A theory that has gained weight in recent times is one that indicates that many insects could have medicinal properties that would help fight various diseases, especially diabetes and different specific types of cancer. A concrete example in this sense is the Chinese weevils, which many may know as Chinese or Asian beetles. Regarding them there are many conflicting opinions, since some are in favor of them, while others consider that it is something dangerous for health. That is why it seemed important to us to refer to them in what follows, so we invite you to continue reading because we are going to tell you what Chinese weevils are for and what properties are attributed to them.

Information on Chinese Weevils

Chinese weevils have been attributed many properties that make them an insect that could be useful in the treatment of physiological diseases, in the immune system or some types of cancer.

For those who do not know, Chinese weevils are a species of insects that have long been related to Chinese medicine. In this sense, they have been the subject of various studies to be able to know what their chemical properties are, to be able to know how they act in the body in such a way that they act causing curative effects in the patient who has diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, cancer of liver or pancreas.

We cannot fail to mention that the group of people who do not adhere to this method is very large, and many times this non-adherence has to do with the way in which the method works. This is because these insects are inserted into the body of the person in order to take full advantage of its properties, since in this way the chances of the infected cells recovering are greater than in any other case. they would have given up. In this sense, as we all know, cancer is one of the main diseases that kills the body’s cells, which is what explains at the same time that a concrete cure for this has not yet been found, but nevertheless in many cases the method of application of Chinese weevils has been very useful in the treatment of these diseases.

What are Chinese Weevils for?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article and so far in it, Chinese weevils are used to treat various diseases, among which we can mention the immunological at a general level, but in the particular case some types of cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, arthritis, asthma, psoriasis, osteoporosis, vitiligo, liver and kidney diseases and for HIV-AIDS. But it has also been said that these insects can help lose weight.

The specific method in which Chinese weevils are used is called coleotherapy. But although many people have used it and are still using it, we should not overlook the lack of scientific evidence to support its effectiveness in treating these diseases. This is why the Chinese weevil method is considered to be a palliative or alternative therapy, due to the lack of scientific evidence in accordance with the scientific method.
This does not mean that many people trust them and that word of mouth is responsible for the great acceptance that this method has for society. What is more in recent years has grown enormously the people who consult this method and trust it. In this sense, it is taken as a miracle method that helps alleviate various diseases and conditions.

Despite this, Chinese weevils or Asian beetles, as it has been proven, have certain benefits for the health of people. An example of this is that they are highly nutritious so they provide us with a good amount of nutrients, especially they are rich in protein. In turn, as they are generally incorporated when they are alive, they provide us with a good amount of vitamins such as those that we can find in different cereals such as oats, bran and rye. As these cereals are the ones that tend to be given to them when they are raised, these vitamins are in their body and when they enter ours they are partially unfolded, which favors the assimilation by our body of them. Let’s also mention that they contain calcium, fiber,

How is the treatment with Chinese weevils

As we said at the beginning, these insects are eaten alive. Those who consume it generally feel that their mouths go numb when they chew them, at the same time that they feel the body fluids of insects in their voca. The reason why these insects are consumed alive is so that they can reach the stomach while they are still alive and thus, by the action of gastric juices, they die inside this organ, and thus expel in it all the substance that is responsible for the curative and palliative effects of these insects.

There are many ways that can be put into practice when consuming these insects. Some people tend to smear them with honey and others swallow them directly alive with a little water.

Regarding the amount to be consumed, it is really variable and although there is no validated scientific method, as we said before, there are a kind of rules for its consumption and for the implementation of this method.
In this way, one begins by incorporating one weevil per day and then one more is added for each day that passes and all this is done progressively to reach 75 weevils, which if understood, will be consumed in on day 75. Once this day is reached, then it begins to be discounted, again progressively, that is, on day 76 74 weevils will be eaten, on 77, 73, on 78, 72 and so on. Therefore, this method lasts 150 days, divided into two periods of 75 days, in which the first 75 days are added one per day and in the second period one per day is subtracted until reaching zero. Once you are at zero, you rest for 10 days and start again.

Generally, since weevils are eaten alive and a good quantity is needed and treatment is always started over, people tend to have their own weevil hatchery. This can be made into a glass fish tank that we can cover, although always with small holes so that they can breathe. On another occasion we are going to tell you how it is done to be able to have a weevil hatchery, because there are certain basic questions to take into account, such as the food that will be given, the conditions that the environment must have and more.

We hope this information on Chinese weevils has been useful for you to learn a little more about this method.

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