4g technology enables a broader flow of information and in today’s world of smartphones, this is essential for the proper functioning of interactions between users and their devices.

4g is the name given to the fourth generation of mobile phones, this means that there are three before it and on the other hand it precedes the fifth generation known as 5g. There are several requirements for a certain equipment to be considered fourth generation, in which one of the most important is the maximum data transmission speed.

4g benefits

To get to know its benefits, it is important to mention that the main difference between this generation and the previous one is speed. 4g will allow you to navigate, make video calls, download content and applications in a more comfortable way.

There are also some myths around this technology which have to do with the power consumption of the mobile battery. And what you should know is that on the one hand this is true, on the other, having a higher speed to download and upload information will also be less time in which the processor and screen work, therefore it ends up being an advantage.

Higher speed, higher data consumption

This is another myth that ends up being false, since data consumption has to do with the downloads and the content you watch. Where the speed of this new technology continues to be its greatest advantage, since the only thing that will happen is that you will be able to enjoy your favorite content faster.

Enjoy quality streaming

With 4g technology you can enjoy live broadcasts with 1080p quality without having to worry about crashing. This opens up endless opportunities and possibilities for the large entertainment industries.

This technology makes it possible to share almost immediately any content on social networks, listen to music on applications such as Spotify or watch videos in the highest quality on YouTube.

Less network saturation

Another advantage of this 4g technology reminds us of those Christmas nights trying to communicate with a family member or friend for hours. This will not happen again since this fourth generation prevents the network from collapsing, even if there is a large volume of connected users.

Disadvantages of 4g

Its main disadvantage is data consumption, so you must make sure to configure your phone or smart device in a personalized way so that it consumes the data in the most efficient way since updates or having applications open in the background will consume it quickly. Many places are not compatible so many times you will notice that even though your phone is, there is no 4g network available nearby.

You should also make sure that your device is compatible with this fourth generation since many times it is the case that you should be receiving 4g coverage, but the problem is the mobile phone, although you can rest assured that only very old models are not compatible with this technology.

Finally you can get to ask yourself, What are the basic requirements to enjoy this connection? If you still do not know what you need or how to access a 4g network, then you will know everything you need in this regard

Requirements for 4g

Although it seems obvious, you should know that the main requirement to enjoy this technology is a mobile device that supports it. At this point you should know that if your Android or IOS phone does not support 4g there is no trick, nor any way to access it.

It is necessary that before acquiring it you have knowledge of whether the bands of the operators of your country support 4g, this works just like in the radio when to access or listen to your favorite station you must tune it in the dial.

Make sure you are within the 4g coverage ranges in your country, although the areas of this coverage are increasingly advanced, it is necessary that you have the luck of living near a 4g coverage area, which to know them you only have to access to your service provider’s website to find out.

The next step is to purchase a new data plan and a new SIM card, this can be done at the operator of your choice, check the plan that best suits your needs and start enjoying 4g technology.

The last step is simple and in state-of-the-art smartphones this happens automatically and is to configure the APNs. If you are not very familiar with this term, you should know that they are the acronyms used to refer to (Access Point Name) or in Spanish access point name. And in this configuration must go the name of the servers of your operator.

Setting up the APNs is simple and you just have to go to settings, then access the mobile networks and once there enter the APNs. When they are unconfigured you will have problems navigating and you will probably not be able to use the megabytes on your device.

Configure APNs on your Android

As we mentioned, this process is simple and to do it you must:

  • If you have recently installed a new version of Android, you will see a pre-installed APN.
  • Following the menu go to delete APN.
  • Once deleted, be sure to fill in the space with the APN corresponding to your operator.

Aspects to consider

As we mentioned, data consumption will be related to the applications you are using and those others that you keep in the background, as well as the updates and content you download.

To take care of the little ones it is considered that you restrict their data plans but also free access to the network, with this new technology taking the internet anywhere is very easy and totally portable, so you must also make sure you take care of the best way of your personal information and private data.

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