Google wanted to innovate technology by creating a device to connect to the TV with the internet through the Wi-Fi network, a little bigger than USB memory sticks and it launched in 2013, many people do not really know what it is, but Below we will explain in detail what this device is and how it works.

The Chromecast connects to the TV through a cable with an HDMI port and receives the signal from multimedia devices, so you can have a Smart TV, and thus enjoy your Netflix series and favorite movies on YouTube in a way more relaxed.

What is Chromecast for

It is a device that brings you several benefits, and different activities that you can perform having the connector on the TV screen, these are some of the most interesting functions that you can have with this fabulous tool:

  • You can only browse the internet through Chrome.
  • See what you have on the phone on the TV.
  • Use the games from Google Play.
  • You can use Instagram, Facebook and make video calls or video conferences.
  • To be able to connect any type of device to the TV without any complications such as direct Wi-Fi, Miracast and DLNA.
  • Control the TV from the Smartphone.

How Chromecast works

This device turns any TV into Smart, so its function is quite easy, to start using it you just have to connect to the HDMI port of the TV, join it to a WIFI network and download the application.

When you download the app you can start using it, it integrates with your device and in this way all the information about the content you have on your phone, laptop or Smartphone is seen on the TV screen.

It is compatible with any Android, Tablet, iOS, iPad, iPod Touch, and also with computers that have Chrome Os, Mac Os and Windows.

How to connect Chromecast

To start using it, you just have to configure it, below, some simple steps on how to connect your device will be indicated.

  • It is important to remember that your Google device requires electrical power, so it is easy to get it from an electrical outlet or by connecting to a USB port on the TV.
  • Connect to the TV: the first thing you should do to start using the device is to connect the Chromecast cable with the screen, it is very easy is like using the HDMI cable.
  • Configure the device: this process can be done from the Chrome browser or from the application, the first thing is to select the Chromecast to be configured and wait a few minutes for it to connect, once connected a code will appear on both screens, if it matches the same numbers everything is fine. You must put a name to the device, it is important to know that if you are going to have several devices you must name it differently and thus you will not get confused. Knowing this, you must enter the Wi-Fi password so both must be connected to the same network.
  • Reset: if you want to reinstall the device, you just have to press the reset button for about 30 seconds and it is important to know that it has to be connected to a power source and wait until the light starts to flash red.

How to use Chromecast?

Once everything is properly configured, you must press the “send screen” button that you can find in any of the applications, if we enter an application compatible with the device such as Youtube, Filmin or Wuaki and the video begins to play, in the At the top, the icon to send the screen will appear when you press it, it will indicate to which device you want to send the information and when you select it, the content will begin to play.

In lollipop it also has a direct access from the quick access menu to do “mirroring” that appears when you slide the notification bar down twice, pressing it, we send the sound from the Tablet or phone to the TV.

From Chrome, once the application is installed, the icon appears next to the address bar of the screen, when you press it, the list of Chromecasts that are connected to the network will appear and when you choose the device of your choice it will begin to emit the information, to cut it or finish the shipment, just press the button with the option to stop the shipment.

 Chromecast benefits

  • Price: knowing the price at which it went on sale the first week of being launched by Google is its main advantage since it was for about 35 dollars / euros, this counts as a quite satisfactory and influential factor in its success since it is which is about a third cheaper than Apple TV and most Android players on the market.
  • Dimensions: the second advantage is its shape so it is quite small, it does not break with any aesthetics of the room, so it is discreetly placed on the back of the TV or on the side depending on where you have the HDMI input of the TV.
  • Play videos: this application allows you to play YouTube videos so it is compatible with Android phones, IOS, that is, it is not a function that this beta with the browser can get any video on YouTube and they play it for you to see them on the television.
  • Your gadget acts as a command, but it is not its source of content, so it is not linked to the device to the point that if you stop watching the video on your phone, it will stop playing, on the contrary, the video continues to play or the song, even if you start doing another activity with the device that sent “the order.” That is, this device collects the order to search for any song that you sent to play via the internet and plays it independently of your gadget.
  • It does not drain the battery: it is important to know that by not connecting via Bluetooth, the battery of your Smartphone, telephone or laptop is greatly saved and the device interacts with the Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of devices: it is compatible with Tablet, Smartphone and with computers accepting the Android and IOS operating systems. So Android is not limited to a specific gadget.
  • Turn on the television: the Chromecast is so convenient that if you give it the order to turn on the television, it does so, and plays the content that is ordered.
  • Play video files stored on your computer: this is a trick that Google did not want to reveal, so people who use gadgets have found it easy to know which is very functional and 100% recommended with MP4 files.
  • Function with Cuevana and Yonkis movies: although mirroring is in beta, this does not mean that browser tabs can be played in Chrome, it is important to note that pages like Cuevana and yonkis movies work very well.

Disadvantages of Chromecast

  • Morriring does not work: this function is not available on the device, so we only use one browser tab if the computer is being used, and only one application can be played at a time either on a Tablet or Smartphone. Many would like it to be seen on an additional screen and not on a large one, but thanks to the functionality it offers it is possible that in a few months it will already be available on the Google device.
  • Currently there are only four applications that have Chromecast: since Google launched the device for sale, only three Android and IOS updates have been made, so it turns out that in the case of IOS it is YouTube and Netflix. Google Music and Google Play Movie, so these also work very well on Android devices, what is really surprising is that Google has not released more applications that are compatible.

Chromecast & Chromecast 2

Following the launch of the product and the great success that it had, Google decided to launch the second generation with some changes in the appearance and categories.

  • Design: in this case the most striking device was made and thus attract more attention to people who never caught their attention, they were made in three different colors, coral, lemon and black.
  • Hardware: an advantage that the second generation of device brings, it is an extendable cable with HDMI output and thus frees up space on the back of the TV and allows more devices to be connected.
  • Software: the second generation is four times faster than the first, but the most important change is that the new application aims to make the loading of videos much faster and Google made a new function called “fast play” that takes care of to select what may be of interest and pre-load the content you have selected.

Likewise, the Ultra version has been released, whose novelty is the possibility of playing 4K videos on the television, as long as it is prepared to support said video quality. In short, this version will optimize the image, so that it is seen in the best possible quality, in addition to having a higher speed, being the fastest model to date.

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