Alum stone is a mineral used for centuries by the Egyptians for skin care. Over the years, this stone reaches the world of cosmetics who is responsible for taking advantage of its benefits to improve people’s aesthetics. It is characterized by being a whitish salt stone, soluble in water, from which certain benefits can be taken advantage of, thanks to its properties such as combating bad body odors, improving irritated skin, fighting acne, fighting stretch marks, among other things.

This mineral can be found in many parts of the world, especially the Middle East and Syria. It can be found in its natural form as potassium sulfate ( potassium alum ), known as potassium alum stone. It can also be purchased synthetically, whose manufacture is made with ammonium sulfate ( ammonium alum ), known as ammonium alum stone.

What are the benefits of alum stone?

This stone provides a large number of benefits, therefore, it has been used for centuries. Its use is fully recommended, because it provides the following benefits:

Prevent bad body odors

This mineral has been used since ancient times as a natural deodorant, since thanks to its antiseptic and antiperspirant properties, it creates an invisible barrier capable of protecting the body from bacteria that cause bad odor, especially from the armpits, feet and back.

To do this, the area should be well washed and dried where the alum stone is to be applied, later, only the stone should be moistened and go through the areas that need protection.

Alum for the face

Alum stone is ideal for taking care of the face, because it does not have chemicals that can harm it. Thanks to its astringent, antiseptic and firming properties; It is the perfect ally to keep facial skin healthy, since it helps to minimize those small wrinkles that are formed over the years, when applied to the face it will give a feeling of stretching that if done frequently, will improve those wrinkles .

In addition, it helps to treat spots caused by the sun, age and acne; You just have to wash your face well and dry, then crush a piece of the stone and mix it with mineral water, some natural oil, moisturizer or rose water, then you should apply the mixture on the face, leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse with plenty of water.

Alum stone for acne

Alum is an excellent treatment for treating acne, thanks to its astringent and antiseptic properties. It should only be applied directly to a clean face, after placement, the pimples will dry quickly, avoiding the risk of acne scars and blemishes.

In addition, this mineral provides tonicity to the face which causes a pore-reducing effect, in this way prevents acne-causing bacteria from penetrating more easily, for this reason it decreases the frequency in the appearance of blackheads.

Firming alum stone

This powerful mineral has firming and toning properties that help strengthen the skin, keeping it young, firm and radiant. Many Arab women use alum to firm the skin on the chest, belly, thighs and arms.

To do this, they use powdered alum, this is mixed with some type of oil, rose water or moisturizer, then they are gently massaged and left to act for 15 minutes. Then, the area where the mixture has been placed should be washed with plenty of water, then moisturizing lotion is applied.

Finally, to obtain these benefits, it is recommended to eat a healthy diet, in addition to doing an exercise routine that will help you maintain your ideal weight.

Helps reduce stretch marks

With the help of powdered alum crystals and a bath gel, the skin is exfoliated during the shower; Thanks to this treatment, stretch marks with a red appearance improve quickly, this is due to the healing properties of this mineral. In the case of white stretch marks, they decrease their relief and therefore their appearance.

It is recommended to apply moisturizing cream after exfoliating, you can also add almond oil to the cream, which is a moisturizer par excellence like coconut oil and vitamin E, in this way you will achieve improved skin.

Aftershave alum

This mineral has been used for after shaving since ancient times, due to its properties. All you have to do is pass the wet stone over your face, leave it for a few minutes and wash with plenty of water, it is worth mentioning that this should be done after shaving.

In addition, alum has the particular quality of retarding hair growth, it can be applied as a mask with coconut oil or rose water. This preparation can be administered on other parts of the body where you want to reduce hair growth; such as the legs or the chest.

Eliminates oral thrush

Alum is effective for oral canker sores, it is enough to apply this mineral powder directly to the canker sore, then pressure is exerted on the area and the next day it will no longer be there (it is worth mentioning that during the treatment, you may feel itchy in the area ). You can also make swish with this mineral, you just have to boil the alum stone, let it cool and make the swish at least 2 times a day.

Improve cracked heels

When feet dry out, they tend to build up hardness around the heels, allowing cracks to form. For this, it is recommended to use the alum stone, which will bring great benefits: you only have to boil the stone in water, then it must be left to rest. Once it is totally cold, it is proceeded to mix with coconut or almond oil, after that, the mixture should be applied on the heels and the results will begin to be noticed a week later.

Alum stone to prevent cancer

According to certain research, the risk of cancer caused by the use of antiperspirant deodorants that contain aluminum combined with other compounds, is considerably high, due to the clogging that occurs in the pores, preventing the sweat glands from releasing toxins through sweat, which is harmful to health.

For this, the use of alum stone is recommended, since it has a minimum percentage of aluminum, therefore, it cannot clog pores and reduces the risk of cancer, compared to the usual deodorants. It is worth mentioning that alum will not stop perspiration, this mineral prevents body odor that occurs when sweat comes into contact with bacteria in the body

Is Alum Dangerous?

Alum is not dangerous, this mineral represents other alternatives in the world of cosmetics, especially when it comes to perspiration. At present, you can see deodorants with potassium aluminum, which is made with the stone of alum; Not to mention that there are other aesthetic products that are made based on this mineral, such as: shaving creams, face creams, acne lotions, among other things.

Alum is a mineral that contains a low concentration of aluminum salts, its molecules are too large to penetrate through pores, therefore it is harmless to health.

What is the price of alum and where can you buy it?

Alum is a mineral that can be found in various parts of the world, and best of all is the price. This mineral is very inexpensive, you can find certain variations in cost; However, it is quite accessible, since its usual cost can be between 8 and 30 USD, depending on the country and the place where it is purchased.

Alum can be purchased in pharmacies, health food stores, esoteric stores, and even on the Internet. On the other hand, it should be taken into account that there are many products that are made from this mineral.

Conclusion: Is the use of alum recommended?

Yes, the use of alum is recommended due to the benefits that can be taken from it, however, it is always recommended to attend a naturopathic doctor, so that he can give his opinion on the matter, because it is unknown if it can generate side effects or if it is contrindicated in some cases.

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