Zumba is one of the most recent sports practices that has caught on very well, mainly among young audiences. This discipline consists of a routine of aerobic exercises that serve to help muscle toning and weight loss.

Zumba was invented in the 90s by Colombian Alberto Pérez who, thanks to his long career in the world of fitness, was able to devise a series of simple and repetitive exercises with a musical base focused on Caribbean sounds.

This discipline is characterized by its joy and contagious rhythms, the music that accompanies each exercise session can be: salsa, merengue, cumbia, samba, reggaeton and even bachata. There are certified instructors worldwide and their routines are sold digitally as one of their star products is pre-recorded DVDs with many styles of exercise.

Physical benefits of zumba

Thanks to this exercise routine you can lose weight and tone the muscles, it also has an important effect by releasing endorphins and thereby improving the mood of those who practice it, some of its most important benefits are:

Zumba to tone muscles

Thanks to aerobic exercises, which consist of repetitions of medium or low intensity but of long duration, it is possible to activate the muscles, putting tension in the areas of interest, causing the muscle to grow and the body to look more defined.

Zumba to lose weight

The standard Zumba session lasts 60 minutes in which cardiovascular and aerobic exercise are performed, the heart rate accelerates, forcing the body to use fat deposits as energy and as a consequence, weight loss occurs. Stronger exercises can help eliminate up to 800 calories; however on average you can lose 300 calories per session.

Zumba to improve your mood

Zumba is not only an exercise to improve the body but it generates the release of endorphins, which make appear on occasions of happiness and pleasure, this hormone is capable of eliminating stress, depression, bad mood, anger and even headaches. The style of Zumba Fitness is characterized by creating an atmosphere of party and fun so that people do not feel compelled by the exercise but rather pleased with the process and the results.

Zumba is used to shape the body

Any exercise that is cardiovascular and aerobic will serve to define and tone. In the case of Zumba it is ideal since it is a fun, pleasant and very energetic training and this will cause positive effects on the body beyond the shaping. Legs are toned and shaped by long-term exercise as are abs, arms, and back.

Zumba can be accompanied by other exercises either after or before the dance, this does not cause any risk and can shape the body with greater speed.

What is Zumba Fitness?

Zumba Fitness is the training program patented by its creator Beto Pérez that has spread throughout 180 countries thanks to its physical and emotional benefits. This series of steps with tropical rhythms turns a typical aerobic routine into a fun and contagious Caribbean party that for 60 minutes can eliminate up to 300 to 800 calories depending on the intensity applied in each movement.

Zumba Fitness has grown into a successful franchise and has its own clothing line, official music, and certified trainers on every continent; Beto Perez revolutionized the world of fitness and brought Latin American music to every corner of the planet with the promise of losing weight and living a “Latin rumba” at the same time.

Effects of practicing zumba

A person who practices Zumba periodically can see physical changes in a few weeks, the most common are: weight loss and reduction of sizes in the waist, arms and legs, muscle toning in the medium and long term; elimination of toxins thanks to sweating as a result of exercise, better mood and a new social environment. All these positive effects have been proven over 20 years, the same ones that the Zumba Fitness method has positioned in the market.

Happiness is guaranteed when exercising the body through dance and fun, the signature moves of Zumba combine the basic steps of any Latin dance with aerobics, squats, jumps and reps that would otherwise be very boring and painful.

Practice with the Zumba videos

The videos were the second and most important way to spread this exercise routine, the first was through private classes taught by its creator Beto Pérez and his collaborators who were training over time.

Zumba videos can be purchased through the website and can be obtained for free in some places, usually Zumba events are held that are recorded and disseminated so that a greater number of people know this interesting proposal of fitness.

These videos can be made up of more than a 60-minute session and have several exercise modalities such as Samba Zumba, Salsa Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumbatomic, Aqua Zumba or Zumba Gold, each one for a different style and need.

How many calories are burned in a Zumba class?

Although Zumba is the combination of many tropical rhythms, some faster than others like salsa compared to reggaeton; Each dance style can burn a defined number of calories. All Zumba exercises are already prepared by experts with the intention of burning a maximum of 800 calories per session, however, if you take a Zumba routine where salsa predominates, you can burn 300 to 500 calories, if the music is Meringue burns 230 to 530 calories and in the case of cumbia, 260 to 530 calories can be burned.

Zumba disadvantages and contraindications

So far there are no contraindications to perform this exercise routine, with time and practice combinations of movements and zumba styles have been developed for each body and need.

As for the disadvantages, in the case of older people, who no longer have the same dexterity as a young person, they can practice Zumba Gold, a plan specially designed for older people who want to stay active.

Each plan has been adapted to the needs of consumers so that no one is excluded from dancing and the fun of practicing Zumba Fitness. However, it is recommended that a nutritionist or doctor approve this type of exercise in people who have an adverse physical condition such as heart problems, brittle bones, among others.

In conclusion, Zumba is a good physical activity

Practicing Zumba fitness is a routine that has spread throughout Latin America, the United States and Europe with incredible acceptance. Its creator has been awarded by different countries and fitness organizations for inventing and marketing this fabulous exercise method. Zumba changed the way people attended aerobics rooms and turned typical fat burning classes into a fun party full of Latin flavor and satisfied people.

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