There are many problems that can generate a mismanagement of calcium, that is; making this not enough to cover the body’s needs, therefore, osteoporosis is the result, which is a disease that is generated as a result of the lack of calcium and can be very dangerous. When this happens (not enough calcium reaches the bones), it is usually due to problems in the kidneys and / or parathyroid glands (the gland in charge of controlling calcium levels in the blood) and in these cases, the consumption of a drug called calcitriol, which aims to get calcium to all of the bones that make up the human body.

Calcitriol benefits

When a person begins the calcitriol treatment, they begin to obtain a lot of benefits, among which the following can be mentioned:

Avoid osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens the bones, this occurs because the number and size of the cells that exist within the bone increases, making its internal structure less resistant, therefore, it is more prone to suffer from a fracture in the event of a blow or injury.

Taking into account what the disease is, it should be understood that it is very serious, so it should be avoided. The best way to avoid this disease is by consuming an adequate amount of calcium, however, this is useless if it does not reach the bones correctly, it is at this point where calcitriol should be used, since this medicine helps the body to better absorb calcium, resulting in a reduction in the risk of suffering from this disease.

Allow calcium to reach everywhere

Due to the fact that it promotes a correct absorption of calcium in the body, this means that it can reach all the bones that make up the body, that is; It makes the absorption of calcium gradual and everywhere, without leaving weak bones or areas without calcium.

Reduces damage from kidney problems

Kidney diseases usually affect the absorption of calcium, this is because the body is not working properly, therefore, medications such as calcitriol are required, which help the body have a greater capacity to transport and absorb calcium .

In conclusion, this drug reduces the damage that kidney malfunction can cause to the bones.

Serves to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism

Secondary hyperthyroidism is a reversible state, where an excessive amount of PTH is produced, which affects the movement of calcium through the body, that is; makes it not reach all parts of the body, therefore, the probability of suffering osteoporosis or bone fractures can be increased. However, with the use of calcitriol it is possible to avoid such a condition.

Helps absorb calcium from food eaten

Apart from helping calcium to spread efficiently throughout the body, it also helps the calcium found in food to be absorbed more easily, all this thanks to the fact that this medicine belongs to the group of analogues of the Vitamin D, therefore, promotes the absorption of the case, gradually and safely (that is, the results are not obtained within days, since it may take weeks or even months, to begin to notice the results of the treatment).

It is used to increase the calcium level in premature babies

When a baby is born premature, their bones are very weak and prone to breaking for practically nothing, which is why in many cases specialists use this drug to strengthen bones. Obviously, this is something that is only done under the supervision of a pediatrician, because this medicine can be dangerous in children.

Ideal for increasing vitamin D.

This drug has vitamin D, because of that it is usually used in cases where there is a deficiency of this vitamin, although it should be noted that this only applies in certain cases, since the objective of the drug is to increase the absorption of calcium, as mentioned. previously.

Things to consider before taking calcitriol

This drug provides a considerable amount of benefits, therefore, specialists always recommend its consumption, however, it is always important to take into account the following aspects of this drug:

Calcitriol price

As with any medicine, its price may vary depending on the country and the presentation of the medicine that is purchased (there are boxes of between 30 and 90 capsules), therefore, it must be taken into account that the price is relative. However, calcitriol is usually found in pharmacies for a price above $ 5 and less than $ 30.

Recommended dose of calcitriol

The dose is almost always indicated by the specialist, which is why it is important to attend a medical consultation, so that the specialist indicates the dose to consume. Depending on what you want to treat, the dose can be higher or lower.

Finally, it is important to know that in case of forgetting a dose, it is best to consume it as soon as it is remembered, as long as there is a considerable amount of time left for the next dose; if it is very close, it is best to wait for the next dose and continue as it should. You should never take a double dose, as it can cause side effects.

If other medications are consumed, the specialist should be consulted.

The effects that this medication may have if you are undergoing another treatment are unknown, which is why if you are under another treatment, it is essential to send the specialist a list of the medications you are using, so that he or she can determine if you can take calcitriol and if necessary, also assign an hour so that it does not cause problems with the rest of the medications.

It must be stored properly

First, it is important to keep this medicine away from the sun and light, that is; It should be stored in a dark place, where there is no humidity or heat, in addition, it should be kept at room temperature and inside its container (it should never be removed from the original container, because it could affect its expiration date).

Side effects generated by calcitriol

This drug does not usually cause side effects, however, in case this occurs, a doctor should be called as soon as possible, since as mentioned above, it is something that should not happen. On the other hand, among the side effects that this drug can generate (and that should be communicated to a specialist in case it appears), are the following:

  • General weakness
  • Headache.
  • Tiredness.
  • Difficulty thinking clearly.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Bone pain.
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing.
  • Hallucinations (attend emergencies if this occurs).
  • Shaking chills.
  • Fever.
  • Stomach irregularities.
  • Lower sexual desire

Finally, these effects can also appear in case of overdose, therefore, it is always important to call a doctor in case of observing any of the effects mentioned above.

Calcitriol contraindications: In which cases is it not recommended?

Although this drug provides a large number of benefits to its consumer, it is important to know that in some cases it is best to avoid using it, since it can generate negative effects that can worsen the patient’s situation. Among the cases in which you should avoid taking calcitriol are the following:

  • Women during the lactation period.
  • Pregnant women (although there is no precise study on the effect it may have on the unborn, it is recommended to avoid its consumption during this period. If you need to, it is recommended to consult a specialist beforehand).
  • People who have a high calcium level (even if the calcium level is normal, it is recommended to avoid its consumption, unless a specialist says otherwise).

Bottom Line: Is Calcitriol Recommended?

This medicine is of great help for people who suffer from the kidneys, have problems in the parathyroid glands or have general disorders around the absorption of calcium and lack of vitamin D. If you find yourself suffering from any of the aforementioned problems, then the consumption of calcitriol is fully recommended, otherwise, not, because it can be harmful to health.

Finally, it is always recommended to attend a specialist before self-medicating, as it is a drug that must be treated with care.

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