The clonazepam is a drug that is part of drugs called benzodiazepines, which are psychotropic compounds having the ability to act on the central nervous system to treat problems caused by convulsions, sudden attacks of panic, effectively acts as an anxiolytic.

This medicine has the ability to act on chemicals that are out of balance in the brain and treat epileptic problems.

The drug clonazepam increases levels of the activity of gamma aminobutyric acids, which is a neurotransmitter found in the nervous system. When the availability of these acids is insufficient, the body can become upset and react unfavorably with panic attacks or involuntary seizures.

What is clonazepam for

The drug clonazepam is used in treatments that can help improve emotional conditions that lead to unfavorable states of panic, anxiety and is highly effective as an anticonvulsant.

It contains a variety of anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant, anxiolytic, mood stabilizing and sedative-hypnotic properties, which are used to treat atypical absence crises, stabilize moods, episodes of temporary forgetfulness, bipolar disorders and traumatic experiences , among others.

Its effect has the ability to reduce the potentials generated by nervous actions through the depolarization of neurons and helps to control the behavior of the emotional system favorably.

By consuming this medicine, the body increases and assimilates a sufficient amount of gamma aminobutyric acids or also called GABA, which helps reduce the chances of suffering the aforementioned attacks.

It can only be taken under the authorization and prescription of a specialist doctor. It is a generic drug that is available under the brand name Klonopin, it has 2 available presentations, in regular oral tablets and in oral tablets that can be dissolved.

It is a substance controlled by doctors to avoid excessive consumption that can induce addiction. Clonazopam serves to prevent and control various emotional states, acts as a calming for the nerves and the brain, which helps to improve this type of condition and give the patient the tranquility and calm that the patient needs.

What to watch out for when taking clonazepam

When starting a treatment the following should be considered:

  • It is indifferent to consume clonazepam with meals or without having consumed any type of food.
  • The drug should be taken strictly as directed by the treating physician.
  • It is important to replenish the medicine before the one in use runs out, since it is a drug that is not easily available in pharmacies.
  • If the clonazepam pill is difficult to swallow, it can be broken in two for easier taking or simply crushed.
  • It should be stored in cool places, away from heat and humidity.
  • In case of a trip, you should not forget to take and take the medicine during the trip.
  • It is necessary to carry the medical prescription with you if you make a trip, since at the airport the officials may request it.
  • Avoid leaving the medicine in the glove compartment of the vehicle, it would be subjected to strong heat or cold temperatures, which is counterproductive.

Clonazepam main warnings

The use of this drug combined with other substances can cause risks associated with the proper functioning of the brain, including suicidal thoughts, due to this the following warnings should be taken into account when using this drug:

FDA Warning on Effects of Opioid Use

This warning alerts doctors, paramedics, pharmacists and users about the dangers that clonazepam consumption can cause, since its possible side effects are delicate and risky.

By consuming clonazepam in combination with other medications or opiate drugs, it could bring dangerous consequences on the health of the patient and symptoms such as slow breathing, coma, severe drowsiness and even death.

Warning of slowing down brain function

It can act in the central nervous system as a depressant factor, which means that it can slow down brain activity by interfering with the patient’s own thoughts and judgments and altering reaction time.

It is important to avoid the consumption of drugs or alcohol, while you are under the treatment of this medicine, since they are also products that relax brain activity. It is also recommended to avoid activities where you must be alert such as driving vehicles or operating machinery that can cause accidents due to the effects of clonazepam.

Suicidal thoughts warning

The patient who is under treatment can become suicidal or think about self-harm, therefore, it is important to tell the doctor when you feel very depressed and have unusual variations in thoughts, behaviors or moods.

Alcohol intake warning

It is important to inform the treating doctor, if you are one of the people who consume alcoholic beverages in excess, before starting to use clonazepam, since both substances enhance the sedative effects significantly and can cause reactions of distortion of judgment, drowsiness and loss of The reflections.

Allergic warning

People who show an allergic reaction to this drug, with symptoms such as swelling of the tongue and throat or difficulty breathing, should urgently call a doctor or go to the nearest hospital in their locality to be treated immediately. Once this situation passes, clonazepam should not be taken again as it could cause death.

Side effects of clonazepam

This drug can cause many side effects that can significantly affect people’s health, including:

  • The intake of this medicine produces interference in thoughts, lack of speed to react, excessive sleep, slow brain function and influence on judgment.
  • Among the most common side effects, they can be frequent, dizziness, depression, constant fatigue, drowsiness, difficulty walking, memory problems, lack of concentration and motor disorganization.
  • There are other side effects that can be much more serious, including symptoms such as seizures, depressed mood, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts.

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