Clotrimazole cream is a medically recommended product to treat conditions caused by skin fungus, vaginal fungus and fungus in the mouth, also highly prescribed to combat jock itch (Athlete’s foot), body, femoral or inguinal ringworm.

This treatment is also used for the prevention of oral candidiasis. For a better orientation on this product, we invite you to continue reading and inform yourself about all the important aspects.

What is Clotrimazole cream for?

Apart from fighting fungi, Clotrimazole offers us other benefits.

It can fight anemia

Clotrimazole is also responsible for the management of another disease, sickle cell anemia. This is a blood disease, where the red blood cells are more rigid and come to take the shape of a half moon, generating in turn an increased risk of infections and heart attacks. This can have a very significant cut in life expectancy.

Prevents neutropenia

In addition, in pill form, it prevents oral candidiasis in people suffering from neutropenia. This is a disease that is characterized by a decrease in the blood concentration of neutrophils, being the common type of white blood cells, which are necessary to fight infections.

It is defective in pregnant women

According to a study, in pregnant women the effect is more positive. With a duration of 7 days, the researchers applied it to pregnant women, having better results than in non-pregnant women. It is considered safe during the gestation period in women with symptoms of vaginal yeast infection.

Fungus resistance

Before the effect of Clotrimazole, bacteria can mutate and learn to defend themselves. But not only with this drug, this happens with any antibacterial or anti-inflammatory, since the use of this type of product is based on the elimination of the fungus, not until the itching or discomfort goes away. Its use will depend on the indications of your specialist.

How is it administered?

Clotrimazole exists in several formats and each one fulfills a different function, it will depend on the type of fungus and its location.

It can be found in cream, drops, pills, and ovules. It is important to know that each one has its own trade name, the Canesten name is used by different drugs.

It is important to remember that before use you should consult your doctor for the prescription of your doses, but especially for use in cream, remember to clean the affected area and dry well, to finish applying the product. It should be rubbed gently over the entire affected area until it fades away. Then sanitize your hands.


This format is used for skin infections. It is recommended that its use be in the morning and one more at night before sleeping. This should last between two weeks to two months.

In the cases of women, the vaginal infection is found. Here the drug should be applied once a day. The 100mg doses should be administered over a period of six weeks. When the amount is 500mg, it should be used only once, it is single use. For a better effect, it is suggested to apply it before sleeping and keep your legs bent for a while.


The lozenges are generally used for when the throat presents some infection or discomfort of this type. The prolonged time of this type of treatment is five pills a day for approximately two weeks.

In general, depending on the type of fungus, the doses change as does the product.

  • Clotrimazole should be used five times a day for fourteen days for oral yeast infection.
  • For skin infections it should be twice a day, once in the morning shift and once in the evening, for two to eight weeks.
  • Once a day and before bedtime, Clotrimazole should be applied for vaginal infections, lasting between three to seven days.

Side effects

Side effects will depend on the type of format in which Clotrimazole is applied. Many of these effects are due to dermatological symptoms, for example, inflammation, irritation, itching, blisters on the skin, among others.

  • May cause fever.
  • Respiratory problems.
  • Itching.
  • A vaginal bleeding (if it is in this way).
  • Functional deficits in the liver.
  • Upset stomach and vomiting.
  • It can cause some discomfort in the area where it was applied, such as pain.
  • Redskin.
  • Inflammation.

Detect Candidiasis

If you are concerned about suffering from this infection, we suggest that you check if you have:

  • Pain when urinating
  • Sensitivity.
  • A vaginal rash
  • Pain during intercourse.
  • Some discomfort in the vaginal area (swelling, redness, etc.).

If you have any of these ailments, visit your doctor for a better inspection and rule out yeast infection.

A little more about the product Clotrimazole

This medicine is mostly known as Canesten. It is also known worldwide for its effectiveness against infections.

It is a product with antifungal or antifungal action, that is, it causes the elimination of fungi that are generated in the skin tissues.

The process of this treatment is based on joining with the cell walls where the fungus is located, preventing them from synthesizing ergosterol (similar to cholesterol). This compound is necessary for the generation of fungi, maintaining the membranes of their cells.

This treatment is more common in women. Candidiasis or yeast infections occur more in the vagina. In men, it is used for cases of candidal balanitis. It is an infection similar to that of women, it affects the glans. This means that Clotrimazole cream takes care of affections in sensitive tissues or mucosa.

Apart from being known as Canesten, this can be found as Fungidermo, Clotrasone, Clotrimazol Canesmed, Canespie, among others. These medications work by combining the antifungal actions of Clotrimazole with the anti-inflammatory actions of betamethasone.

We hope that the information provided has been very useful. Remember to visit your doctor for checkups for any irregularities to avoid further damage. Thanks for reading!

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