The bell ointment is an ointment that is mainly used in the treatment of irritated skin, minor burns, insect bites, scratches, itching. This medicine has been used for many years by people as it serves various purposes related to the skin, both for medicinal purposes and to keep it soft and moisturized.

Bell ointment benefits

The bell ointment is highly effective in treating and protecting the skin in the presence of various lesions in it. It is especially beneficial in the following aspects:

Dry lips

Dry lips may seem a minor aspect, but if it is not taken care of in time it can cause more severe discomfort due to the burning of the lips or the formation of small lacerations or cracks that are more difficult to attend to, in such a way applying this ointment is prevent dry lips and other symptoms.


The spots have their appearance for various reasons, either due to constant exposure to the sun, liquids or due to old age itself. Applying hood ointment on the body and areas of potential appearance of spots can be avoided thanks to its powerful moisturizing system and protective layer that preserves the skin.


Occasionally the skin loses its properties, ceasing to be smooth and soft due to various conditions to which it is subjected, therefore the eventual exfoliation with the bell ointment is a quite effective solution and can be achieved by mixing said product with others such as sugar or oatmeal and rubbing gently to achieve the task without generating a worse mistreatment.


Camapana ointment is a great solution to alleviate the pain presented by a burn of varying degrees, thus also helping in the healing and healing process. It should be noted that it can be applied to events caused by oil or hot water, prolonged exposure to the sun or direct contact with objects at high temperatures.

Insect bites

Bites given to the skin can cause discomfort that can sometimes make people desperate. With the application of the bell ointment, the inflammation caused, the itching and redness can be considerably reduced, very quickly returning the normal appearance that it had before the insect bite.

Dry complexion

Applying this component frequently at night will considerably improve the appearance of facial skin, giving it a moisturized touch and making people feel better and satisfied with their skin.

 Avoid wrinkles and crow’s feet on the face

Like the previous benefit, the constant application of this product will slow down the aging process of the skin, keeping it with a stretched appearance and without annoying wrinkles on the eye and mouth area.

Stains the armpits

This is a problem that worries both women and men, since with the application of various commercial products, shaving and the natural process of the body, the exiles turn into an unattractive dark color. Applying the bell ointment every day for a constant period of time will clarify considerably and improve the appearance of the skin in that area.

Stretch marks

The appearance of stretch marks is a normal and common event in both men and women, which happens under the condition and type of skin of each person, especially when it comes to women in a state of pregnancy. Applying it daily and in good quantity suggests being a remedy to avoid its appearance and diminish the external appearance of the existing ones in the long term.

Skin irritation

Irritation can be generated for various reasons, either by blows, strong friction, or simply by the passage of an epilator blade, therefore this product can favor both men and women since both can suffer from this same event under any condition .


This is another of the benefits of the application of said ointment, because with the application the appearance of freckles and spots is anticipated and diminished.

Bad smell in the feet

The combination of the ointment with hammer salt prevents the toxins expelled by this area from becoming a bad smell. The application for this remedy is a gentle massage with previously washed feet.

Components of the bell ointment

All the components that are part of said substance have a specific task, which together manage to treat all the cases mentioned above.

  • Vitamin A: Repairs skin tissues damaged by the sun or the aging of the years.
  • Vitamin E: It acts as an antioxidant, significantly slowing down skin aging.
  • Paraffin: Moisturizes and hydrates the skin, giving it a better and more beautiful appearance.
  • Tepezcohuite: This component is the bark of a tree, whose main function is to increase the effectiveness of the ointment’s properties, intensifying the effect of the other components.
  • Zinc Oxide: Allows the skin to remain smooth and elastic, in such a way that people can perform various gestures by flexing the skin without leaving marks on it.
  • Allantoin: It is a very special component of this mixture that stimulates the epidermis, has an analgesic effect that reduces pain caused by various injuries. On the other hand, it also generates an effect of regeneration and disposal of dead tissues.

How do you get the bell ointment?

The most common presentation that can be found on the market is a tube filled with this component, very similar to a toothpaste. In turn, they can also be achieved under a concept of cream or ointment that comes in a small button-shaped container, very similar to the blushes used by women.

Side effects

Like any remedy for the skin, this component can bring various side effects that may or may not be complicated for people, depending on the type of skin or case that may arise and the most common are allergies and the appearance of a rash.

In the case of patients with acne, prior medical consultation is essential before said application since it can lead to the advancement and complication of said disease because it is an infection that is cured with other remedies different from the one already mentioned.

If the skin is exposed to the sun with the cream on it, it could worsen the situation of the subject to be treated, such as intensifying the pain due to burning, dryness and others, therefore, it is important that it is applied during the nights before going to the bed.

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