The Biotin , also known as vitamin H, vitamin B8 and vitamin B7, is a component of enzymes important in the human body because it is primarily responsible for raising energy and care tissues such as skin, nails and hair, it also breaks down fats and carbohydrates and is recommended for hemoglobin evolution.

This vitamin can be found in vitamin supplement capsules or naturally in a wide variety of foods such as meats, egg yolks, brewer’s yeast, and certain cereals.

You want to know a little more about the contribution of Biotin in the body. Continue reading.

What is Biotin for and its most recommended uses

It is also recommended to improve moods, this because its components raise energy, allowing the person to be more awake and attentive, with a better disposition when facing day to day.

1. As a stress treatment

Stress and anxiety are part of everyday life, whether for study, work, or thousands of other reasons. This situation can end up being harmful to health, so it is important to consume some vitamin supplements such as biotin, which help combat stress and reduce some states of depression, fatigue, etc.

2. As prevention of anemias

It collaborates and helps to adjust the blood levels in the body, this reduces the risk of suffering from anemia and facilitates the obtaining of energy, as well as a regulation of glycemia.

3. Strengthens nails and hair

Biotin is favorable for the health of hair and nails, preventing dryness, strengthening and promoting growth.

As for the nails, avoid being brittle, if you have weak and rough nails, you may need to supply a greater amount of this vitamin to your body.

Among the most discussed benefits of vitamin H, it gives shine and life to the scalp. It is used to prevent alopecia, which is why many cosmetic products and shampoos use it in its composition.

4. Supports metabolism

It favors the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It is a vitamin that works in complement to others, such as vitamin B12. In addition, it improves intestinal function.

5. Biotin for skin health

It provides beneficial properties for the skin, especially to treat conditions such as dermatitis or dryness. However, it is necessary to control its consumption with the help of a doctor, since an excessive dose is related to acne problems on the face.

6. Analgesic for muscle aches

Relieves muscle aches, if you like to lead a fitness life you can take advantage of the analgesic properties of biotin, they provide you with a feeling of well-being when suffering muscle pain or exercising.

Benefits of Biotin on hair

As mentioned above, vitamin B8 is used in order to achieve various results, including strengthening nails and hair, as well as their rapid and proper growth.

The vitamin provides not only greater resistance to our hair, but also allows it to stay shiny. Because of this, many cream baths and hair treatments have included vitamin B8 in their components.

However, a better result is generated by consuming the substance as a vitamin supplement instead of applying it to the hair in the presentation of a shampoo or other type of product. These hair cream baths have not proven true results that are comparable to the efficiency seen when consumed through food or supplements.

As for the rest of our body, biotin helps to easily burn fats and carbohydrates, as well as keeping tissues healthy and strong to maintain smooth skin without excess wrinkles.

How to consume Biotin

Biotin is usually not only taken alone, but with another set of supplements. For example, this vitamin is usually mixed with collagen, which has become a very common component of vitamins, this because it helps reduce wrinkles on the skin and prevents joints from weakening.

Collagen can be obtained naturally in foods such as cheese and meat, as well as being reinforced by vitamin components. In the case of Biotin, adding collagen achieves a more effective result in the evolution of the strengthening of the tissues, as well as in the tendons and ligaments. It can be said that collagen enhances the actions of biotin.

Who can ingest this vitamin?

Biotin is a necessary vitamin to acquire for all people at any age, however, the necessary amount depends on the health status and age of each individual. In children under 11 years of age, it is recommended that it be ingested in less quantity than that consumed by adults.

Pregnant or lactating women can also take vitamin H without any inconvenience. In fact, people over 18 years of age (including pregnant women) are recommended to consume an amount of approximately 30 micrograms, while when the woman is breastfeeding, it is suggested to consume at least 5 micrograms more than normal.

Biotin 5000 mcg

Biotin 5000 mcg is a vitamin supplement that contains, as its name implies, an amount of 5000 micrograms of vitamin H or biotin. Its presentation is in capsules, pills or tablets and it is only used when there is a serious lack or deficiency of this specific vitamin in the body, which makes it necessary to use an external factor to stabilize it.

These cases can arise when the person comes from a very strict diet, stress crisis, states of depression or has some type of health condition that creates the problem in the absorption of vitamins.

Its main functions are the improvement of the skin, strengthening the nails, reducing hair loss (in addition to stimulating its growth), improving metabolism and mood.

Does Biotin make you fat?

It has always been believed that biotin causes overweight in people, but it is totally false. Everything in excess is bad, and what happens in this particular case is that the excessive consumption of certain foods that contain biotin can cause problems and imbalances in the diet, which leads to weight gain.

This problem is generated only by ignorance and lack of care when managing the food diet daily, since, on the contrary, this vitamin allows us to eliminate fats and carbohydrates more easily, in saying that its function really is generating the opposite effect, it helps you lose weight more easily.

What foods give us Biotin?

All the viscera, as well as the liver and the egg yolk, contain biotin, and although it is very healthy to consume them to get the benefits of this vitamin, we must take care of excessive feeding because, as with many other substances and foods, they are it can backfire.

In the case of vegetables, the best way to get a large amount of biotin is through beer yeast, but we can also obtain it from cereals such as wheat and oats, as well as in flours.

Other foods where this substance is abundant is in fruits, such as avocado or apples. In meat, fish and nuts as well, as well as mushrooms.

To maintain a healthy life, hand in hand with this and all the vitamins that food offers you naturally, it is necessary to have a balanced diet, without excess food or lack of others since they all provide various benefits for the human body.

It is advisable for this vitamin to consume some of these foods daily, without mixing them together in the same meal, on the contrary, it is good to take turns, one in each of the three basic meals, for example, receiving the necessary amount daily without further ado excesses.

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