Currently 3D printing is a reality, and to carry out this task, there are a large number of quite useful applications. Such is the case of 3d Builder, a free Microsoft application that is used to create figures that can be printed through a 3D printer, in an easy and intuitive way.

People who love designs can exploit their creativity to the fullest with the use of 3d Builder, and for free. They will only need a 3d printer to be able to print the final product, the result of their great imagination.

What is 3d Builder and what is it for?

The main objective of this application is to facilitate 3D printing. It should be noted that despite the fact that it is not compared to much more specialized applications, it is a friendly application that offers a fairly intuitive and simple use.

3d Builder is used to create 3D designs

This application offers a wide variety of tools for creating different designs from scratch, in a very practical way. Likewise, its versatility allows different existing models to be mixed, also using the use of templates.

3d Builder allows you to import figures from other applications

One of the interesting aspects of 3d Builder is that this application offers the option of importing existing figures in more advanced applications. This undoubtedly facilitates 3D printing, since there are many sites on the net where you can find some models, templates or 3D figures compatible with this application.

3d Builder serves to enter the world of 3D printing

Although this application is not as complete as others that have been developed later, one of its greatest attractions is the fact that it is free. This is ideal for all those users who, with a reduced budget, wish to venture into and learn more about the world of 3D printing.

3d Builder features

By using this application, you will be able to find some notable features that will make it easier to use, such as the following:

  • Templates are grouped into categories, that is, all imported models can be separated into different categories
  • Includes information to identify the model name, author, description, copyright, and license
  • Contains tools that allow the creation of scenes and backgrounds in various dimensions
  • It offers the ability to print on plain paper as well as on a 3D printer.
  • Supports multiple formats, such as 3MF, PLY, STL, WRL (VRML), among others
  • Polish the models, softening and simplifying them, so that they do not look badly made
  • Repair models automatically so they can be printed
  • It allows, with the help of the 3D Scan application, to digitize real elements in color
  • Add text or images in relief to any model that has been selected by the user
  • It allows the function of dragging and dropping simple shapes to compile them, thus saving time for the user. In the most complex cases, it combines, shapes, intersects and extracts objects from others.
  • Add a base to irregular objects so that in this way, they can be used
  • It offers the ability to print directly to 3D printers compatible with a wide variety of materials.

How to use the 3d Builder?

Being a design application, it is assumed that its use is similar to these. Similarly, it is worth giving a brief explanation of how this program is used.

When you open 3D Builder, some options and tools will appear on the left side of the screen, while on the right side, you will see a list of prints that can be customized.

Later, a window can be adjusted to configure the workspace with an existing print. In addition, you can also customize the creation of your own brand. After this, an image can be registered from the computer to export and convert it to 3D.

It should be noted that with 3d Builder the user has the possibility of working with templates, as well as designs or prints that have already been created before, and that are stored on the computer.

Like Photoshop and other design programs, 3d Builder has a top bar where the different available options are displayed. These will be the ones that will allow the user to customize the different objects.

The “Insert” tab fulfills the function of allowing you to add other files for printing. In the same way, the “Object” section will allow to improve some of the elements that appear on the screen. In the same way, you can also find some other options that will provide ample versatility when modifying objects before printing.

3D Builder modelos

The 3D models for Builder are in a pre-installed library. This is next to the program where the user can select the models of their choice. In case you want more customizable images or that are not in the library, there is the possibility of downloading different content.

To access said downloadable content that has been prepared by other users, you can enter any of the following web pages:


Due to the virality of some of the objects exhibited by users in this domain, it has become a very popular place. It should be noted that, next to each figure, they include the printing materials, as well as the printer model.


This website could be said to be a kind of “Pinterest” of 3D objects and figures. Since, it has a huge library of downloadable models and video tutorials so that users can create them themselves.

Descargar 3d Builder

On the official website, Windows offers to download this application for the latest operating systems. It is available from Windows 8 to Windows 10 as a free application. Likewise, it is also possible to get it on other unofficial sites.

3d Builder para Windows 7

Despite the existence of a program for Windows 7, unlike the most recent models, it is not focused on creating figures for 3D printing. This one does not have all the benefits of the new applications, although it is still an equally useful version.

Download 3d builder for windows 8

With Windows 8.1 and the 3D Builder application it is now possible for everyone to reproduce from their own creativity, three-dimensional objects, both for tools necessary for the home such as the creation of a personal line of jewelry, with details printed in 3D and many ideas plus. Download at this link

3d Builder para windows 10

Being an application created for Windows 8 / 8.1, there is this more updated service with some improvements for Windows 10, called Paint 3D. It can be downloaded from this link for free, thus resulting in its intuitive and immediate installation.

Paint 3D otro programa similar a 3d Builder

Paint 3D is Microsoft’s free image editor, the successor to MS Paint, included in the Windows 10 operating system. This version is the most advanced and is more sophisticated than its previous version. Now with its 3D feature, the program offers the possibility of creating 3D images and editing them later.

In conclusion 3D Builder is an excellent tool

It can be said that one of the best free programs to make 3D objects and images is the 3D Builder. Thanks to this program, users who wish to create 3D designs will have the ease of doing so. In addition, they will be able to have templates, objects and models that will make this task much easier.

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