Administration is a social science that serves to plan and make better use of physical, financial and human resources. This science helps us generate the highest profits in our companies, regardless of their size.

It is a science that serves to organize and optimize the use of resources, based on daily planning strategies for the optimal use of capital in companies. Understanding by resources the financial, physical, technological, human and material that are part of the production process.

Where is the administration used?

Management is used in all the spaces you could expect. Being closely linked to planning processes, the administration can be used at the work, financial, family, educational level, as it helps us meet the goals that we set for ourselves in each of these areas.

Administration in society

Administration is a science, its usefulness for society is palpable, because thanks to it all institutions work to achieve the proposed objectives, which is manifested directly on the services they can offer us.

An unmanaged or mismanaged society can become chaos. Well, the structures that make up public or private institutions depend on optimizing the resources available for each process, aiming at growth and balance in any case.

Management in everyday life

The administration in daily life is present in each space, it serves to organize our time and fulfill each of the responsibilities that we as an individual have, using in the best possible way the particular and common resources to achieve our goals.

What better administrator than a housewife, who uses innumerable tools every day to make the best use of her finances by adjusting family budgets, planning her tasks, optimizing time and taking advantage of the services linked to her environment with a common goal, her decisions affect directly to all members of the family.

Decision-making, planning, teamwork, direction, motivation, control, are concepts used in administration and related to daily life.

Administration in a company

The administration in a company is the central axis for the correct operation of the same. It serves to relate coherently through planning, setting objectives and obtaining goals in less time and associated costs.

Some of these terms are closely related to administration: Effectiveness, efficiency, coordination, discipline and productivity.

The person in charge of carrying out these functions is the administrator. The companies have offices or departments that are in charge of these processes, supported by human talent to solve the needs and achieve the established goals.

How does the administration work?

The administration works from the planning of activities, which serves to establish the mission, vision, objectives and policies of the company. This planning is established to be developed in the short, medium and long term.

Another of its functions is to organize the activities to be developed within the company, assigning responsibilities, which serves to direct and allow decision-making.

In addition, these functions serve to measure the execution of goals, through management control, evaluating the performance of the organization to implement corrections in a timely manner.

How important is management?

Administration is very important because it serves to make the best use of the resources that are linked to the production process.

With proper administration, improvements in the levels of productivity, profitability and growth in the company can be achieved, thanks to the fact that it grants effectiveness to human effort, helping to:

  • Obtain more qualified personnel.
  • Get the necessary equipment and materials
  • Earn more money.
  • Achieve better human relationships.

Management stays ahead of any changing situation and circumstance and provides the company with conjecture and creativity when making decisions and operating.

What is the administrative process for?

The administrative process serves to achieve the goals that are established within the company after being incorporated, this process refers to all the actions that are implemented so that the organization works fully, taking advantage of all its resources in the best possible way.

  • The first stage of this process is planning or planning, it serves to establish the objectives, the resources that will be required and in what way all the activities will be executed. So that growth in the company or the institution can be achieved.
  • The organization is the second stage, it serves to establish a relationship between the different human and economic resources available to achieve objectives. In this stage an organizational structure is carried out where the members recognize their responsibilities and activities to be carried out.
  • As a third stage we have the execution or Direction, they serve to guide the staff around the achievement of the tasks assigned to them, maintaining motivation within the team is part of the tasks that the leader must perform.
  • Finally, control is the function that allows evaluating and taking corrections around the management, maintaining the continuous measurement of the fulfillment of the activities and objectives established within the outlined plans.

Administration types

The types of administration are used to plan, organize, control, direct and execute resources, whether they are public, private or mixed.

  • The public administration serves to meet the needs of the group, through the provision of different services, being the officials who belong to the different government institutions, those who are in charge of managing resources and assets. This administration has an obvious effect on society. It must safeguard the state patrimony.
  • In the private administration the same activities are carried out, but these are not linked or directed by the state, the resources are administered by companies, organizations, businesses or any other form of legal association. The effect of this type of administration affects some members or groups of our society.
  • The mixed administration serves so that together the state and private organizations manage resources required to execute a project, in this type of administration there is autonomy even with the participation of the state, who can govern or dictate the lines of action in some aspects.

Project management

The project management method serves to improve planning and organization in companies, to increase productivity by optimizing the use of resources used to achieve objectives. The benefits of project management are:

  • Correct, efficient results, compliance with time lapses.
  • Satisfied customers.
  • Increase in quality and productivity.
  • Opportunity for innovation.
  • Planning and organization that allow to visualize possible critical nodes and their solutions.
  • The work team is motivated.
  • It generates opportunities for the expansion of the company.
  • Timely responses to risk situations.

Who exercises the administration?

This work is carried out by the administrator, this is an official or person who is in charge of different bodies and administrative tasks. It is a computer of material and human resources.

Whoever studies this career achieves the necessary knowledge and skills to detect and correct possible errors in the planning of tasks and people’s performance.

As an administrator, a person can achieve greater efficiency in the use of resources, he can also help other people to perform their tasks better and achieve greater efficiency in their work. That is why the field of work of this professional includes various magnitudes, such as human, public and private.

What are the tools used by the administration?

The tools that serve the administration are the following:

  • Systems for process control and calculation solutions.
  • Applications for the registration of information and data.
  • Methodology for data consolidation and decision making.

Understanding that by segmenting the company into different departments, tools are obtained that help to know, manage, organize, plan, direct and control, etc., each department and its relationship with the others.

Nowadays, technologies have been developed that facilitate these tasks, however, due to the great variety of them, it is difficult to select the most appropriate tools.


Finally, it can be said that administration is all that process that serves to manage through the use of available resources the achievement of objectives, which allow growth within an organization.

This process requires stages that start from planning, thus supporting in a coherent way the achievement of the set goals.

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