4life Transfer Factor Plus is a formula created by 4life products that strengthens the immune system. In the current market there are many supplements and formulas that claim to improve the immune system, among which 4life is one of the most prominent. According to studies carried out independently, this formula helps in the activation of NK cells by 437%. The combination of various extracts such as nanofactor, ultra factor and others.

The main difference between these products with transfer factors is that these are not elements that you add to your body such as vitamins, herbs or other compounds, but they are molecules that transfer knowledge from one unit to another in addition to immune memory, which is a new way and a different approach to the immune system and its support.

Benefits of 4life Transfer Factor Plus

  • Strengthens, improves and balances the immune system thanks to its recognized and patented tri-factor formula system.
  • Increases the levels of NK cells in your body up to 437% in a proven way.
  • Its blend of Cordyvant ingredients have also proven to be incredibly beneficial to health as they are natural and provide a great balance to health.

Conserving energy levels

At the moment is that your immune system begins to work in a normal and effective way, the energy levels in your body will increase naturally and in this way a lasting health cycle is created, since at the same time the more energy you have with the faster your body can cope with any threat.

Healthy food is not enough

You can have a healthy diet enriched with all the necessary nutrients and yet never be able to reap the enormous benefits that this product offers. This is where the education known as 4life Transfer factor comes in. It provides information to cells on how to keep working at peak performance.

Where the 4life Transfer factor originates

Within nature is where all the answers exist about the way in which cells receive immune information, babies and puppies of any species receive it from their mothers and she in turn receives it through her own experience, this process It occurs during the development of mammals, while they are fed by their mothers with their mother’s milk. Transfer factors and nanofraction molecules can be safely transferred to humans, thus obtaining far superior immunity.

Tri factor Formula

4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula greatly benefits the balance of the immune system. Its creators assure that they are ingredients for the immune system and created by this same system, for which their effectiveness is guaranteed.

Nano Factor

This is an extract prepared exclusively by the manufacturers of this product and extracted from nano-fraction molecules of bovine colostrum.

How to take 4life Transfer factor plus

There are two basic states in which the body falls when the immune system is weakened which are:

  • The decompensated immune system: it is when the immune system is out of control and causes auto-immune diseases, which is nothing other than the process by which the body’s cells are attacked by it
  • Low immune system: the symptoms of this can be observed when a person is often ill, has inflammation or bleeding in the gums or suffers from constant diarrhea.

The 4life systems give a certain intelligence to the immune system, making it capable of reacting to diseases and depending on the effect you want, the way you take its different presentations will be.

This supplement is especially indicated to improve the immune system in people who are being treated for cancer or are victims of AIDS. The higher doses, that is, between 6 and 8 capsules are designed for these patients, however, two capsules a day are enough to considerably improve your health.

  • At the beginning you should start by taking two capsules a day, this dose is the one that you will observe on the product label.
  • If your immune system is weak, you should take twice as much, that is, 4 capsules daily.
  • If you are looking to strengthen your immune system beyond the common colds, you will need to take at least 6 capsules daily.
  • And finally for a more serious care and in case of presenting any disease that requires more care from your immune system you should take 8 capsules daily. As you can see, the dose is doubling from the needs you require

Of this product you can find the regular version and the plus version which is the original version but improved in regards to transfer factors


The main precaution you should take when taking this drug is with allergies. Since some of its ingredients are bovine derivatives and egg yolk. You should also be careful when taking it if you are also allergic to fungi since they are other of its ingredients.

It is worth highlighting in the same way as it would with other medications, keep them in a cool place and out of the potential reach of children. Follow the directions on the label to take it and be sure to try the wide variety of these products that exist.

Overdose and side effects

In general, this product is very safe for consumption, however, you should see a doctor immediately if after taking it you begin to feel cold sweats, fever or weight loss.

Those who manufacture it recommend that you do not consider it a medicine, and that you do not use it as a treatment but as a supplement, since it is not manufactured for the purpose of treating diseases.

As we mentioned, there are some risks, especially with regard to allergic reactions or also intolerance of dairy products, in these cases you should see your doctor before starting to take them.

We hope the information has been to your liking. Thank you for joining us to this point!

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