What is Apple TV

Apple TV is a device that connects to the television allowing the user to enjoy different content, from series, movies and music, for a lower cost. This fourth generation technology is a small device that needs to be connected to a wireless network to download the content of interest.

Apple does not only live on its products such as the iPhone or iPads. With the impact of the Netfilx platform, they have decided to bet heavily on the future of television. Find out about the different features and benefits that Apple TV brings us.

Uses of Apple TV

There are several services that this small device provides us, being the only one of its kind. It goes beyond just offering series and movies. Its content makes the television a much larger phone.

Photos and videos

Its function, beyond wanting to give us a different experience, fulfills the same as other movie and series services. In the store there are all kinds, from classic movies and series to the most recent. In some cases, there are titles that are released the same day that they go on sale on DVD. There is also the section where we can enjoy photos and videos located in iCloud.


In the music section we can enjoy different songs, from electronic to the most romantic. It is the essential music player equipment to create a small disco at home. You can also listen to your private collection.

There is a technology that it offers us called AirPlay. Where we can connect to a wireless network and it can function as autonomous speakers, eliminating the television once the music is selected.


The most advanced devices offer us another way to have fun, and that is that, unlike some similar services, this can be used as a game console. As if it were a phone, we must access the games section to enjoy the different content.

The Siri Remote is used as a controller like the Nintendo Wii, and with the touch surface it can also be used. Alternatively, a standard Xbox or PlayStation-type controller can be used (must be compatible).

App Store

With more than 6,000 Apps, this device offers us different forms of fun. There is a new novelty in some of the devices, and that is that Apple brings us a platform called TvOS. This service is like the App Store, making it similar to a mobile or a Tablet. This platform also allows us to create applications to adapt them in your own way.

Apple TV features

When we talk about this device, we are not referring to a huge device. Actually, it is a small “box” that connects to the television. It does not bother at all, nor does it interfere with the vision of the programming.

Some of the features are:

  • Up: 0.63cm.
  • Touch panel.
  • Command control.
  • If not available, an HDMI video cable is required.
  • There are two versions: the 32GB and the 64GB.
  • There is the model that has the Siri Remote. This version allows the user to control the device through the command voice.
  • Includes accelerometer and gyroscope for games and other applications.
  • Includes microphone.
  • A8 type processor (The one used by iPhones and iPads). The experience will be of a high quality.
  • USB type C port. Only those of Apple’s technical service have access in case of damage.
  • The content that is played is only that which is downloaded and stored in the cloud.

Despite having these characteristics that show a good first impression, it is not entirely accepted by Apple’s loyal consumer. To judge that, you must experience the experience to know its strengths and weaknesses. The book will probably be judged by its cover.

Strengths and weaknesses

Arguably its strengths and weaknesses are balanced, but let’s look at it in more detail:


  • Easy installation.
  • It allows us to enjoy the different multimedia content found on the internet.
  • Its use is comfortable and simple.
  • Cheaper than a Smart TV.
  • It connects to the network and allows you to download any content and Apps.
  • It has different Apps and games, being the only platform that offers this experience.


  • It offers the same experience as other digital content platforms, for example Netflix. So if you already own one, it won’t make much of a difference.
  • Being an Apple product, you should probably create an account if you don’t have one.
  • There are geographical limits. Some countries do not have access to some content.
  • Without a local wireless network, you will not be able to enjoy new content, only what is on the device. Entering iCloud (where much of the information is stored) is also required to have internet.
  • It does not allow adding content from another device. For example, it does not allow you to connect a pendrive to its USB port to transfer information to it.

These benefits and disadvantages do not make it the wonder of the Streaming service. There are other platforms that offer the same experience, or even better. Apple in the same way remains firm with the product, wanting to improve it day by day so that it is the best option in the market.


We love technological advancement, we know that it leads to the advancement of fun and comfort. With Apple TV we enjoy with family and friends the different content that it offers us, from playing with the little ones in the house, to listening to any music at different family or friends gatherings.

Despite being a product that is not entirely pleasant for the consumer, Apple every day tries to improve the quality of the device, wanting to make it the number one family choice for movies, series, music, games, among other content. We hope the information has been very pleasant. Thanks for reading!

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