in addition to helping to cleanse the pancreas. Studies have shown that consuming 30 ml of oil a day for twelve continuous weeks can help reduce up to 2 sizes less.

To lengthen and thicken the eyelashes

You can grow your eyelashes and even make them thicker by applying coconut oil through periodic and prolonged use, you will not see the results from one day to the next, but with the passage of time I assure you that you will see the effects. You can apply it through a small brush or you can even do it through a cotton ball.

Coconut oil with baking soda

Many are the properties that are attributed to this natural fusion, among them we have:

  • Washing your face with coconut oil and baking soda two to three times a day helps keep it bacteria-free, giving it a fresh, oil-free touch.
  • You can apply it as a mask which will prevent the formation of black dots on your face.
  • You can use it as a perfect exfoliator, through gentle circular movements you will remove the dead skin tissue, which will help you look flawless and healthy.

There are many uses and benefits attributed to coconut oil, I hope the information that we wanted to share with you through this short but interesting post has been useful to you.

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