Browsers are programs that allow the viewing of documents and information, commonly hosted under the name of the Web or the Internet. These establish a connection to the web server, download a page to a computing device at a user-specified address, and play it on the screen. The essence of the browser is to process the user’s request and download the requested site.

A web browser has the necessary tools that serve to interpret the code of a page, which can consist of one or more programming languages, and present the content on the screen in such a way that the user can interact with the information and navigate to other pages through hyperlinks or links.

What is the function of browsers?

The main functions of browsers are:

  • Establish communication with the web server where the document is stored and allow all its components to be downloaded.
  • Prepare and display web pages according to the capabilities of the computer running the browser.
  • Provide tools to display multimedia and other objects included in web pages, as well as an extension mechanism that allows you to configure the program to work with new types of objects.
  • Automate web page search and simplify access to previously visited pages.
  • Provide access to integrated or independent tools to work with other Internet services, such as email, teleconference, FTP.

On the other hand, browsers are not used only to surf the Internet. In fact, even business-type tools, such as ERP management systems developed in a web interface version, require the use of a browser to navigate through the database tables, to present the processed data to the user. .

What are the most used browsers?

Currently the internet has a wide range of browsers, the most used and common are:

Internet Explorer.

It is the default browser for any operating system. It stands out for having advanced options in terms of privacy and security. In addition to having these settings, it offers changes in the presentation of the letters, colors and size. Without forgetting that it facilitates Internet browsing, thanks to the existence of the history and some elements. On the other hand, Internet Explorer is not the most secure browser out there.

Mozilla Firefox.

One of the best competitors when it comes to surfing the internet is Mozilla Firefox, as it is the most modern browser that provides users with a range of applications that make it useful and current. It has stability, security and speed. Like the internet explorer, it can change its appearance and style. Mozilla Firefox’s weakness is that it is sometimes not compatible with other operating systems.


Apple has its own navigation system, in which you can only use mobile, ipod, iphone, among other devices that are of its own brand. Safari’s features are like any other browser, only its use is more restricted. It stands out from its competition for having efficient parental controls, for protecting data and providing security to users. Another important feature is that it is capable of emailing web pages and storing them even if they have been removed from the internet.

Google Chrome.

It is the number one browser in downloads being created by Google. This browser has remarkable features such as a very simple and fast interface to navigate. In addition, each update of Chrome brings new features such as offering users privacy when browsing, deleting cookies and not registering the activities carried out. Another important feature of this browser is its ease of use. This browser is highly valued by its users due to the speed, simplicity, security, clarity, speed and stability it provides.

Opera Browser.

It is famous for having standard support, speed and ease of use, as well as a free browser and compatibility with any device. Opera stands out thanks to its speed, support, and security. It was the first browser to implement the tab system. A vital factor of this browser is its constant improvement and its error-proof updating.

Other web browsers

Avant Browser.

This British navigator was developed by the Avant Force company. The functionality of this browser is similar to that of Windows Internet Explorer, except that the tabbed browsing system has been incorporated since its appearance, something that its competition did not have. This browser is closed source better called Freeware type and its use is free

Netscape Navigator.

Created by the Netscape Communications company, one of the first web browsers. Netscape was the first commercial browser.

Beonex Communicator.

It is really a complete internet package for it. It is based on the Mozilla code, and has been designed for all users who are looking for a program capable of supporting the infinity of languages ​​and standards that are currently used. It consists of a browser, newsreader, mail, composer, and ChatZilla.

Dolphin. It is a closed source browser for mobile devices for Android and iOS operating systems developed by Mobotap. It is definitely one of the first alternative browsers implemented for Android platforms that introduced multi-touch support to the market.

Parts of a browser

Browsers have several elements with which it achieves its functions, and these are:

  • Internal browser menu bar: It is the most vital component of a browser, because it is used to navigate and access the different options offered by the internet. Your location is the center of the application.
  • Status bar : This bar offers the information provided by the links on the web pages. Users only have to put the mouse over this information and they will immediately know the content offered by the page.
  • Title bar: This is where the page title is located. In this bar you can also see the content that the page has and also shows the icon that is associated with it.
  • Address bar : It is responsible for locating the address of the website, which users want to access. This will show a format that will depend on the configuration of the web domain.
  • Home button: This is an icon represented as a house, which is used to return to the initial browser, that is, the home page.
  • Go to next page button: It is responsible for advancing to the next page. It is represented as an arrow pointed to the right.
  • Stop button: It is used to prevent the page from continuing to load, thus stopping any process, download or action that is requested by the operating system.
  • Back button : Unlike the go to next page button, this button returns to the page of the site where it was previously located. It is represented as an arrow pointing to the left.
  • Reload button : It is responsible for reloading the page when an error occurs. An almost circular arrow is an icon.
  • Work area: It is the space where the page is loaded, being the area where the user observes it as it loads.
  • Central part of the browser: It is the central part where all the data is placed where the web pages are accessed.
  • Internal browser search engine: This is a customizable search engine, with which the user can access the search for their favorite pages.
  • Tabs: The tab system is nothing more than a way to open different websites at the same time. You can also add or remove tabs and changing from one tab to another is easy, you just have to click on the tab you want to change.

Conclusion: Is it advisable to use browsers?

We can affirm that the internet would not be what it is today without the use of browsers, since if they did the experience of searching for exact and precise information would be impossible. It is advisable to use browsers due to the wide library of knowledge they have, and not only that, it is also the bridge to connect all users to the internet. It is important to highlight the constant improvement of these browsers in terms of speed and performance, to provide greater utility to users.

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